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Chapter 1: The dream

Nami: Ok everyone lights out.
Zolo: Who died and made you captain?
She pointed to Luffy who passed out on the floor from a full stomach.
Nami: Apparently him.
Sanji: Why do you always got to give someone back talk? The lady said go to bed so go to bed.
Zolo: Who asked you?
Ussop: Stop fighting guys. You'll wake Luffy. (yawning) Besides. It's about time we hit the hay. Goodnight.
He left the kitchen and went to his room.
Nami: Well some one needs to drag Luffy into his room and it ain't gonna be me.
She ran to her room.
Zolo: Well Sanji I guess it's just you and me.
Sanji: Correction. It's just you cause I'm tired from cooking. See ya!
He quickly ran out of the kitchen.
Zolo: You bastard!
He picked up Luffy and flung him over his shoulder.
Zolo: Ack! He's surprisingly heavy. Zolo carried him into his room and dropped him on his bed. He headed to his own room. On his way he tripped on something in the dark.
Zolo: What the hell?
He lit a candle and saw that Luffy's foot was caught on the table leg.
Zolo: No wonder it was hard to but him in bed.
He detached the leg and it lunged back to Luffy's body.
Luffy: OUCH!
He rushed to the kitchen.
Luffy: Who did that!
Zolo: Me.
Luffy: That hurt!
Zolo: That's what you get.
Luffy grumbled and went back to his room.
Voice: Hey Luffy!
5 year-old Luffy spun around to see his twin sister coming towards him.
Luffy: Hey Lana!
Lana: Mom told us to go to the field and pick a bunch of cherries for her cherry pie.
Luffy: Cherry pie! What are we waiting for! Let's go!
He grabbed his sister's hand and rushed to their cherry field.
Lana: Ahhh. This sure does bring back memerioes doesn't it Luffy?
Luffy: Yeah...so let's pick some cherries already!
Lana handed Luffy a basket and they went to pick the cherries. Since cherries grew on trees they had to stand on each others shoulders to get them.
Luffy: My baskets full.
Lana: Mine too. I guess we should go back inside.
They started walking towards their house when Luffy spotted some grapes.
Luffy: Oooo! Grapes!
He rushed off to get some.
Lana: (thinking) Those are a bit small for grapes. And they grow on vines not bushes. Oh my god! Those aren't grapes! They're blueberries! (end thought) Luffy don't eat them! Those are...
It was to late. Luffy popped the blueberries in his mouth. The instant he swallowed them he started to choke because his throat closed up. Lana watched in horror as Luffy fainted from lack of oxygen.
Nami: Luffy! Wake up!
He woke up with a start andfoundNami next to his bed.
Luffy: What's wrong?
Nami: I think you were having a bad dream cause you were tossing in your sleep and crying help.
Luffy: Oh.
Nami: What were you dreaming about?
Luffy: (smiling) Nothing important!
Nami: Whatever. Get up. It's breakfast.
Luffy: Oh boy! I'm starved!
He ran to the dining table.
Ussop: Well rise and shine sleepyhead.
Zolo: Yeah. What took you? Usually your up by the time Sanji starts cooking.
Luffy: I guess I overslept. Hey Sanji what's for breakfast?
Sanji: Blueberry pancakes!



End Flashback

Sanji: Are you ok? You seem dazed.
Luffy: Huh? Oh. I'm allergic to blueberries.
Zolo: I never knew that...
Sanji: I wish I knew that. Oh well. A batch of plain pancakes coming up!
Luffy: That's ok. I'm not that hungry anymore.
He walked away from the table.
Nami: Wow. Did hell just freeze over? Twice?
Sanji: I never thought that Luffy would turn down food in his life.
Ussop: Me neither.
Zolo: Something must really be bothering him.
Nami: (staring at Luffy) I wonder what?