Little One, Little Danger

A/N: Hey! I'm back with a new story and it's going to be good! Now this story might not to be as long as A Bird's Reality but I'm sure it will still be just as good. To most people it would, to others just another story; too bad! Here's the first chapter hope you like it!

Chapter 1: Clone attack

"Titans, trouble!" Robin yelled as he heard the alarm go off inside the tower. The titans gathered in the living room to see what they were up against.

"Who is it?", Cyborg asked Robin as he looked upon the screen.

Robin looked over and over at the screen and said, "Don't know who it is. It's just…quiet."

"Maybe too quiet" Raven said as she walked up to the screen to join them.

"All the radar is picking up is this old warehouse." Cyborg said as he checked the computer built into his arm.

"Alright then. Titans Go!"

{scene change}

As they came close to the warehouse they noticed that they were the only ones around. "Okay…this is weird." Robin said as they walked even closer to the entrance of the abandoned building.

Beastboy followed behind Starfire closely, "Dude…this is scary especially since its nighttime.", he said while Starfire turned around to face him.

"Do not be frightened Beastboy."

"What! Me frightened! No way!", BB said not realizing that they left him outside the building. "Hey! Wait up!"

The titans slowly walked in the darkened building looking around to see what was the cause for the alarm to go off.

"Dude. I didn't know Raven had a second home." BB said as he looked into the darkness. All of a sudden they heard something pass them by.

"What was that?" BB said while hopping into Starfire's arms.

"I do not know.", she said worryingly dropping him.

Robin looked at the both of them and shook his head, "Okay team split up. Star, you go to the right. Cyborg and Raven, the left. Beastboy, you and I will go straight. Titans go!"

{scene change}

As Starfire kept flying to the right, she started to hear movement around her, which caused her to stop flying and walk instead. She suddenly saw a shadow pass her and gasped, "Hello? Is someone there?" She waited for a reply. When she didn't get one she decided to walk again. The shadow passed by her once more, but this time she shot a starbolt at where it came from.

"Hello?", she said again and to her surprise got an answer.

"Hello Starfire." She suddenly turned around to see someone walking towards her.

"Aren't you going to greet me?", the voice said again. Star backed up a little and took a closer look at the stranger who was talking towards her.

"Robin!", Starfire said as she ran to go hug the stranger.

"Well well well, aren't we the friendly one.", the young man replied.

She looked up to see him and noticed something different, "Robin? Where is your mask?"

"Starfire, where's yours?"

"You know I do not wear one."

"Well, when I'm through with you, you're going to need one." All of a sudden he took her hands from around his neck, twisting them around, flipping her and giving her a kick in the stomach that threw her back. Starfire hit a concrete wall and slid down it.

She slowly got up and looked at the boy in front of her, "Robin would never do that to me."

"Well he might not, but I live for it!", the imposter said as he laughed. She looked at him again, he looked exactly like Robin, the differences were that he didn't have a mask on and he had on a black and red outfit.

"You are not Robin!"

"Wow. You are as slow as I thought cutie. Robin wishes he could look this good."

"He does and he will!" Starfire said as she launched at him.

{scene change}

While Cyborg and Raven went to the left, they saw the same shadow Star had seen. "Okay Raven. Something really weird is going on."

"No…you don't say."

"I don't have time for your sarcasm."

"Yeah Raven." They both turned around to see a green friend of theirs.

"BB, didn't Robin say stay with him.", Cyborg said as he walked up to the young green boy.

"Maybe I just wanted to hang around with Miss Darkness over here."

Raven then looked at him annoyed, "Just go back to Robin."

All of a sudden the green boy walked up to Raven, "Maybe I'll just stay here." He was face to face with her now and she looked into his eyes.

He picked up his hand and brushed it against her cheek, "You're not Beastboy." As soon as she said that the brush became a punch to her face which flew her to the side.

"Yo BB what's up with you?!" Cyborg yelled while running towards him.

The boy chuckled to himself, "Do you really think that your Beastboy would have the guts to do what I just did?"


"Exactly." Was the last thing he said as he threw Cyborg two punches to the face and kneed him in the stomach.

Cyborg fell to his knees holding his gut, "You son of a bit.."

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Hahahaha!"

"No…but a bird has your behind."

The boy suddenly turned around to see a fist hit his face that was thrown from Raven, "Never touch me." Raven said as she felt something hit her in the back.

"Never say never." Both Raven and Cyborg looked up, finding a girl that looked like Starfire, but with a short hair cut in the shape of a bob.

"What the hell is going on?!" Cyborg yelled as he and Raven stood up to face the two look alikes.

"Oh…you never seen hell yet.", the girl said as all four of them charged at each other.

{scene change}

Robin and BB had been walking for only five minutes and Beastboy was already getting bored. "Robin can we do something else."

"BB you know we don't leave a mission until it's finished."

"You know how he can get." They both started to turn around to see where the voice came from.

"Whoever you are; come on out!" Robin yelled as he felt something grab his arm, he turned around quickly to find that it was only a scared Beastboy. "Will you let go of me!"

"Sorry dude…it's just…"

"He's scared that's all." Now in front of them was a powdered skinned girl with amethyst eyes.

"Raven? Where's Cyborg?" Robin said staying where he was.

"Oh, he's around."

"Dude what's up with the red and black get-up?" BB cocked his head to the side.

"Love it? So do I." The girl now walked up to the both of them, swinging her hips and smiling.

"Uh…Raven, you alright?" Robin asked, a bit concerned.

"Sure wonder boy." The girl said as she smiled slyly at Robin wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Okay since when do you touch Robin like that?" BB said as he looked at them surprisingly.

"Raven…is this some kind of…joke?" She moved her face closer to his and their faces were an inch from one another. Her right hand moved slowly up and down his chest and landed just below it.

Robin was sweating now, "No joke Robin…just the punch-line." In the place where her hand had stopped, she threw him a punch and he fell to his knees.

"Dude! You are so not Raven!"

"You're next, little grass stain."


All of a sudden something blasted BB in his back, "Booya."

Robin got up slowly and focused his gaze on the girl who happened to blow him a kiss."Raven didn't say she had a conniving wench for an opposite."

"Well bird boy this wench, has body you can't handle."

"You're right. I can't handle something I can't see."

"I'm glad you see it my way."

"Yeah. The real Raven has much more body than that." All of a sudden she launched at Robin and they started to fight.

"Dude! You're not Cy!"

"Dude! How long did it take for you to figure that one out." Now both boys were fighting the phonies.

{scene change}

Starfire fell to the ground hearing the boy laugh at her. She hurriedly got up and flew in Robin and BB's direction, hoping to find them. As she got closer to them she heard fighting going on, "Something must have gotten them also."

"Star! Watch out!" Starfire heard Robin yell as she turned around to see the fake Robin throw a kick at her, but she dodged it and flew back.

"Now now sweetie, do you really want to get away from me.", the imposter said as he went after her.

From the left came Cyborg and Raven backing up to where the other three friends were. As all of the titans came together they looked at each other and then at their doubles.

"I would never dress like that." Raven said while looking at her opposite and what she wore; it was a skin-tight red and black outfit that revealed the stomach and just above the chest, with stiletto black boots.

"I'll say. You can not look that good." BB said as she hit him upside his head.

The fake Robin now approached all five of them, "Now titans do you all really want to get yourselves killed?"

The real Robin looked at him in disgust, "Shouldn't you be asking your team that question?"

After that remark all of them started to fight again. Real Star had fake Cy, R Cy had F Beastboy, R Beastboy had F Star, R Raven had F Robin, and R Robin had F Raven.

(Star/F Cy) "You know what you are little Starfire? A big plorf dorg!"

"I am not!" Star said as she threw him a punch in the face.

(Cy/F BB) "Come on laptop, I thought you had high speed internet. Wait a minute; AOL says…you got mail."

"You gonna wish you didn't say that!" Cyborg said as he chased the little green boy.

(BB/F Star) "You know grass stain; you would be cute if you weren't dumb."

"What? I'm not dumb!" The fighting stops and everyone looks at him and starts laughing, and then they start to fight again.

"Dude…that's sooo not funny." BB said as he turned into the beast within and charged F Starfire.

(Rae/ F Rob) "Two beautiful girls, how does he do it? So what do you say little milk skin, want to get off the toy train and ride a real one?"

Raven throws him a punch to the face, "How should I put this…hell no."

(Rob/F Rae) "No hard feelings about that first punch now sugar."

"Hard, yes, feelings, get real...and don't call me sugar." Robin said as he threw two explosives disks her way that she happened to block with a dark force field.

30 minutes later

All of them were on the ground struggling for air so they could breathe. Getting up slowly they faced each other ready to fight again until they heard a voice say, "That will be enough children." They all looked up to find Mumbo the magician standing on a shelf above them.

"So, you're the one behind all this!" Robin said while limping to the ledge.

"Guilty as charged! Hahahahahaha! Never thought of a better plan!" Mumbo said as he jumped down in front of Robin kicking him to the ground.

"Robin!" Star yelled while the fake Star rolled her eyes at her.

"How did you accomplish this?" Robin moaned on the ground looking up at the crazed man.

"Well if you must know...I stole all of you titans' DNA and made these lovely opposite clones of you."

Raven looked at Mumbo and noticed he had some kind of crystal on his wand, so she telepathed into Robin's mind, "Robin?"

"Raven, that you?"

"Yes. The Crystal on his wand, I think that's the life of these evil clones because I never seen that there before."

"Yeah. What do you want me to do, I'm out of strength?"

"I'll give you the rest of my energy that I have left so you can destroy it."

"Are you sure?"


The fake Raven looked at the fake Robin and said while pointing at the real Raven and Robin, "Those two are up to something, watch your back." All of a sudden Raven fell to the ground unconscious which caused the others to look at her.

"Raven!" Cyborg said as he ran to her as quickly as possible.

The next thing that happened was Robin who jumped up and grabbed the crystal from Mumbo's wand and held it in the air, "I got it!" he yelled.

BB turned around and said, "Dude! Got what now?"

"Their life force!"

All of a sudden the fake Robin grabbed the real Raven and said, "Destroy that crystal and I'll destroy your friend." He then ran off with Robin running after them with the others behind in pursuit, except Mumbo who disappeared. The two boys finally stopped and it was at the roof of the old building and the fake Robin was holding Raven over the edge.

"Don't you dare drop her!" Robin yelled as he took a step closer to the faker.

"Give F Raven the crystal bird boy!"

"Okay! Just put Raven down."

"Whatever you say.", the fake Robin said as he dropped Raven over the edge at the same time that Robin threw the crystal to the F Raven.

Though to his surprise, while the crystal was in mid air, the real Starfire shot a starbolt at it making it shatter. Robin then ran and jumped off the edge of the roof hoping to catch the unconscious Raven and he did, but they were still falling. Meanwhile back on the roof Star, BB, and Cy watched as their clones burst right in front of their eyes, letting out painful howls and screams. Robin took out his grabbling hook and shot it at the top of the roof and to his luck it grabbed on to the edge leaving him and Raven hanging there in the air for a second. They were pulled up by Cyborg and helped to the roof.

"You okay man?" Cy asked Robin.

"Yeah. I hope she is." Robin said as he looked down at Raven who still unconscious.

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