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Harry had woken up late and all of his friends were already heading out the door to get some breakfast. Ron glanced apologetically over at his best friend when he noticed the brief look of betrayal cross upon his face.

"Ron, why didn't you wake me?"

"Because Harry, this is your first peaceful sleep this week. Why don't you go back to bed, and I'll tell Professor Dumbledore you're out of the wind today…"

"You know we can't just take off."

"He knows you've been having nightmares recently. I'm sure one day of complete rest won't ruffle his feathers too much, Harry."

"What about the Quidditch match today, Ron?"

"Bloody hell, Harry! Can't you for once stop worrying about everyone else and start showing concern for your own well-being?"

"I'm fine, Ron. I don't need –" Harry was rendered speechless as the scar on his forehead begun to burn. His head began to throb as his blood pulsed against his skull. The pain was blinding and rendering the teenager helpless.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Ron asked anxiously as panic grew for his dear friend. He knew it had something to with his scar, but wasn't sure what.

"Sleep…" The exhausted teen managed to mutter as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Before Ron could turn to run out the door to get help, Professor Snape was already repeating a magical spell demanding that Professor's Dumbledore and McGonagall report immediately to the Gryffindor male dormitory at once. In a matter of seconds, they along with Madam Pomfrey arrived and were immediately taken aback as they saw who lied motionless on the bed. Severus continued to glare at Ron who was inching himself into a tightly narrowed corner over at the far wall.

"What happened to him, Weasley?" asked Severus Snape.

"Me and the other guys decided to let Harry sleep, because today was the first night he hadn't woken up screaming from a nightmare." Professor's Dumbledore and McGonagall glanced at one another with a small dismal smile as they heard the genuine concern in the young man's voice. "Then, he uh… woke and and started – started talking… and then… I guess his scar hurt wicked bad because he started moaning… and then I think – think I saw light from under his hands and… he blacked out."

Madam Pomfrey walked over to Harry and checked his vital signs. Satisfied with the results, she checked his temperature and let out an exasperated sigh.

"What's his temperature, Madam," questioned Albus.


"I don't get it. Potter was fine a few hours ago," commented Snape.

Professor McGonagall politely asked Ron to step outside and to go down to the Great Hall. Ron did as told. "Severus, you know quite well that young Harry here is vulnerable to just about anything when it comes from that scar on his forehead."

"Severus and Pomfrey, transfer him to the hospital wing, and Minerva, come with me to my office, please."

Ron who had stayed outside of the door to their dormitory hid as all four adults carried out their tasks. As soon as the path was clear, Ron snuck back into their room, and came across a piece of folded paper. Must've dropped from Harry when they moved him, thought Ron. Unfolding the piece of paper, Ron read the contents, and his eyes dilated immediately. Have to show Mione this. She'll know what to do, and with that he was off and on his way to find Hermione Granger…. The one person who knew how to deal with this kind of situation genually and maturely.

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