My 10th Sonic fanfic! I hope this is as popular as triangles and diamonds!

Rouge was crying. "Knuckles… why? And… how long?" she asked him while on top of Angel Island.

"I'm sorry, Rouge… I need to fulfill my destiny… and I need to finish what my ancestors failed to do…" Knuckles said.

Sonic was sitting on the rocky stairs of the altar in the sky. (A/N- my brother calls it that)

"You can't go! I'll go with you! Take me with you… please…" Rouge was crying a lot.

"I'm sorry, Rouge…" Knuckles said.

"Just tell me what you need to do… and I'll shut up…"

"I need to collect other kinds of emeralds that could cause complete mayhem and pandemonium… I just can't take you…" he said.

Rouge was sobbing some more.

"Sonic… I need to ask you a favor… I need you to take care of the Master Emerald… and Rouge." Knuckles said.

Rouge stopped crying. At least he still cares about me… but what if something bad happens to him?

Sonic nodded and walked to Rouge. "Look, Rouge… I'll try to take care of you like Knuckles does." Sonic said after Knuckles glided away.

"No one can take his place!" Rouge started crying again.

"I'll try my best, Rouge… I promise…" Sonic said.

Dear Diary,

It's the first night that Knuckles left for his mission… I already miss him, and he's only been gone for 3 hours, 34 minutes, 45.7 seconds… Jeez… why am I counting the minutes away from him? I always thought that he was a knucklehead in the past… of course, he still is… but… he's my knucklehead! I miss you already, Knuckles! When, oh, when will you come back? I am remembering every moment we had together right now. I just realized that I was so cruel to you in the past. I thought that you were just an echidna that was all brawn and no brains… and you are! But you are also much, much more! I want you back, Knuckles… I need you… I love you… I'm sorry I never told you before…

"Rouge? You should really go to sleep…" Sonic said, hand on her shoulder.

Rouge was sitting on the edge of the island. "I-I will…" She knew it was late, Knuckles was probably halfway around the world right now.

My dear Knuckles… if I were to jump down from this ledge right now… would I hit the surface of the water so hard, that… I would go through to you? Would my love drive me to you? Would my love drive me to the insanity that would cause suicidal things, just so you can come back?

Rouge stood up. She looked down from the ledge. It was a huge fall.


Rouge sighed and walked away from the edge. She looked at Sonic. Sonic, you're keeping your promise very well…

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