It Ends With Me

I figured it out.

Oh, Marlene and Tifa would cry if they knew. They would scream if they found out why all this is happening again. They would just die if they knew...

Vincent knows. I'm sure he does--he knows everything. He's known all along that Sephiroth could be revived, but he's kept quiet. Why? Why keep that knowledge to himself when it could mean the life or death of the world? I think it's his final atonement--or it was going to be. Leave a chance open for Lucrecia's child to come back. Leave one last chance for the son he never got to hold. Leave himself the hope that that child was not always, and would not always be the madman he became.

Oh, what a chance it is. It all makes sense.

Kadaj's attacks. The children. Jenova. Everything.

Yazoo called me his brother, not long ago. Loz asked where mother was. They speak to me as though I'm a member of their family, a child of their blood. They speak to me like I belong with them.

...It's my fault.

I should be dead, I should be gone. I should have fallen in the Reunion with the others.

As long as I'm alive, Sephiroth is alive. And long as I breathe, there's a chance that he could come back. Hojo called me a failure, but I made it to the Reunion where none of the others did. Sephiroth got to them before they could get to Jenova. A failure succeeded where the successes failed.

And that's why it's my fault.

Why didn't Sephiroth take me like the others? Why did he let me live? After that there was no point for me to be alive any more--the Black Materia was his, the world would fall at his feet without hesitation! Why, then, didn't he kill me?

I've asked this so many times in the last two years--why did I live when so many innocents died? Why di I survive when Zack didn't? Why did I keep moving forward when Aerith was left so far behind? Why?

Because Sephiroth wanted to leave himself another chance. Leave a chance open for the firstborn of Jenova to come back. Leave one last chance for the child who never touched his father without drawing blood. Leave himself the hope that he would not always be the madman he became, but something even greater. Sephiroth was almost a god, but it wasn't enough. He still fell, and he fell at the hand of a failure. He died on the blade of a traitor.

And that's why it's my fault!

I'm a Clone, a child of Jenova--in spite of my best efforts to keep this feeling away I can't help but use the power she's given me. I am Sephiroth's and Jenova's only reamining tie to the real world--even if I kill Kadaj and Loz and Yazoo I will still be here!

The world will never be safe so long as I'm alive. Through me, Sephiroth can have as many resurrections as he needs, as many as he wants. We can kill him again and again and it won't be over because of me!

This will never be over; the battle will not end until I'm dead. Until I've fallen with the others.

It's so ironic. As a child, I wanted nothing more than to be like Sephiroth. I wanted to be as strong as him, to be someone worthy of his sight. I wanted to be a warrior that could fight on equal terms with a god.

Now I am. I'm the only one.

So I don't intend to come back from this battle. As long as someone of his strength survives, someone of his mother's blood, then this will never be over. As long as Jenova and Sephiroth's Reunion is incomplete, the world will still be theirs.

I'm not coming back this time, Tifa. I'm not going to help you with the other children anymore, Marlene.

Vincent...Vincent may fall with me; Gaea knows he's been waiting long enough to die.

And so, it seems, have I. It's time to end this, once and for all.

It ends with me.