The Power Ham of Ice

Hamtaro, Green Leaf, and Dig-dug were on their way to find the power ham of ice. Once again, Hamtaro looked in the book of Ham-hams.

The Power ham of Ice can make Ice so cold, that not even the heat of the hottest star will melt them. He is able to freeze enemies within range and is known to both cause and stop blizzards.

Hamtaro knew that he could find someone like that at the cold side of Ham-ham mountain. Ham-ham mountain is the most strangest mountain in the world, it is split in two! One side is an active volcano where all the fire hams dwell, they love lava. On the other side is just a cold sheet of ice where Ice hams live. Hamtaro, Green Leaf, and dig-dug approached the mountain and started climbing.

It took them a day or two to climb up there, Hamtaro and Green Leaf where exhausted from the climb, but Dig-dug didn't hesitate. Whenever they needed to rest or sleep, Dig-dug would pull out a piece of the mountain so they can rest and continue.

Finally, they reached the top, but saw nothing but snow and clouds, not even the sun was seen. They pressed on and on and on.

"There's got to be a city somewhere" said Hamtaro

"I don't know, Hamtaro" said Dig-dug "we've been traveling for hours and didn't find anything but what we see now"

"Perhaps, we are going in circles" said Green Leaf

"Let's test that theory, Green Leaf" said Dig-dug as he pulled a rock from under the ground.

So they pressed on and on, but they passed the same rock five times, they were going in circles! Neither Hamtaro, Green Leaf, nor Dig-dug had the energy left in them to press on. So, they fell in the snow and passed out, most people would say they died of the cold blizzard, but that is not the case. They woke up not in heaven, but instead an icy cold home with walls of ice.

They didn't see anyone around so they just got up and walked out of the home and saw a city with crystal clear ice. They were in the ice city. So, the three power hams stepped out, and slipped on an unexpected icy road. They got up and struggled at first, but got used to it after a while. They tried to find the elder ham of the city. Which wasn't hard. Hamtaro, Green Leaf, and Dig-dug were expecting something to happen, something that's happened ever since Hamtaro met Green Leaf. The same thing that happened to Strong Plant and Rocky except they were different (See last two chapters). Hamtaro went up to the elder ham and did the same thing expecting the same thing.

But this was different:

"Well, you came just in time" said the elder ham "The power ham of ice has already been found"

This was a little surprising.

"In fact, I think he was the one to save you from that blizzard"

"You mean he's somewhere here?" asked Hamtaro

"Can you lead us to him?" asked Green Leaf

"The power ham of ice goes by the name of Cold-cold. And he only appears when he is needed, he does a great job protecting us"

"Where can we find him?" asked Dig-dug

"I said he only comes when he is needed" said the Elder ham "Why not stay until he does"

"That's why we came" said Hamtaro

"Good" said the elder ham "You will be sleeping in the visitors house, we don't get any visitors so, don't mind the dust. We will see you in the morning"

The power hams said good night to the elder ham and went to the place he was talking about and slept there. They had some trouble sleeping with the dust and temperature, but they eventually got enough rest, only to be waken up by an alarming CRASH!

The power hams quickly sprang up and raced out to see what was going on, and find once again a figure they're too familiar with: Chickonous. This time he had a big metal ball of fire.

"WOHAHAHA. Take this you little ice rats!" he said.

"Hey, what do you think your doing" Said Hamtaro

"Eh? Well, if it isn't the power hams of wind, forest, and ground, what are pests like you doing here?"

"We came to look for someone" said Green Leaf "only to run into you again"

"We came to stop you" said Hamtaro pulling out his sword and shield "and we won't let you get away with it"

"Well, let's see you try and stop me, that is, if you don't get incinerated by my fire ball"

Chickonous lunged his fire ball at a high velocity, Hamtaro wasn't fast enough (yet). Whatever Green Leaf threw at it, got burned, and it kept smashing the rocks that Dig-dug pulled up. It was no use, the ball almost squashed them, they jumped out of the way, but the fire reached them and they laid on the ground burning to ashes.

All seemed lost until a white ham-ham came out of nowhere and sent a blizzard on Hamtaro, Green Leaf, and Dig-dug so cold, that is burned out the fire and healed their forth degree burns. They got up alive and saw that ham-ham: Cold-cold! It couldn't be anyone else.

Cold-cold lunged at Chickonous and froze the fire ball, turning it into an ice ball. Hamtaro, getting up, used all the energy left in him to smash the ice ball and sent Chickonous flying in the air yelling "I'LL GET YOU SOME DAY POWER HAMS!"

As Dig-dug and Green Leaf got up and Green Leaf fixed his now burned leaf on his forehead back to normal, they got to Hamtaro to see the one who saved them.

"Glad you came" said Hamtaro "thanks for saving us"

"Just don't get into anymore trouble" said Cold-cold in a very deep voice.

"We were looking for you" said Green Leaf "We need you to help protect the Ham-ham Island"

"What's in it for me" said Cold-cold

"Getting off this Ham forsaken mountain and seeing new places" said Dig-dug.

"Dig-dug, watch you mouth" said Hamtaro.

"I've always wanted to see the bottom" said Cold-cold "But I have a mountain to protect"

Hamtaro was getting tired of this and said "Hey, Last time I checked, this mountain is a part of this island and if this island is ruled over by darkness, the mountain goes with it. Now I suggest that you come with us and help protect this Island so that you can both help us and this ham mountain at the same time"

"Hamtaro, why don't you watch your mouth" said Dig-dug.

"Slow down there Wind ham" said Cold-cold "if it means protecting this mountain then I'll go"

This was music to Hamtaro's ears.

"Let's go" said Cold-cold "I'm anxious to see the world below"

"If you want to go lower when we get down there, be my guest" said Dig-dug

"Aren't you going to say good bye to your friends" asked Green Leaf

"I don't need to" said Cold-cold "All I do is protect them and nothing more"

"Oh my ham, your not?" said Dig-dug

Hamtaro caught Dig-dug's language, but let it slide by. They went down the mountain and started heading home. This was great for Hamtaro, because he became homesick along the way. And he was excited to show everyone the new power hams, besides, the book of ham was over due so going home was the best choice.

That is the end of this story, but not the end of what's happening next. Make sure you e-mail me or any of the power hams to find out.