Chapter 12: Do siblings ever get along?

Nami: Lana.
Lana: Yes?
Nami: Did you say something?
Lana: What are talking about?
Nami: Who are we talking about again?
Lana gave Nami a cold stare.
Nami: Oh alright. I'm sorry. I didn't know he was in a coma.
Lana: I guess it's ok.
Nami: Alright then.
Lana: I need your help.
Nami: Why?
Lana: I did something sooo stupid that I can't believe myself!
Nami: It couldn't of been that stupid.
Lana: I kissed Jose.
Lana: Please don't make me say it again.
Nami: I thought you were gonna lay low!
Lana: I know but I couldn't help it. I was vunerable damn it! How would you feel if your brother was half dead?
Nami: Ok I get your point. But still. What will happen now?
Lana: I don't know.
Nami: I guess you should go steady?
Lana: Oh please! Nami: I'm serious! I mean come on! He loves you. No duh. You obviously love him, ya'll should be together!
Lana: Is it really that obvious?
Nami: More obvious than the fact that your brother's dumber than the author's kid sister.
Lana: What? Maybe your right. I guess. But I don't think I'm ready.
Nami: Man, your as ready as you'll ever be.
Lana: I don't know.
Nami: You're a lost cause.
Lana: I'm just a cautious person.
Nami left. Luffy went up on deck.
Lana: Hey Luffy.
Luffy: Hey.
Lana: How do you feel?
Luffy: I'm fine. So what were you and Nami talking about?
Lana: None of your beeswax!
Luffy: Calm down. I heard anyway.
Lana: You were spying on me?
Luffy: Spying is an ugly word. Trying roaming.
Lana: How much did you hear?
Luffy: Enough to know that your making a mistake. I don't trust him Lana.
Lana: I don't care what you trust! I'm not a little girl! I can take care of myself!
Luffy: I just worry about you. I am your older brother after all.
Lana: Wow. Two minutes. That's a huge difference!
Luffy: I lost you once and I don't want to lose you again! I don't trust him Lana! I don't think you should see him.
Lana: Stop taking control of my life! You are not my father! Take charge of your crew not me!
Luffy: I'm not taking charge of you!
Lana: Oh really? So you wouldn't mind if I started seeing Jose would you?
Luffy: You're trying my patience.
Lana: Screw your patience! Luffy: Don't you trust my judgement?
Lana: Of course not! Your dumber than a doorknob!
Luffy: You really think I'm that stupid?
Lana: Haell yeah!
Luffy: I can't believe you think I'm stupid! I'm smart enough to know that this is gonna end badly!
Lana: Well you can take your prophetic speech and shove it!
He sighed a long frustrated sigh.
Luffy: You'll the hard way like you always do.
He walked away. Lana fumed with anger towards her brother.
Lana: I can't believe him! He is such a... A little... Uuh! I can even complete my sentences right!
Unknown: Are you ok?
Something touched her shoulder. Out of reflex she flipped him or her over. She noticed it was Jose.
Lana: Oops! I'm so sorry Jose! Are you hurt?
Jose: I'll live. I heard you and Luffy yelling. What happened?
Lana: Luffy was being a jerk.
Jose: I see. What were you arguing about?
Lana: Well you see. My brother doesn't seem to trust you.
Jose: Wow. I don't blame him that much.
Lana: No! He has no reason to distrust you! He's just being paranoid and overprotective! He should have no reason to distrust my boyfriend! Oops.
Jose: I'm your boyfriend?
Lana: Oh no! I didn't mean that! I mean that just slipped out!
Jose: Awww I'm touched. I like you too.
Lana: I guess I should just spill it shouldn't I.
Jose: Spill what?
Lana: The fact that I love you... I loved you for a long time ya know.
Jose: I know. I knew for a while. I just didn't say anything til you were ready to admit it.
Lana: Wow. This is akward and embarassing.
Jose: I think it the best day of my young life.
He made a huge grin. Lana smiled too.
Lana: I'm sorry I was treating you so badly.
Jose: It's ok.
Lana: Well that arguement made me tired. I'm going sleep.
She gave him a short kiss and went to her room.
Jose: Oh Lana. I almost feel sorry for you. As soon as my plan prevails, you and your brother will be wiped out. I kinda feel bad though. Oh well...