Brotherly Love

based on "the Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton

I have two brothers

Sodapop and Darry

Sodapop is the best, while the other,

Darry, is always yelling at me

I seem to always be on his bad side

He never used to be like this

He was so nice before Mom and Dad died

Now he just can't stand me

I wish he could see

I'm doing the best I can

But it never seems good enough for Darry

At least I still have Sodapop

He's so great and always there for me

He listens to me when I have problems

He sticks up for me when Darry

Starts to yell at me, the only time it didn't work

Was when I came home late

And Darry yelled at me

His words sounded full of hate

Sodapop tried to stop him, but he yelled at him too, I told him not to

Then Darry did something that he'd never done before

He turned around and slapped me

We all went silent, until I ran out the door

He'd never hit me again

But when Johnny and I get into

Trouble with the Socs

I really need him and Soda to come to the rescue

But they never come

Why aren't they looking for me

Or are they and can't find me

Did they not go to the park, can they not see

After Johnny kills one, we have to run away

And while we're gone I keep missing Soda and Darry

Though he hit me

And doesn't love me

I still love him

He's my brother

How could we

Not love each other?

After Johnny and I save kids in a fire

I go to a hospital, and when I'm there

I see Soda and Darry, Soda gives me a huge hug

And then I find, that Darry really does care

He's silently crying away from me

And what the gang has been telling me, finally comes through

Darry turns away, as though I don't care

I know what he's been meaning is "I love you."

I run up and hug him

Until it might hurt

And I know everything will be okay

As I listen to his heart pound through his t-shirt