She walked away that fateful day; and she never looked back.
Her only words to us were to stay strong and keep safe…
I miss her now, and I missed her then.

We begged that she change her mind, but she told us no.
The nightmares kept coming during the night,
Her screams always woke us and she'd cry as we comfort her.

There was nothing that would stop her, she hurt so much,
Yet there was that beauty in her, something that made her go on.
And she shone in the day, glowing in the night.

She liked to stand outside and look at the moon on a clear night.
Even if it wasn't clear, she'd stand outside and look into the sky.
I never once asked why she did this, but I watched
And I saw all the pain she held inside of her.
Pain of thousands, millions of souls she couldn't have saved.

And she cried for the loss and her loss as well.
She gave up everything she had to save us;
She destroyed and murdered, but she saved us all.

All I can see before is a broken woman now.
Who is old and dying, a legend glorified to the point of death.
And I sit by her bed, holding her limp hand in mine,
My father's on the other side of the bed holding
Onto her other hand tightly in a death grip,
But he's asleep from exhaustion.

My mother sighs and she looks at me with
Her clear bright eyes and smiles sadly
As she speaks softly too me…

Telling me about old times, and all that was done.
And then quietly, she asks me to help her once last time.
I nod slowly, the tears welling up in my eyes
As I understand this is the last time I'll ever see her.

She tells me all of her secrets and what she did
And then she tells me to take care of my Father…
And with a sigh she breathes in once, and smiles as I hug her,
Overwhelmed with emotion and sadness;
Suddenly for once in my life, I am afraid of
Something I've never known. And it scares me.

She reaches a hand up to my face; don't be afraid, she tells me.
I'll always be there for you, no matter what.
I choke back the words I suddenly want to say.
Words of hate and anger, because she is leaving me now…

She smiles at me as though she knows how I am feeling;
And closed her eyes softly and then she's just gone.
Without a sound or cry to herald her leaving…

I stare for a while at her, watching as the
Sunlight falls onto her peaceful face;
Lighting her hair, coloring the pale skin to
Its fullest color like it once was.

My father wakes up as I look at him.
We make no sound as I cross the room and hug him.
He shudders as the sobs rack his body and
His tears fall on my shoulder as I hug him.

All I have now is my father and the crew…

My mother is dead, the living legend of Revan gone forever.
And now the peace she has sought all her life;
Is finally before her; as she disappears into the Force...

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