After another 2 years of war between the Republic and Darth Slain, it is going a lot better for the Republic. The destroying of two of some of Slain's most valuable men two years ago known as Darth Cereus and Darth Creeum have helped the Republic a little. They still are losing quite a bit of men and leaders to Slain and his apprentice known as the perilous Darth Crusifidge. Crusifidge was put on a breathing device to help him breathe after his accident with the acid those years ago. The doctors couldn't do too much for him concerning his new appearance. After the news of the doctor not being able to do anything, Crusifidge is very disfigured in his appearance after the accident in the acid. But even though he now resembles a tall, disfigured goblin, he is still growing more powerful than he ever was. He has been declared second in command. If Lord Slain dies, he is the new leader of the armies. They have also grown another new General who is a Dark Jedi, and he is known as Darth Grederken. He is very powerful, and is well trained. He has become a huge threat to the Republic. They are sending Luke Skywalker and his old apprentice known as Ayden Donos to spy on Grederken who is going to Sluckige. Through the past two years, Ayden had been promoted from Padawan Learner to a Jedi. He is now 17 standard years old. Although Luke has destroyed the person who really killed Crusifidge's wife, Crusifidge doesn't know this, and still wants revenge which will be hard because Luke has also been promoted from a Jedi Knight to a Jedi Master.