Chapter 36

The connection between Voldemort and his Death Eaters had turned out to be much deeper than anyone could have guessed. For every man and woman with the Dark Mark had died of the same magically inflicted mortal wound that had nearly taken Severus's life. The Dark Mark had linked all the Death Eaters to a deep part of Voldemort's life force. When Voldemort died, so had they.

And Severus would have certainly joined them all had it not been for his powerful Soul Bond with Hermione.

It was the one thing that had saved his soul and his life.

Hermione and Severus had just walked out of the mansion and had started to descend its front steps. The morning sun was bright, and the sky was a beautiful, crystal clear robin's egg blue. There was not a cloud in the sky.

Hermione's chest tightened at the powerful scene before her eyes.

Not only had people come to appear in the mansion's parlor, they also stood all around the edge of the forest. There were so many, certainly they numbered well over one hundred.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat at a flash of white in between the trees.

"Severus, a unicorn!" she said in awe.

Severus stared at the white unicorn stallion that had begun to sniff at the ground inquisitively. Severus's lips turned up into a true smile.

"I think you'll find that there is more than one. Look over there,"

And sure enough, four unicorn foals and five mares were moving into the sunlight from behind the dense trees. As Hermione and Severus watched the forest, the leaves of the trees gradually began to change colour. Leaves that had been a sickly shade of olive green brightened into a lush emerald.

Had the unicorns done it? Or was this some other magic taking place as a result of Voldemort's death?

The people who had returned to life appeared to be disoriented, especially those that could easily be identified as Muggles by their clothing.

Hermione wondered what would happen to those people. Surely they would have a hard time explaining to Muggle society that they just suddenly came back from the dead.

Severus noticed where Hermione was looking.

"The Ministry will be able to find them jobs," he told her.

Hermione looked off to the left and watched as more people suddenly appeared. She then saw something she'd never seen before.

A slender man with long snow white hair had just appeared next to the wall of the mansion. His hair was inhumanly white and seemed to sparkle like a fresh blanket of snow.

He did not look old at all. Hermione would have thought him to be under forty, if she had thought he was human.

His eyes were dark, Hermione couldn't see the exact color from the distance she was at, but she could tell that they weren't brown or black.

The man's ears were slightly larger than a normal man's and were shaped differently. They tapered to a fine point.

"Is he . . ."

"An elf?" Severus asked. "Yes."

Hermione continued to watch the man.

"How could anyone call the creatures people use as servants an elf?" Hermione asked hotly.

The man she was looking at was majestic in a way no human could equal.

"Most people live in utter ignorance of their existence. As far as they know, the creatures people use as servants are elves."

"People should know the truth,"

"Given the elf's presence here, I suspect that people will learn the truth quite soon."

"That means I'll have to change something," Hermione muttered to herself.

Severus gave her a questioning look.

"Well, I can't continue with my work on S.P.E.W. I'll have to change it to S.P.G.W."

Severus's eyes widened in understanding. With difficulty, he suppressed a groan.

"You can't be serious," he told her. But when he looked at her face he knew she had meant what she said. "You truly are. You're going to start the Society for the Protection of Gremlin Welfare."

Hermione grinned.

Severus rolled his eyes. Hermione elbowed him lightly in the side.

"Do whatever you want. Just. Don't. Get. Me. Involved."

Hermione was about to reply when Remus called her from a spot in the grass across from where Severus and Hermione were standing.

He had been talking to Lily and James.

"Will the two of you come here?" he asked.

Hermione glanced at Severus to see his expression upon seeing James for the first time in sixteen years. Severus's face revealed nothing. Hermione then looked at the man standing across from Remus.

James's hazel eyes weren't exactly cold, but there was more than a hint of animosity in his gaze. He was staring directly at Severus.

Hermione looked at Severus again.

James isn't going to be too happy when he finds out that you made Harry lose his ability to do magic, Hermione told him mentally.

Severus snorted softly.

Ask me if I care.

Hermione paled. How would she keep the two of them from killing each other?

I wonder how much he's told them, Hermione said to him trying to steer Severus's thoughts away from doing James bodily harm. I'm sure they have some questions for us.

Hermione started down the stairs again and to her relief Severus followed close behind her.

As Severus and Hermione approached Remus, Lily, and James, Remus asked Severus a question.

"I'm glad to see you alive and well, Severus," Remus began.

Hermione and Severus were close enough to hear James's small sound of contempt at Remus's statement.

"Now would you mind telling us what the hell you did?" Remus asked.

"I killed Albus's phoenix in order to render Voldemort incapable of using magic," He stated, not going into any further details.

Remus blinked. Lily looked concerned. And James's eyes said that he believed Severus should have died along with Voldemort.

After a second or two the gazes of Harry's parents fell on Hermione.

Remus let out a nearly silent sigh.

The situation he'd just been placed in was like something out of a very strange dream.

Both Lily and James turned to look at Remus.

"This is Hermione Granger," Remus told them. "She's one of Harry's friends from Hogwarts and is at the top of her class." Remus added, including the last bit to portray Hermione in the best light possible.

Lily had seen Hermione kiss Severus, and Remus could only imagine what was going through Lily's mind right now. He still had no idea what was going on between the two of them.

Ah, well, there would be time enough to hear the full story later on.

Lily gave Hermione a small smile.

"You saved Severus's life," Lily told her.

"Yes, I did," said Hermione, holding the older woman's gaze steadily, without blinking.

Wow, the tension between the two men and two women was a nearly tangible thing.

"I told them a good bit about how Harry had to believe that you were truly loyal to Voldemort because of his connection to him. I told them that Harry believes you kidnapped Hermione to use her as a hostage to prevent Harry from going out and destroying Voldemort's Horcruxes." Remus said. His expression grew pained. "And I told them about Albus's and Sirius's deaths," he said softly.

Severus looked at Remus.

There was still so much that he didn't know.

And Remus knew it too.

"Why?" Remus asked after a beat of silence.

"There was no other way," Severus said at length.

"But the prophecy was that Harry would"— said Remus before Severus interrupted him.

"No. The prophecy was a lie," Severus told him.

"I don't understand how you can possibly say that," Remus told him.

Severus's expression became dark.

"Would you rather I had let things continue as they were?" Severus asked softly. The words that Severus would have said next, you understand that had I not done anything you would have been forced to share Bellatrix's bed for an indefinite period of time, remained unspoken.

Remus stiffened as if he'd been physically struck.

"No," he told Severus coldly.

Severus knew what he'd said had been callous, but had needed to stop Remus from pressing him for information here.

This was not the place to reveal all of the details. Let Minerva call an Order Meeting and Severus would explain everything then.

Lily then spoke to Severus for the first time.

"Remus is going to take us to see Harry. I want to talk to you later."

Hermione twitched. Though she didn't say it, Hermione could plainly see from the look in Lily's eyes that she wanted to talk to Severus alone.

Severus looked at her without revealing any emotion.

"Remus is getting married in a few weeks. If I don't see you before then, I'm sure I'll see you at the wedding."

This was clearly not what Lily had expected to hear, especially the bit about Remus getting married.

Remus sighed again.

"It's true," was all he said.

Even James looked perplexed.

"To whom?" James asked.

"Nymphadora Tonks," Remus said to him.

"But you"—James began.

Remus was saved the humiliation of asserting the fact that despite his relationship with Sirius, he wasn't gay, for before James could finish, the elf that Hermione and Severus had seen approached them.

When none of them ran away in terror or gaped at him like a fish, he asked a question.

"Do any of you know where I can find Albus Dumbledore, or in the event of his death, the new Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" he asked in a mid-range baritone.

For Hermione, the elf's voice was pleasant to listen to. Like Severus's.

They all stared at him without speaking for three full seconds.

"Well, you looked like a fairly intellectual group of people that would know what I am. But I suppose my judgment was incorrect."

He smiled sadly and turned away.

"No, wait!" Hermione said quickly.

The elf looked back at her.

She noticed that his eyes were a deep storm green.

"Albus died not long ago, but Minerva McGonagall is the school's new Headmistress. We're on our way to see her now, if you'd like to join us,"

The words came out quickly before she had a chance to think about what she was saying.

The elf raised a thin white brow.

"Truly?" he asked.

"Truly," Severus told him.

"I'll only come if this new Headmistress is aware of the existence of my kind. Is she of The Order of the Phoenix?"

"Yes, she is," said Hermione.

"And she is aware that elves exist," said Severus.

"Ah, very good then. Will she be at Hogwarts now?"

"Yes, she should be," Severus told him.

"Will you be Apparating there directly?"

"We were just about to leave when you approached us."

"I'll meet you at the school's front gate in a few seconds,"

A thousand questions were running through all of their heads as they watched as the elf somehow made a rippling oval appear in the air in front of him. The oval had an oily sheen like the surface of a soap bubble. He then walked through the oval and was gone.

"Right then, I suppose we'd better go meet him." Hermione told Severus.

"In a moment," he said to her.

Severus met Remus's gaze.

I want to be certain you realise that with Fawkes' death, Harry has been rendered incapable of casting any spell, he said in Remus's mind through Legilimency.

Remus's eyes became intensely solemn.

He nodded curtly, and his expression told Severus that he had already deduced this fact on his own, given his knowledge of Harry's connection to Fawkes.

Remus's expression also told him that the werewolf wanted to speak to him privately in the very near future.

The group then split apart, Hermione and Severus Apparating to Hogwarts and Remus, Lily, and James Apparating to the Burrow.

As soon as they appeared in front of the school's iron gates, they noticed the elf leaning casually against the gate's bars.

"My name is Sheniveer Faerishon," he told them. "Albus wanted me to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor at this school. Unfortunately, my death precluded that from happening."

"My name is Hermione Granger, and this is Severus Snape. He's a potions master and Potions instructor here at the school."

Severus inclined his head formally to Sheniveer.

Hermione's eyes were drawn to the silver pendant of an eight-pointed star hanging around Sheniveer's neck.

The elf looked like a warrior. He wore a braid on the right side of his face. His bare chest was quite sculpted for his slender build and he wore white leather breeches. The legs of the breeches were embroidered with in intricate curving design of leaves in dark pine green. His feet were clad in boots that perfectly matched the thread of the embroidery.

Hermione suddenly noticed that Sheniveer's breeches were spattered with what appeared to be dried blood.

It made her wonder how he had died. She didn't dare to ask.

Severus opened the gates with a muttered spell and he began to lead the way up to the castle.

It was when Sheniveer turned his back that Hermione got a good idea of what had killed him.

His back was marred with dozens upon dozens of long scars, scars that could have only been made by a multi-lashed whip.

Hermione inwardly shuddered.

Sheniveer had obviously had a horrible death.

"I gather you still want to teach here?" Severus asked, privately wondering why on earth someone with such a superior intellect would want to teach at Hogwarts.

"Seeing as how after Voldemort and his men destroyed my village here in Scotland, I have no where else to go, yes, Severus I still would like to teach here."

Severus fell silent at Sheniveer's words.

No one said anything more as they made the trip to Minerva's office.

When at last they stood outside of her office door, Severus wondered if Minerva's heart would be able to handle the epic shock she was about to receive.

She answered the door after a brief moment and stared first at Sheniveer then at Hermione and Severus, and then back at Sheniveer.

For a second, Hermione was afraid she might faint where she stood.

Finally she spoke.

"Come in,"

She led the three of them inside and sank somewhat shakily into the chair behind her desk.

"Please, tell me your name," she told Sheniveer.

He introduced himself and Minerva let out a small gasp.

Severus and Hermione looked at one another.

Had Minerva just recognized Sheniveer's name?

"Albus knew you well," she told the elf.

Sheniveer gave her a regal nod.

"He was very much looking forward to having you teach at the school. But then three weeks before the start of term two years ago he told me you'd been killed."

And that horrible Umbridge woman had to take your place, Minerva thought silently.

"Albus was right. I died at Voldemort's hand. But first he forced me to watch as one of his men murdered my wife and three daughters," Sheniveer's eyes grew hard and distant. "My youngest was only eighteen months old."

"But then…?" Minerva darted a look at Severus.

"Voldemort is now dead, Minerva."

At this she gasped quite audibly. Severus continued without a pause.

"At the time of his death, everyone Voldemort murdered was instantly brought back to life."

"How is it even possible?" she asked him, her eyes round with shock.

"There's a lot to explain," Severus said softly.

"Then start explaining Severus. I want to know what happened now!"

"I'll leave the three of you alone to talk," Sheniveer told them. He left the office quietly.

Minerva stared at Hermione, the look on her face plainly showed that she was wondering why on earth she was in her office at all.

"I'm not leaving," Hermione told her firmly.

Minerva looked at Severus as if she expected him to order Hermione to leave.

Of course, he did no such thing.

For the next hour, Severus explained everything from the beginning, starting with why the prophecy about Harry wasn't true and moving on to why killing Fawkes was the one and only way of killing Voldemort.

He told her that Harry was now completely stripped of his magical power.

Finally he explained how Hermione factored into things.

At Severus's admission of having bonded his soul with Hermione, Hermione thought that the old witch was going to have a fit of apoplexy.

It was obvious that Minerva knew, without having to ask, that Severus and Hermione had slept together.

It seemed like she expected them to be ashamed of it.

That alone, actually made Hermione want to laugh at her.

Instead she said, "Look Professor McGonagall, I am of legal age. You do realise that, don't you?"

Minerva sniffed disapprovingly.

She didn't say anything for a very long time.

"I was going to offer you your old job back, Severus," Minerva said at length. "Slughorn won't do it another year, and if Sheniveer takes the Defense position, I still have to fill the positions for Transfiguration, Divination, and History of Magic. Trewlaney quit and I sacked Binns. The students' marks in his class were lower than in any other class offered at the school. But—I hardly think it's appropriate to do so now, unless you solemnly promise me something."

Severus's expression became questioning.

"The truth is that I need a potions instructor that is knowledgeable and knows how to take charge in a classroom full of clueless first years. With school starting in just over a month and a half, I need to find someone to fill the position as soon as possible. You are the only one who fits the bill, Severus. I want you back here at the start of term.

"But I will not have it in the newspapers that one of my professors is having a relationship with one of the seventh year students. You two will make damn sure to keep your relationship quiet, do you understand?"

"Yes, of course," Severus told her.

"I mean it, Severus. I'm trusting you and Hermione on this against my better judgment. Don't make me regret my decision."

"The school won't find out," Hermione told her a little irately.

Really, did Minerva think she was going to have sex with Severus someplace like the stairwell where anyone could come by and catch them together?

"Good," she told them. "I'll call an Order Meeting for sometime within the next couple of days. I'll want you to explain everything you told me to the rest of the Order at that time," Minerva told him sternly. "Well, almost everything," she amended.

Minerva then let out a long and weary sigh.

"Now where has Sheniveer gotten off to?"

As soon as the word left Minerva's lips, the office door opened and Sheniveer reappeared. It was obvious that he'd bathed in the time that Severus had told his story to Minerva.

All the blood was gone from his breeches.

But how had he known where to go?

Sensing what they were thinking, Sheniveer smiled enigmatically.

"Elves have more acute senses than humans do. And my inborn magic can lead me to water."

"The Defence position is all yours," Minerva told him.

"Thank you," Sheniveer told her warmly.

"Now if you'll just go over some paperwork with me . . ." the headmistress said to the elf.

Sheniveer approached the desk to sit down across from Minerva. Severus and Hermione took their leave of the headmistress.

When they were in the hall, Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

"All things considered, I thought that went rather well," said Severus.

"It helped that Albus had previously mentioned Sheniveer to Minerva," Hermione told him. "Things would have been a lot more difficult if she'd never heard of him,"

"I was hoping that with the way he was speaking Albus knew him."

Hermione sighed and leaned against Severus. He slipped his arm around her waist.

"I'm tired," she said softly.

"At least you'll be able to sleep in your own bed tonight," he told her.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, she looked at him sharply.

She stared at him without speaking for a few seconds.

"You. Almost. Died. Today," she told him slowly. "I don't know if you can imagine what that did to me. I'm not letting you out of my sight anytime in the foreseeable future."

"You're parents still think that you're pretending to be my captive. Don't you think they want to see that you're all right?"

Hermione looked at him, staring deep into his eyes.

"Do you want me to go?" she asked, almost inaudibly.

"No, Hermione I don't. I'm just not selfish enough to keep you with me without being certain that you wouldn't rather visit your family before the start of term."

Hermione smiled.

"In this case you're allowed to be selfish, Severus. I'll send a letter to my mum and dad in the morning letting them know that I'm okay."

"What are you going to tell them?"

"Would it be all right with you, if I didn't immediately tell my parents that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you? That's going to be such a shock for them and I'd rather wait until after graduation to explain things. I think they'll understand better if I tell them then."

"Hermione, are you certain that's a good idea?"

"I know it's too early to tell them now. They would think that you somehow coerced their baby girl into something she really didn't want to do. If I wait, they'll see that I truly love you."

Severus looked at her and his expression grew intense.

"Hermione, I want you to know that nothing could ever change my feelings for you. Remember that I didn't choose to fall in love with Lily. The feelings between us were manufactured through Albus's spell. I cared for her deeply, but my passion for her couldn't hold a candle to my passion for you. I chose to fall in love with you. And it's one of the few decisions I've made in my life that I know from the bottom of my heart that I'll never regret."

Hermione gave him a feminine smile.

"I believe you, Severus."

He smiled back at her.

"I'm glad you do because I have a feeling Lily might try to persuade me to go back to her."

"I've told you this more than once, and I'll tell you again: I trust you, Severus."

"I know. I just needed you to know that Lily has no power over me."

"Once you let her know that there's no hope for the two of you, she'll stay away from you if she knows what's good for her."

"If she's the same person she was sixteen years ago, she'll respect my decision."

Hermione nodded.

"Let's hope she hasn't changed," she told him.

"Even if she has, you'll still be the one I love."

Severus then tilted her chin up and kissed her deeply.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Remus left the Burrow with a pounding headache. Harry had thrown the shouting fit of his life upon hearing that he'd been lied to about Hermione's kidnapping and that it was Severus's fault that he was now permanently without magical power.

Harry had yelled, cried, and had even thrown a couple of good punches, one of which had connected with the right side of Remus's chest.

This had gone on for a solid twenty minutes, and then Remus had forced Harry to sit down so that he could give him the news about his parents.

At first, Harry had accused Remus of lying to him about it. After all, he'd had no qualms about lying to him in regard to Hermione's supposed kidnapping, Harry made a point of telling him.

There had been quite a good number of 'I hate you's and at least one 'I fucking hate you,'

Remus wouldn't be surprised if Harry woke up in the morning and found that he had no voice.

It had taken the sight of Lily and James walking into the room to finally shut Harry up.

He'd then started crying again, but for a totally different reason.

At the moment they were still having their tearful reunion. And his parents certainly had a lot to catch up on.

Remus sighed. He now stood outside the front door of his flat.

Nymphadora only worked half days now and she had stayed at the flat during his absence.

He hoped he would find her inside.

He unlocked the door and went in, setting his keys on the table by the door.

He found Nymphadora sitting on the couch, reading the book What to Expect When You're Expecting.

She immediately sprang from her seat and rushed to meet him by the door.

"You're home," she said softly, studying his face to see his emotions. "I thought you might be gone a long time. Until Harry faced Voldemort for the last time."

"I'm home," he told her, equally softly. "It's all over. I'm no longer at risk to fall under Fenrir's control."

He held out his arms and she walked into his embrace.

"What happened?"


Remus held Nymphadora without speaking for awhile, content just have her in his arms. He needed the comforting physical contact.

And Nymphadora was happy to be in his arms again.

"I missed you," she said into his chest after a few minutes of silence.

Remus couldn't speak past the lump that had formed in his throat. His first tears fell on top of Nymphadora's head.

He swallowed hard.

"I missed you too."

Nymphadora must have felt Remus's tears land in her hair, for she shifted her position and looked up at him.

"Remus, what happened to you?" she asked with a concern that could have only been borne from the deepest love.

Remus closed his eyes and held Nymphadora against him.

It was a while before he could speak.

"I was forced into having sex with Bellatrix Lestrange."


She stared into his eyes.

"I don't know what to say," she said quietly. "I know what an agonizing Hell that must have been for you."

Remus only nodded as more tears came.

Nymphadora tightened her embrace.

"I understand that you had to do what you did to keep Severus, Hermione, and yourself alive. And I could never hold it against you."

After another stretch of nearly a minute's silence she spoke again.

"Where is Bellatrix now?"

"She's dead."

Nymphadora looked at him the unspoken question of how she'd died clear in her eyes.

In reply Remus dropped his voice so low Nymphadora could barely hear him.

"I killed her."

"Oh Remus," she said, tears forming in her eyes in pain at what he had gone through.

"Voldemort is dead as well,"


"Severus killed Fawkes. That stripped Voldemort of all his power because his wand contained one of Fawkes' tail feathers. Severus was then able to kill Voldemort."

Nymphadora's eyes widened in shock.

"It appears that with his death, every spell he's ever done has been reversed and everyone he's murdered has come back from the dead."

Nymphadora blinked once, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

"Lily and James?" she asked.

"They're with Harry now. Harry's wand also contained one of Fawkes' feathers. He's no longer able to do magic."

"Have you told him that we've been lying to him about Hermione yet?"

Remus nodded.

"He told me he hated me."

"He didn't mean it,"

"I think he might have, at least for a while."

Nymphadora leaned her cheek against Remus's chest.

"I love you," she whispered fiercely.

"I love you too," he told her softly. "I love you, too."

Remus chose not to tell her about what Severus had said to him when he had thought he was dying or that he'd seen Hermione kiss him on the lips before he'd led Lily and James outside.

He had a feeling that Severus would prefer it if as few people as possible knew about his feelings for Hermione.

And Remus wouldn't say anything, because no matter what Severus might say sometimes, he found that he had come to value the potions master as a friend.

It was a friendship that had come from trusting the man with preventing him from losing his humanity, and trusting him to get him out of Voldemort's mansion as soon as it was possible.

He hoped that Severus had a good explanation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Taenara and Draco stood at the edge of the forest by the mansion that had been Voldemort's headquarters. Taenara was stroking the neck of a unicorn, while She and Draco watched as Ministry officials attempted to explain things to the Muggles that had been in the group of people who had returned to life after Voldemort's death.

"You really had nothing to do with that?" Draco asked the goddess seriously.

"I really didn't, Draco." She told him. "Why would I lie?"

"You wouldn't, I know. But if you didn't make it happen, what did?"

"I didn't create everything. There are laws of the universe that even I don't understand. This is one of them."

"People are going to think that there's a prosperous time of peace ahead," Draco told Taenara.

"Yes, unfortunately that's true. The Fates' are going to use that to their advantage. Few will expect their next attack on the magical world."

"I will."

Taenara smiled.

"There will be another to help you. An elf by the name of Sheniveer Faerishon. He's been an ally of mine for many years and was going to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts starting your fifth year. Unfortunately, Voldemort tortured him to death before he could come to the school. The Fates stopped him because they didn't want him at Hogwarts. But you know what?" Taenara asked with a satisfied smile.

"What My Lady?"

"Sheniveer came back to life today. Minerva McGonagall's just given him the Defence Against the Dark Arts position for the coming year. And this time the Fates aren't going to kill him before the start of term."

"I'm glad to hear that I won't be alone," Draco told her.

Taenara's expression became somber.

"I wouldn't want you to be the only one at your school who knew me when the Fates' next dark force decides to introduce itself. You'll need a powerful ally. Sheniveer will be able to help you tell Severus and Hermione of my plan for them."

Draco nodded.

"You will visit them before too long, right?"

Taenara smiled sadly.

"Before too long? Yes. Unfortunately the Fates' decree was that I am completely forbidden from revealing my existence to any witch or wizard. I got away with revealing myself to Sheniveer because technically he wasn't a wizard. But then the Fates succeeded in killing him to prevent him from helping me. The penalty for me appearing to you was the death of Albus Dumbledore."

Draco met Her gaze in grim acknowledgement.

"How much worse than Voldemort will the next being be?"

Taenara sighed.

"I'm afraid it will be much worse. And whatever it is it will certainly be much harder to defeat."

The entire wizarding world would be aware of Voldemort's demise by nightfall. And as there had been sixteen years ago, there would be joyous celebrations for the next several weeks.

Toasts would be made to the coming years of peace and freedom.

After years of being frightened of becoming Lord Voldemort's next victim, people would finally let their guard down.

And then the Fates would turn the world upside down.

For what was to come next would be ten times more terrible than any foe the magical world of Britain had ever faced.

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