4. Strangely Dressed People

As Logan approached further he was slightly worried that the form did not stir on his approach. Fearing they might have arrived too late he slowly reached down to check the boys pulse.

The world seamed to freeze the moment Logan's hand came into contact with the boy's neck. The birds stopped singing, the leaves stopped moving and even the X-men seamed to freeze.

That didn't last long however when in the next instant the scene did a three sixty, Logan being shoved back as the child stood up sharply. A pair of emerald green eyes snapped open and metal wings appeared in an instance from his back.

Harry exited his blissful oblivion of un-consciousness with a start. His mutant defences, gained by the trauma of watching a fellow student die last June, kicked into overdrive. In a flash he was up and standing- albeit shakily- with his wings fully open, and unlike the earlier feathered appearance, they were in a hard adamantium form.

A quick glance around allowed him to understand, at least partially, what had awoke him as he noticed four strangely dressed people surrounding were he stood. All of them were adults, though two of them barely so from what he could tell at a glance. Not knowing what they wanted from him, and untrusting of other people, let alone strangers, he slowly started backing away. His retreat however was slightly hampered by the fact that he backed into a tree making him feel more trapped. Flash backs of being surrounded by the Dementors in his third year started to play in his mind, and that of the Aurora's swooping down on him before they dragged him off to his sham of a trial.

The strangers though seamed to be oblivious to his rising distress and one of the males, a guy with a strange visor over his eyes, started to move towards him. As the man reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder he snapped his attention back to the present and the man, no teenager who had approached him.

"Hey there," he said with a soft voice of the type you would use to talk to young children or wild animals, "don't worry, you'll be alright, come with us and we'll keep you safe."

LIES, or rather empty promises which even the stranger was unsure of. Empty promises like those he had received too many times, which caused too much pain, when they were found to be untrue...

"No!.. Please... You can't." he said in a choked voice which sounded like a broken plea. "You don't know... you can't- can't be sure...can't promise... false... please..." he continued rambling, pushing away from the lad. He was sick, no tired of every falsely spoken reassurance, scared of betrayal... it was all too much. He just wanted to be left alone but that didn't happen for instead the second man started to quickly reach towards him. His defences reacted yet again to the perceived threat, moving to deflect the action, only to be stopped suddenly by two set of very sharp metal claws.

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