'Kay, let's see… I started writing this fic right after the episode before Unsweet Sixteen. I did later change it to fit the episode, but I decided, what the hey, I'm not gonna change it to fit the next one, or etcetera… It is, however, based on spoilers of future episodes (unless you're Canadian… Then they're really not spoilers). So, this is set after the finale (Episode 13), which is called Should I Stay or Should I Go, I think… Good song, by the way… But that was random… Moving on.

So there might be some little things that are off from the episodes, but I won't change it to fit… Because I'm lazy like that.

So, remember, this has some spoilers!

Anyways, I don't own Instant Star or any of its characters (Jude, Shay, Tommy, E.J., Sadie, Jude's Mom… Patricia, Jude's Dad… Stuart, Darius, Georgia, Kat, or Jamie). I don't even own the saying at the beginning. I actually think she might've said that in the first episode… Or a commercial.

This is also in Jude's POV for pretty much the whole thing. In this part, she's at home, the tour has ended, and she's been home for maybe two weeks. School's started. Oh, and if Jude made a decision during that episode concerning the tours, completely disregard that, okay? And that's about it.

Right now my life is on fire. Let it burn.

Now, see, that was my point of view before I went on tour. Yeah, I went on tour with Shay, and trust me, that is a decision I really regret. Maybe if I had gone on the tour I was supposed to go on, the one that Tommy set up for me, this whole mess never would've happened.

Well, I guess that's what happens when you ask E.J. for help. I suck at making decisions, so I sort of let her make it for me, which, at the time, seemed like a good idea. And for a while, it was. Up until the very last concert in Montreal.

Which brings me to my current predicament. Grounded and trapped in my room. Sadie HATES me, Tommy's avoiding me, Mom's pissed, Dad's following me, Darius is giving me the evil eye (which is hard, considering I don't see him much), Georgia's yelling at me, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of either Kat or Jamie since before I went on tour. Essentially, I'm screwed.

Not to mention that the tabloids are following me around twice as much (probably hoping I'll meet Tommy somewhere… Fat chance. They're liable to see him before I will), everyone's staring and gossiping about me in the hall, and my mom won't even let me out of the house! You know, being a rock star is a lot less fun than I'd thought it would be.

What did I do, you ask? Oh, that's simple, really. You would just think that it wouldn't be such a big deal. And yet, it was.

- Loren ;

Oh, poor Jude… Wonder what she did? Me too… No, well, actually, I know what she did, because it was a plot bunny that just wouldn't go away. I sorta gave you a clue in there. Some clues, I should say…

Who would've thought being a rock star means always going it alone, eh?

Okay, so, I would love it if you'd review… Because I have maybe a few more chapters… And inspiration helps… Like right now I'm in the middle of writing this Jude and Sadie fight, and I'm trying to think of something Jude would say to make Sadie hit her… Which is a lot harder than you'd think… Besides, a little encouragement always helps.