Hey, all

Hey, all! I know this is kind of mean, but I have to do it. I'm rewriting this story because, even though some of you might like it, I can't help cringing whenever I think about it. Some memorable scenes will resurface in the new version, but it's going to be quite different. The story, of course, is the same, but it will be told entirely from James's perspective and Lily (hopefully) won't be as much of a cry-baby. We'll see.

Sorry about this, but as an 'author' I really can't let my story stand as it is because it's just awful. Don't try to convince me otherwise. I've written the first chapter, and it's now posted. The new title is 'Since You've Been Gone'. My last title also sucked; I almost can't even remember where it came from. This title isn't so amazing, but it does fit. It's subject to change, however. I'll keep you informed. Please don't be too frustrated with me. If you're a writer at all, you must understand my feeling of 'ew' when I look back at what I wrote before.

Thanks for your patience—if you choose to give it.

Lillian James