Chapter 11

Ayden had his attacked blocked, but Ayden didn't miss a beat bringing his light saber around attacking behind him. Ayden used the Force to push Crusifidge back. Ayden jumped forward swinging his light saber up from the ground. He jumped up kicking Crusifidge back. Ayden quickly blocked three attacks in 2 seconds spinning around, and kicking Crusifidge in the face. He jumped up blocking some attacks while he was in the air. He landed blocking two attacks, and spinning a lock around in an 8 shape, and kicking Crusifidge in the stomach. He broke the lock kicking Crusifidge back. Crusifidge got up using the Force trying to push Ayden back. Ayden stayed rooted to the spot. His light saber flew out of his hands though. Ayden dodged an attack from Crusifidge doing a cart wheel, and kicking Crusifidge in the face. Ayden ran forward tackling Crusifidge down. He punched him in the face over and over again.

Crusifidge kicked him off. Ayden back flipped in the air calling his light saber to him blocking an attack, and kicked Crusifidge back. Ayden stalked his way to Crusifidge swinging his light saber in the air. He brought down an attack. He had it blocked so he spun around in the air to dodge an attack from Crusifidge, and threw an attack at Crusifidge to have it blocked. Ayden brought his light saber down, and up trying to slice Crusifidge's chest. Crusifidge blocked it spinning around, and brought down an attack. Ayden blocked it backing up, and brought up his light saber bringing it down over and over again. Crusifidge blocked every attack. Crusifidge ducked spinning around, and tripped Ayden onto his back. Crusifidge was on top of Ayden holding a lock in between them. Ayden flipped him over him. He got up bringing an attack into the sand because Crusifidge blocked it. Ayden kicked him in the face. Crusifidge rolled over just narrowly dodging an attack. Crusifidge got up running. He jumped into a ship closing the hatch.

Ayden was furious. He ran up jumping on the ship that was taking off. Ayden tried to bring his light saber down in it, but couldn't from the force of the ship taking off. Ayden flew through the air back into the sand. Ayden wasn't going to let him get away. He was going to end this now.

Ayden ran jumping into another ship taking it off, and following Crusifidge. He shot a few blasts at him trying to shoot him down. Ayden flipped his ship over to keep on Crusifidge's tail. He fired a few more blasts hitting one of Crusifidge's wings.

Crusifidge's ship went down hitting the planet Courusant. Ayden landed his ship seeing Crusifidge climbed out of the ruins of the ship which crashed on a landing platform. Ayden tried to shoot him, but Crusifidge took out his light saber blocking the attacks. One of the attacks reflected of from Crusifidge's light saber, and hit Ayden's ship. Ayden lost control of the ship, and crashed it on a near by platform. He pressed eject flying from the ship, and landing right behind Crusifidge. He attacked. Crusifidge blocked it backing up. They kept on battling. Ayden wasn't going to back down. He kicked Crusifidge back. Crusifidge attacked to the left, and then the right spinning his light saber over his head to block an attack. Ayden ran up tackling Crusifidge down. They fell over the platform. Ayden fell through the air landing on a speeder. Crusifidge fell on another one. They jumped through the air.

"Luke failed me, and you shall fail Luke," Crusifidge screamed. They struck each others light sabers while passing through the air. Ayden landed on another speeder. He kicked himself off trying to slice through the one Crusifidge landed on. Crusifidge jumped out of the way. He jumped down falling. Ayden followed him. They struck each others light saber as they fell through the air. They kept on doing that as they flipped over and over in the air. Crusifidge kicked Ayden back when they both fell on a landing platform at the bottom of the city. They got u. Ayden jumped high up landing on Crusifidge's other side. Ayden put them in a lock. Crusifidge jumped up grabbing a hold of a speeder going straight up. Ayden jumped grabbing a hold of a different one. Crusifidge climbed to the top of his killing the driver. Crusifidge took the seat. Ayden jumped to Crusifidge's speeder. Crusifidge saw Ayden was hanging from it. He smiled flipping the speeder over. Ayden hung onto a seat bar. He was hanging from it. Ayden was about to bring down an attack, but dropped his light saber. Ayden let go diving for his light saber. He got a hold of it. He saw Crusifidge was curving his speeder down so it was heading straight for him. Crusifidge hit Ayden. Ayden rolled over the speeder in slow motion from the force of the hit grabbing onto another seat bar. Ayden was pulled through the air. Crusifidge started going straight down. Ayden held on as Crusifidge took a sharp turn to go straight up. Ayden held on. They were getting high up in the sky. Ayden climbed up. He ignited his light saber trying to slice at Crusifidge who ignited his and blocked the attack. Ayden sliced his light saber through the controls. The speeder stopped going straight up, and curved a little starting to fall. Ayden tackled Crusifidge off the speeder. They fell through the air. Ayden ignited his light saber trying to attack Crusifidge while he was falling. Crusifidge dodged the attack. They both landed hard on a very large balcony for a building.

Ayden quickly got up igniting his light saber. Crusifidge slowly got up igniting his. They both attacked each other striking each others light sabers, so they brought them down under their shoulders striking them again. They switched positions turning around to face each other. Ayden brought his light saber up bringing it down, to have it blocked, and quickly blocked an attack to his waist.

Ayden spun his light saber over his head attacking, and blocking an attack to his head. He used his light saber to move the attack out of the way punching Crusifidge in the face. Crusifidge was forced back.

Ayden ran forward blocking an attack to his lower right leg blocking a series of attacks after that. He kicked Crusifidge back. He stalked himself forward bringing his light saber down. They were backing up off the platform. They backed up off the balcony on a square piece of land that transported you to other buildings. They stood there blocking and attacking as the square piece of land moved itself to other buildings. It started to go straight down like an elevator. They battled through the rushing winds. Crusifidge back flipped onto a passing balcony. Ayden jumped up using a passing speeder to jump onto it. He walked forward. He brought his light saber down blocking many attacks, and then blocked an attack to his back. Crusifidge held it in a lock. He had all the power here. Ayden slowly brought the lock above him and in front of him so he had the power. Ayden elbowed Crusifidge. Crusifidge fell back breaking the lock. Ayden spun around narrowly missing Crusifidge's light saber. He brought his light saber around putting themselves in a very uncommon lock as Crusifidge laid on the ground. He used the force to push Ayden back. Ayden couldn't withstand the power. He was growing angry because of Luke's death. Ayden clutched his fists bringing them back in anger.

It all the sudden became very windy. It was windier than it was on Tattoine. This was the power of the Force Ayden was using. Crusifidge fell back off the balcony from the intensity of the Force. Ayden jumped after him. They were on another landing platform. Ayden stalked himself forward. They brought each others light sabers at each other. Ayden was in a lock. He broke it. Crusifidge spun an attack around. Ayden blocked it blocking another one following. He saw a good opportunity. Ayden swung his light saber up slicing off Crusifidge's metal hand. Crusifidge screamed. Ayden used the Force to push the light saber back as it was on the ground. Crusifidge stood there.

"Kill me Donos. Become a Sith Lord. If you kill me, you have joined the dark side," Crusifidge said.

Ayden sensed the Force behind him. He spun around seeing that Crusifidge was trying to call his light saber hilt to him with the Force. Ayden sliced the hilt in half. He got a good idea. Crusifidge now wanted revenge for his hand, so he'd follow Ayden to the death.

Crusifidge withdrew a light saber from his robes swinging it at Ayden with his free hand. Ayden jumped up dodging it, and grabbing onto a speeder going straight up. Crusifidge grabbed onto the end of the speeder. He waited until they were passing by the top of the highest building jumping onto it using a metal rod sticking out of it for support. Crusifidge jumped out screaming and bringing an attack in. Ayden swiftly spun his light saber around slicing through Crusifidge's waist.

Crusifidge's legs fell off the building as his upper half landed on top falling down the curve of it. Crusifidge quickly grabbed the edge of the building as he fell off. He was nothing but an upper half of a body now with only one hand. Ayden let go of the rod sliding down the curve, and stepping on Crusifidge's hand so he had to let go. Ayden fell off the building along with Crusifidge's upper half. They fell a ways landing hard on a landing platform. Ayden was sprawled on his stomach looking up to see Crusifidge's upper half was right next to him with blood down his mouth, and his eyes were blank. He was dead. Ayden let his face fall back down resting.

3 Days Later.

A group of Jedi and men of the Republic were gathered around a stone barrier with Luke Skywalker's body resting on it. Ayden was standing in front of it on an alter.

"Luke Skywalker was like a father to me. He taught me the ways of the Force since I was 13. We all are saddened to see him leave us. He was a great leader and friend. Let us bow our heads in his memory," Ayden said.

He walked up lighting the body on fire. He walked back to the alter bowing his head. Everybody was there. Liea was, 3PO was, R2 was, and all the Jedi and men of the Republic.

Once the body was burnt, Ayden walked away tears falling down his face. Liea walked up to him. She hugged him.

"You were like a son to Luke, and Luke was my brother. Han and Luke will both be missed very much, but I know they are both very proud of you," Liea said. Ayden nodded. "Han still have something here that will remind us of him. Or someone," Liea said. Ayden raised his head.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm pregnant with Han's child," Liea said. Ayden smiled hugging her. He looked over her shoulder to see the spirits of Luke, Yoda, and Kyle standing there smiling. All in Jedi robes.

The End.