This is my interpretation of the storyline for the next Mortal Kombat game. I hope this makes some sense, some of it may be a little confusing, but don't worry about it!

Chapter 1

Fighters from across the realms gathered outside the Dragon Kings fortress. Warriors such as Kabal and the Black Dragon, Queen Sindel, along with Jade, Havik, Bo Rai Cho, the young Li Mei, Nightwolf and Shujinko converged into one fighting unit, to aid each other into getting to Onaga. Upon entering the Onaga's fortress, they saw the five Earthrealm warriors they thought to be dead. Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Sindels own daughter, Kitana.

Kabal, Kira, Kobra, Nightwolf and Havik where ready to combat them, when Sindel and Shujinko stopped them. "They are not themselves! We have no need to fight them!" Shujinko pleaded with the group, as he said this, Kung Lao threw his hat at Shujinko, luckily he caught it and threw it at the floor. Sindel stared at Kitana, her eyes where different, no longer was she the caring daughter she once knew. Suddenly, they heard footsteps from behind them, a red ninja, appeared. No one knew who this man was, is he with Onaga or with us… that was what everyone thought. Shujinko bowed "It is nice to see you again, Ermac…" Jade turned around and said "Ermac? The outworldian ninja? Did he not once work for Shao…" Ermac looked at her and said "We where freed from Show Kahn's control a long time ago by the warrior Kenshi" Shujinko nodded "Yes, I remember him… anyway, what are you doing here?" Ermac started to glow green, everyone backed away from him "We are here to play our part. We come to help the warrior Liu Kang!" Suddenly, a green mist started to come out form the glow Ermac gave off and a spirit version of Liu Kang stood before them. Liu turned round and said "Let us deal with them… you lot go on. We all shall join you shortly!" With that Liu jumped into Kitana, while Ermac took on the four remaining warriors.

The rest of the group made their way through the fortress, Nightwolf left a trail for Ermac and Liu Kang to follow once they where done with the five warriors they where fighting. The temple was big and they ran into some tarkatan guards, who where easily dealt with. They soon made their way into the throne room, where Onaga stood along with Tanya. "Onaga!" The dragon king turned around to look at Shujinko and the collection of warriors who he brought with him, soon enough, Ermac came along with Kitana, Sonya, Jacks, Johnny and Kung Lao. "Jade! Mother!" Kitana ran over and hugged her mother and her friend. Sindel then asked Kitana "Where is Liu?" Kitana shook her head and said "He has gone back to Earthrealm… some other business I guess…" Sindel nodded. Shujinko begun to glow "My friends…" Everyone looked at him, "I will be borrowing your powers for a while… do not worry though, you will have them back!" Many rays of light shot out of Shujinko and hit the warriors, though they where not in pain… Shujinko had now obtained their powers!

Tanya had fled at this point, fearing that jade would take revenge for being imprisoned. Onaga stood alone, until Li Mei walked to his side! Bo Rai Cho was beside himself "Li Mei, what are you doing?" The young woman's eyes had changed, she was different from before, she replied "Siding with my king, that's what!" She ran at them, Shujinko back-handed her, knocking her out. He walked forward and begun to fight Onaga. After a while, Shujinko got the opportunity he needed, and smashed the kamidogu to pieces. Onaga's powers faded, until he was nothing more then the reptilian ninja, Reptile. Suddenly, a swarm of mist shot out of him and flew off into the sky, Reptile fell to the ground, he was unconscious. Sindel, Jade and Kitana bid their goodbyes and set out to Onaga's grave to make sure he does not resurrect in his original body. Bo Rai Cho took Li Mei with him. The rest of the warriors decided to go their separate ways.


Sub Zero and Kenshi fled through the forest, they had just defeated the last of the Tarkatan warriors who got in their path. Kenshi was out of breath and stopped, he then said "I sense it is getting light… we should stop soon and hide." Sub Zero nodded "Agreed… there sis a cave over there, come, we shall make camp here for the day, then continue to the portal tonight… we are getting close…" After a few hours, Kenshi stood u and said "We are not alone…" Sub Zero turned about, wondering what was going on, until he came face to face with Hotaru!

This solider had been following him for quite sometime, suddenly Hotaru fired a fireball at the ground, blinding Sub Zero! Hotaru laughed and said "Now… in the name of Onaga… I sentence you to death!" Suddenly he felt a large pain down his back, he saw Kenshi behind him… this blind warrior was not affected by the blast and had just cut him down the back. Kenshi Picked Sub Zero up "We may as well continue to our destination now… I suspect we are no longer the main target anymore… we are even now, Sub Zero…" Sub Zero laughed, "Indeed we are" the two warriors then made their way out of the cave. Hotaru sat there, bleeding to death, when Dairou entered. "It is a shame… I came here to kill you myself… only to find I was beaten to it!" Hotaru was gasping for air "Dairou… you… you don't know… what… you're doing…" Dairou came up to him "Explain then…" Hotaru then said "Your employer… Darrius… He was the one who set… the mercenary… on your family…" Dairou couldn't believe what he just heard, Hotaru looked up and Dairou and said "I would have loved… to have faced you in combat… old friend…" Hotaru stopped breathing… he had died. Dairou stood up "I was manipulated…" he said to himself, he then looked up and said "Darrius! You will pay!"

Elsewhere in Outworld

Kira defeated Kobra to officially join the Black Dragon. But, her and Kabal where captured by an army of troops, who followed a new leader trying to take Outworld in the wake of having their two former masters disappear. At this point, Havik found Kobra, he was nearly dead, cut by the blades that Kira carried. Havik stood over him "I shall revive you…" Havik used his powers to revive Kobra back to his healthy state, Kobra bowed to Havik "I owe you my life… how may I repay you?" Kobra asked Havik. Havik enjoyed this moment; he has never had someone else who was willing to do as he asked before. He had though hard on this then said "Come with me, together, you and a few other allies shall create chaos!" Together, Havik and Kobra headed to Earthrealm to revive another fallen warrior… but first, they decided to find another ally first… one who Havik sensed a lot of anger in…

The Earthrealm warriors stood before the portal, "Sub Zero!" Sonya saw the ninja come from the distance "Where where you?" She shouted, angry that he was not there to help them against the Deadly Alliance. Sub Zero shook his head, "I had to bury Frost… All was not lost though, I found someone you where looking for…" Kenshi appeared behind Sub Zero, Jax walked over to him patted him on the back and said "Glad you're A-OK man…" Kenshi nodded, "Yes… I sensed Cyrax a few days ago, then he disappeared…" Jax nodded "He is back in Earthrealm with Stryker, they are waiting for us!" Shujinko nodded "We will all be separated when we go through, depending on when we go through this… I hope I see you all again…" Shujinko bowed then entered the portal. Everyone else exchanged pleasantries before heading through… but for some reason, Sub Zero did not go through… as if for some reason, his job was not over yet… He set off back in the direction of the Ice Caves.

In the rubble of a palace not long destroyed, there was a green glow, which grew brighter, then subsided. Suddenly, Shang Tsung stepped out of the rubble. He remembers being knocked into the Soulnado by the blast by Raiden… "How appropriate… urr… I need souls…" Shang Tsung made his way out of the ruined temple and to a near-by village, where he could restore some of his powers.