Chapter 15

Shao Kahn walked towards the Edenian camp, he was sure that he could defeat all of his adversaries. Suddenly he was confronted by his minion, Reptile. Shao Kahn smiled "At last, you have returned, what is your report!" Reptile smiled to himself "The Edenian's won, taking many losses. All other armies where defeated, many powerful fighters have perished" Shao Kahn smiled "Excellent… it shall be easy for us to finish them" Reptile shook his head "I am afraid not, Master" Shao Kahn looked at Reptile and asked "Why not?" he felt something hit him in the back, he looked to see a female Zettarian "You lied to him! You killed us all off! Its time you where punished!" Shao Kahn went to attack this female warrior, but he felt a burning across his back, Reptile spat acid at him! Reptile took Kahns hammer and said "You used me for too long… master… and now… I quit!" Reptile drove the hammer into Kahn's back, then spitting more acid across his face. Kahn squirmed across the floor for a while before he stopped, Reptile stabbed a sword into him to make sure he was dead. Reptile and Khameleon then ran off into the night, possibly to repopulate their race here in Outworld, where they may finally live in peace

Scorpion had recovered from the fellow hell spawns attack, Scorpion planned on revenge, but then came to terms that Noob only did what he would have done, except he did not kill him, which he found odd considering how he used to be, he then realised that Noob was after Sub Zero, he teleported over to the Ice Caves to find Sub Zero, his robot friend, a female warrior in Lin Kuei gear and a she-demon leaving the Ice Caves, Noob must have been defeated. Scorpion smiled, he knew now he was no longer needed on this plane of existence, when he heard a voice calling to him. Scorpion then disappeared, never to be seen in the realms of the living again.

Sub Zero and his motley group made it to the Edenian camp near the portal to Earthrealm, there, he saw his allies, as well as a few old enemies. He was welcomed by their Earthrealm friends, though Frost and Sonya still didn't speak to eachother, Smoke and Sareena hung out behind them, not expecting much of a welcome, until Cyrax walked over to Smoke "Come my friend, you are as much welcomed here as anyone else" He looked over to Sareena too "You as well… we have heard of you from Sub Zero, you are welcome to be here" Smoke and Sareena followed Cyrax over to the group,. "I must thank you for taking out most of the Tarkatans Sub Zero" Kitana said, not forgetting what she last said to Kunreva Sub Zero shook his head "Happy to oblige" he looked over at Kenshi "Decided to come back I see" Sub Zero said, Kenshi nodded "I was needed, so I came" Sub Zero laughed. He walked with his friends further into the camp to see Rain and Sektor. Sub Zero stared at them, he looked at Rain and said "You no longer work for Shao Kahn, do you?" Rain shook his head, Sub Zero smiled "Then I have no need to worry, however…" He looked at Sektor, Rain stepping in front of the robot and said "Sektor has been reprogrammed… he shall not bother you again" Sub Zero looked at Sektor, he had not moved or said anything to him, Sub Zero shrugged and continued along with his friends.

Scorpion looked at his surroundings, he was once again in the nexus, or a place similar to this, in front of him stood a white ninja. Scorpion looked at this person and asked "Who are you?" The white ninja replied "My name is Seprion, I am an agent of the Elder Gods, sent to keep balance in the war of the realms" Scorpion grunted "Balance? You mean you let all this time pass before you intervened?" Seprion shook his head "My maters where not the war itself, but an individual who could have upset the balance the war held… he had been dealt with… so my job was done… I shall now take you to the elder gods!" Seprion walked away with Scorpion following him, they approached a doorway, which opened. They walked in to see Fujin, Raiden and four floating blurs in one room. Raiden threw his hands in the air "What do you mean what im doing is wrong! They should be protecting themselves, not having others do it for them!" A voice boomed from the red blur "Silence Raiden! It is obvious that you have been corrupted when you passed, therefore, you cannot be granted your place among us" Raiden sighed "Only once you repent for your actions and become what you once where, may you rejoin us" Raiden teleported away. Fujin bowed to the gods "Thank you, your wisdom has saved those of Earthrealm" the blue blur spoke "Your thanks is unnecessary Fujin… you may go and protect Earth once more" Fujin bowed one more, before whisking away.

The elder gods turned their attention to Scorpion. The green blur spoke "Thank you Seprion, you may leave now" Seprion bowed before leaving. The white blur spoke "Scorpion…you have saved the realms from a terrible fate, but we still sense anger in you, which is keeping you from re-joining your family and clan… therefore, we are sending you back to the Netherealm…" Scorpion's eyes widened 'After all I have done, they are sending me back?' He thought to himself, the god continued "… so you may bury your anger, once you have, you may join your loved ones in the heavens…" Suddenly, everything became blurry, and Scorpion was back in the Netherealm, inside Baphomet's Palace, where he saw a demonic man standing before him. The man walked up to Scorpion "Scorpion correct? My name is Jarek, you will not have heard of me, but, I have someone you may wish to see…" Scorpion looked at Jarek and asked "Why are you helping me?" Jarek laughed "Because they will not let me leave this realm until I do… he held up Shinnok's amulet and suddenly, the room glew dark, in the centre of the room, was Quan Chi, inside a green bubble of energy. Scorpion smiled, after everything he had gone through, the Elder Gods are giving him the chance to become free!

Everyone stood at the portal to Earthrealm, bidding their goodbyes to their friends. Kitana shook all of their hands "We can never thank you enough for what you have done here!" Sindel nodded "Yes, I am sure things would be different had you not come… Earth will be well protected with you as its protectors" Stryker nodded "Indeed it is your majesty" Kenshi patted Stryker on the shoulder "C'mon friend… we have a poker game to play…" Stryker looked at Kenshi and said "How can you play? You're blind!" Kenshi laughed as he walked through the portal, with Stryker chasing after him, Jax laughed and said "I guess I'll be going with them, can't let Kenshi get to Stryker too much…" Jax walked through the portal. Cyrax and Sektor looked at eachother, Cyrax spoke first "We should keep in touch" Sektor nodded "Agreed…" They both looked at Smoke, "I will be seeing you too" Smoke nodded. Cyrax and Sektor locked arms in the way the old Lin Kuei used to salute their friends, before Cyrax walked through the portal. Sonya hugged Kitana before leaving, dragging Cage off, who was looking at Jade, much to Rain's displeasure. Nightwolf bowed and left, he was not really one for words. Sub Zero shook hands with Rain "Take care Rain" Rain smiled "You too Sub Zero… I will be checking on you" Sub Zero laughed "Good, I could use a good sparring partner… Frost is still young and Smoke cheats… his weaponry gives him an unfair advantage" They both laughed, Frost looked at him confused, Smoke then took off his visor and mask, pulling his headgear off, to reveal his human face. Everyone seemed shocked, they thought he was more robotic then human. Smoke smiled "Everyone… thanks. I know iv been confusing the past few years, but everything is ok now, I wont trouble you anymore" He went to walk through the portal, before Frost grabbed his arm "Not without me your not!" Smoke smiled, as they both walked through the portal. Sareena laughed "Kids eh?" she said Sub Zero nodded "Yep… well, as long as nothing bad comes of it… and it doesn't affect their training…" The grandmaster and his demonic friend walked through the portal. Kai, Kung Lao and Li Mei went to go to Earthrealm, Kai and Li Mei had entered, but Kung Lao stayed to ask something. "Liu, your not coming, are you?" Liu Kang shook his head "Earthrealm is well protected by you all, I have a duty to fulfil…" Kung Lao hugged his friend "Good bye, my old friend" Kung Lao entered the portal, with it closing behind him. Liu kissed Kitana, with Jade hugging Rain, happy her friend finally got them man she always wanted.

Quan Chi fell to the floor, he had been attacked and beaten multiple times by Scorpion. Jarek had left through a portal that opened, as his reward for doing the Elder Gods bidding. Quan Chi stood up "W…W-Wait… Scorpion… don't… don't do something you'll regret…" Scorpion laughed "Regret? Quan Chi, you fool" I have the Elder Gods backing on this! Im going to enjoy this" Quan Chi fired a skull ball, which ripped off Scorpions mask, revealing his skull face. Scorpion laughed "I was going to save this for last, but…" He breathed fire on Quan Chi, who writhed in pain. Scorpion smiled, as he removed Quan Chi's head from his body, the fate he suffered would be the fate of he whom had sent him to that fate. Scorpions face changed to that of a human. Scorpion was back in the heavens with his family and clan standing there, applauding him. A tear strolled down his eye as he said to himself 'I am free…' He grabbed his son and hugged him, before kissing his wife.

The Elder Gods where discussing something with eachother. "The One Being is still at large…" the red one said. The white one turned to his fellow god and said "True… but… who is it? Shao Kahn is dead… as is Baphomet, Shinnok, Onaga… who?" The red one turned to the others "It has passed down from one strong being to another… it only makes sense that it has gone too…"

A lone man stands on a cliff in Outworld, looking down upon the villages, he was standing in the shadows, so no one could see. "Soon… the realms shall be one… they do not expect this threat to still be at large… but…" The mans eyes opened, they glew green, suddenly a green glow surrounded the man "Our plan shall come to pass… for we are One Being… We are Ermac!" Ermac then laughed manically, the One Being lives!


Well... bet you didnt see that coming! Sure, the last two small paragraphs i dont think will be included in the game, but i though, what if? lol! It means the story can continue! If i decide it... lol!

Well, thats it, peace has been restored for now... all known threats gone... but, what will happen now? SO many lose ends still to be tied? I guess youll have to wait and see to find out:D