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To Whom This May Concern,

All my friends have loving families,

But I don't.

Why is that?

Was my surviving Voldemort a curse?

If I hadn't survived,

Would my spirit be loved?

My relatives despise me greatly.

Uncle Vernon abuses me.

Aunt Petunia doesn't lend a hand to stop it.

And cousin Dudley hurts me like Uncle Vernon does.

Is my life really that worthless?

My own family sees me as a burden,

But in Hogwarts the people see me as a hero…

What's wrong with this picture?

In Hogwarts,

I am famous.

I am known as "the boy who lived".

But here in my own home,

I am known as "the boy trying to survive".

Once I defeat Lord Voldemort,

Will my life be worth living?

What future do I have?

I bring danger upon everyone around me…

Who would honestly want to be with me?


I've been thinking about this for years now,

And I've made my decision…

Once I murder Tom Riddle,
I will go to my sacred hiding place,

And put an end to this miserable life.

I will finally get to be with the ones that matter most to me.

My mother…


How I long for her tender touches.

My father…


How I long for his secure embraces.

My Godfather,

Sirius Black…


How I wish he were here to protect me.

My caregiver,

Professor Dumbledore…


How I long for the fatherly advice he gave to me.

There is one thing that I will regret…

Leaving my closest friends behind.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Professor McGonagall…

I beg you not to blame yourselves.

For it was me who committed this act of death,

Not you or anyone else.

Forgive me for my actions,

But please try and understand my reasons…

Look deep into my past and seek the childhood I never had.

Tragedy, horror, and abuse…

That's all I've ever known.

I want you all to look back on my life,

And honestly experience what it was like.

In the forefront,

I'm a content guy considering my tragic past,

But in reality,

I've been hiding behind a mask all this time at Hogwarts.

Living with the Dursleys for the past sixteen years has been pure hell.

None of you could ever imagine the abuse I've been put through there.

I've been put through so much hell,

That I can't find anything worth living for…

To all who taught, protected, and befriended me these past seven years,

I just want to say thanks,

And to let you all know how greatly I appreciated it.

Since somebody is reading this journalistic entry of mine,

Then that means I am most likely dead.

So I will say my goodbyes now.

To all of my dearest friends,

You know who you are,

And their families,

I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for me,

And I want you to know that I love you all very much.

To all of my ferocious enemies,

No need to mention names,

You know who you are…

I just want to make one and only one thing clear,

You did not win!

For it was I,

Only me,

Who decided to end this never-ending war.

If not for my desolate past,

I would be conquering each and every one of you,

Not lying here dead in an abyss casket.

Goodbye everyone!

For I shall die with my everlasting respects to myself,

For accomplishing my only desired goal…

Killing Voldemort.

Forever In Your Minds,

Harry James Potter




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