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"They're going to get themselves killed," Maria grumbled with an impatient and slightly hurt pout on her face as she brushed herself off.

"Only if we let them go alone," Diane started to say with a nervous smile on her face before she pulled her hair back up into a tight ponytail.

"Oh no you don't you and Shandra have to stay here with Raquel and guard the bus, if we live through this we're going to need to make a quick getaway, you and Shandra are the most likely candidates for that role, I have to save Katy and Gina from themselves," Maria groaned with a tired and impatient frown on her face before she yanked her coat off and began to arm herself.

"Okay…good plan, except for the part where we stay here and protect her, she doesn't like us very much…and what if the vampires attack us, we're not slayers, just a couple of a strippers that got lucky," Diane said with a very nervous look on her face as she pushed a few stray blonde locks back behind her ears.

"In more ways than one," Maria groaned out softly to herself as she rolled her eyes and began to get antsy before Raquel suddenly spoke up.

"Please hurry, he doesn't have to long left, if you don't rescue him soon it'll be to late, she'll get impatient…she was so impatient," Raquel exclaimed with a frantic expression on her face as she slid silently out of the blankets and hurried up to the front of the bus, staring down at Maria from the top step.

"What do you mean," Maria asked with a very pensive and anxious tone to her voice as she struggled against racing off after Katy and Gina and staying at the bus to hear what Raquel had to say.

"She's in a hurry for something to happen, I don't know what but I have flashes of her hurrying me to Paul's room, making me," Raquel began to reply with a calm and serious look on her face before a few more memories came flooding back and her eyes filled up with tears. She tried to speak for a moment and then turned away and raced back to the bed before diving back underneath the blankets to cry.

"Stay here and don't let anyone on the bus except for us, Paul might be hurt so make sure that you have the first aid kit ready, now I have to go make sure that they don't get themselves killed," Maria grumbled with an unhappy pout on her face before she turned around and raced off after Katy and Gina, never looking back to make sure that Diane ever agreed to the plan.


Anastasia knew that they were coming the moment that they opened the first door. Though she wasn't the richest vampiress in the world she did have a few friends in the human world. With a few choice favors she had gained access to a few remote cameras, placed at specific points, allowing her to keep watch to anyone trying to invade her nest. She had placed Paul in a cell in the lowest part of her nest, making sure to put as many of her pack in between Katy and Gina and their prize as possible. A choice few of the female vampires she had kept back to be her aides before the final confrontation. She watched with a delighted smile on her face as Katy and Gina initially argued about which way to go after entering the old building that served as the cover for her nest. As she watched them bicker she wondered if she shouldn't amend her plans and go for a two for one deal, getting both cousins for the price of one. She was about to order an attack when Chucky walked in and informed her that there was one more slayer heading in, the more cooled headed slayer that had been at the club in Florida with Katy.

"Are you sure she's the one," Anastasia asked with an impatient frown on her face as she stayed still in her chair, legs up on the console, as she stared straight ahead at the screens.

"I'm sure of it, they barely escaped us in Florida before they took shelter in someone's home, we couldn't follow them inside," Chucky grumbled back with an unhappy scowl on his face as he balled his hands up into fists and flashed his game face.

"No matter, just keep them under surveillance and make sure that Stacy doesn't do anything stupid, when she gets an idea in her head she does something stupid, and we can't afford that when we're so close to our goal," Anastasia stated back with a very strong tone of authority to her voice as she toyed with the braid of one of her vampires that she had kept back with her.

"Yes my mistress," Chucky said back with a reluctant expression on his face before he turned and left, muttering something angrily under his breath as he went.

"Now my pet, why don't we see how the hunt is going," Anastasia said with a subtle purr to her voice as she pulled the blonde back into her arms and wrapped her arms around the young woman's waist as the two sat back to watch the show.


After initially starting to argue Katy and Gina had finally agreed to take it slow and do a sweep of the floor that they were currently on. They had gone through a couple of sets of doors, finding nothing, before a sound from behind and a few rooms away caught their attention. They both tensed up for battle, with Katy being much more confidant about her skills than Gina, before an exasperated Maria burst through the doors with a pair of Chucky's biker gang hot on her tail, hooting and hollering like mad. Maria stumbled upon entering the room and only had time to look up and half smile at Katy before a baseball bat caught her in the back of her left shoulder. Though the vampire hadn't swung hard enough it was clearly evident by the pain in Maria's eyes and the yelp that she let loose that she'd have a mammoth bruise and a sore shoulder for days to come, if she survived the night.

"Ow," Maria growled with a very pained and angry scowl on her face as she grabbed her shoulder with her free hand and did her best to roll out of the way before the other vampire could finish her off.

"Are you okay," Katy shouted with an alarmed expression on her face as she rushed forward and blocked that same vampires swing of its baseball bat with her sword before she spun around and delivered an elbow to the vampire's stomach.

"Oh sure…just fine," Maria shouted back through a pained grimace as she held her injured shoulder and tried to move that arm as Katy continued her assault on the two vampires as the second one didn't react quickly enough and only saw a flash of light as Katy severed its head from its body.

"Billy no," The remaining vampire exclaimed with a very shocked and upset expression on its face before turning around to face Katy and Gina, looking more than ready to rip them limb from limb.

"Uh oh, looks like we made him mad," Gina joked with an amused half grin on her face before it quickly disappeared as the vampire rushed towards her.

"Say goodnight," Katy shouted with a confidant, and almost cocky, grin on her face before she spun around and sliced through the neck of the second vampire, dusting it almost quicker than she had the first.

"Guess it's fair to say that she knows that we're here," Maria said softly with a less than pleased expression on her face as she kept the arm attached to her injured shoulder motionless while using her good arm to push herself back up to her feet.

"Let's hope that you're wrong about that…because then she wouldn't need to keep Paul alive any longer," Katy replied with a skittish and scared pout on her face as she went to check the hallway ahead to see if it was clear of vampires or any traps.

"I don't think so, I think that she'll keep him alive at least until we can get to him, after that though it'll depend on how we do, if we stake her then he'll be fine…but if she wins…he's a goner," Maria replied with a very serious and anxious look in her eyes as she took the time to try and figure out the extent of her injury.

"So in other words we win, and everybody that has a heartbeat goes home happy, end of story right," Gina offered up with a calm but nervous look on her face as she tried to calm down after the adrenaline rush that she had experienced when the two vampires had attacked.

"Yeah…pretty much, except you can bet that it won't be that easy," Katy started to say with a nervous look on her face before she was interrupted.

"You can say that again sweet thing," Chucky joked with an almost giddy grin on his face as Stacy stood beside him, looking like she was spoiling for a fight while at the same time looking ready to walk down the runway at a fashion show.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Chucky, these three don't play for your team…they play for mine," Stacy interjected with an amused and anxious smile on her face as she drew out a sword and stepped forward in front of Chucky.

"What," Maria growled with a surprised and confused look on her face as she straightened up and raised the point of her sword towards Stacy.

"You heard me," Stacy shot back with a lustful look in her eyes as she licked her lips suggestively before Katy stepped in.

"Sorry to burst your bubble bitch, but you have us confused with Shandra and Diane," Katy growled back with an angry scowl on her face as she also raised her sword and stepped forward as Chucky let out a line of heavy chain and began to drag the end of it back and forth on the floor, just waiting for an opening.

"You killed…now you're going to pay," Gina exclaimed with a furious sneer on her face before she raised her axe and charged towards Stacy. Expecting this Stacy easily ducked underneath the attack and instead of taking the opening to attack Gina she instead titled her torso to the side just enough so that she could slam her shoulder into Katy and drive the brunette slayer through the surprisingly paper thin wall behind her and into what looked like an old high school locker room with showers to one side.

"Katy," Maria exclaimed with a worried look on her face as she started to run towards the tear in the wall but was stopped immediately by a large slab of metal that slammed down in the opening, closing it up. "No," Maria shouted in alarm and frustration as she began to pound on the metal, hoping to use her slayer strength to break it down.

"Forget it baby, that's to thick even for you to break through, besides Anastasia has some plans for your friend, but you two can stay here and play with me," Chucky grinned back with an amused and excited smile on his face as he reached out and grabbed a hold of Gina by the throat.


"Get off of me," Katy growled with a furious and slightly scared tone to her voice as she bent up her knees and then kicked Stacy away, sending her flying back into the lockers.

"You bitch," Stacy screamed with an outraged sneer on her face as she picked herself up out of the rubble before she was interrupted as Katy looked down and saw a sight at the edge of the showers that would haunt her the rest of her life. Lying lifeless on the floor, their necks slit, were Shandra and Diane. Both were nude and looked to have been drained dry by the lack of blood nearby.

"No…how," Katy started to scream back with a terrified and heartbroken look on her face as she raced to kneel down beside them, barely keeping herself together.

"You didn't really think that you surprised us…the moment that you three slayers left we had our friends extend an invitation to those two and Raquel, they weren't very excited about it at first…but we made them an offer that they couldn't refuse," Stacy replied with an excited and happy grin on her face as she picked something up out of the rubble while Katy kept her gaze focused mainly on Shandra and Diane's bodies.

"What did you do to them," Katy growled back as she stood up and aimed the point of her sword straight at Stacy's heart, though her hands were visibly shaking.

"I would think that it would be quite obvious by now Katarina, we had our fun with them and then put them out of our misery," Katy heard a sultry voice say from behind her before she felt something smash into her back. She only started to turn around before she smelled something burning. To her shock and horror she discovered that she was on fire. Frantically she dropped her sword and began to rip her shirt off, hoping that she could get if off without being burned to badly. Unfortunately for her she had worn the wrong kind of pants, and with them being made of a flammable material it didn't take long for the fire to spread to them as well. Remembering that there were showers nearby Katy ripped off the remainder of her clothes and ran into the showers, turning them on as fast as she could. She was just fast enough to keep her hair from sustaining any more damage than to have some of it singed, but her clothes were entirely lost.

"Now that's better, just the way I like them," Anastasia said softly with an invigorated grin on her face as she stepped into view from the other part of the shower, dripping wet from head to toe and stark naked.

"You…bitch," Katy growled back in reply with a furious tone to her voice before Stacy caught her by surprise and kicked her hard in the side of her face, sending her flopping back hard up against the wall.

"I'll take it from here Stacy, you go play with her friends," Anastasia said with a confidant smile on her face before she walked up to Katy, who was still seeing stars from the kick as she tried to get back up to her feet on wobbly legs, before she looped one arm down underneath the brunette slayers thigh and lifted it up parallel to the ground and then went in for the kill, slamming her lips against Katy's in a powerful kiss. It took Katy a few moments to realize what exactly was going on, when she did she began to frantically try to push Anastasia away. She had almost succeeded when Anastasia pulled her mouth back from Katy's and slid down a bit until she leaned in and bit down hard on Katy's neck just as she lifted up Katy's other leg until both of them were wrapped around her waist. It was a strange sensation to Katy to feel the blood beginning to drain out of her body. With her legs oddly locked around Anastasia's waist she knew that she was fighting a losing battle. As Anastasia stayed latched onto her jugular she could feel herself beginning to weaken and her level of arousal rise. As she was just about to black out Anastasia pulled her hands up from underneath Katy's legs and squeezed her breasts as hard as she could. The resulting wave of sensations sent her over the edge and into darkness.

When she awoke several minutes later she found herself slumped back up against the wall, her heart still beating and her lungs still needing air. With a sputtering out of water she took several deep breaths in and then let them out as she hurriedly wiped the water our of her eyes and looked up. A very scared looking Paul stood over her with a broken off handle of a mop in his hands. She wondered what had happened as he gently reached down and lifted her up off of the floor but only got far enough to open her mouth before Paul cut in.

"Are you okay," Paul asked with a very worried look on his face as he picked her up and helped her to stagger out of the showers and back into the locker room, finally helping her to sit down on one of the benches.

"I…what, what happened…Anastasia…she," Katy mumbled out weakly in reply as her head swam and felt like giants were bowling in her brain.

"Dust down the drain, she never saw me coming," Paul replied triumphantly for all of two seconds before his face grew grave as he started to inspect the bite marks on Katy's neck.

"She…did she," Katy started to ask with a scared look on her face and feeling in the pit of her stomach before Paul grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around her.

"No…she didn't feed long enough, you're not going to become a vampire," Paul answered with a terrified look in his eyes before Katy smiled back at him as she laid her head down on his shoulder, doing her best to stay awake.

"Heh…that's good," Katy weakly mumbled back softly in reply as she was about to fall asleep when she remembered Gina and the others. With a yelp she straightened back up and turned to Paul with wide eyes and a question on her lips.

"They're fine…for the most part, they got Chucky and Stacy, Raquel helped them get Misty to the bus," Paul interjected softly and answered her unspoken question as he wrapped an arm around her waist and held her tightly.

"But Diane and Shandra…wait, who's Misty," Katy started to moan with tears in her eyes as she began to turn her head back towards their bodies before she realized that she didn't recognize one of the names that Paul had said.

"She's a dancer that Anastasia brought in for some enjoyment, I saw her just before you guys arrived, she's in worse shape than you are, we need to get you two to the hospital," Paul said with a scared and worried look on his face as he helped Katy back up to her feet.

"But Diane…and Shandra," Katy moaned back softly as she tried to turn back to them but her legs didn't support her and she had to lean heavily onto Paul to stay standing and to concentrate to stay conscious.

"We can't help them now, we have to get out of here, Chucky activated some kind of self destruct, we don't have much time, the others are already out, we have to go," Paul said with a scared and hurried look on his face as he did his best to reach down and grab a couple more towels as he then helped Katy to wrap them around her body.

"But," Katy started to argue with a heartbroken look in her eyes before Paul decided for her, picked her up into his arms, and ran out of the compound and back to the bus. They had just barely peeled out of the parking lot and were turning onto the first road that they came to when the compound exploded. The force of the blast was so strong that the bus was very nearly blown over onto its side. They counted themselves lucky and tended to the wounded as they raced off into the night towards the hospital.


Author's Note: Hope that you all liked this story, sure it's a bit different and more racy than most of the ones that I write but given the locations and enemies that they faced it all just worked out that way. As always reviews are appreciated and this story is now over. If people want I could continue from here with the adventures of any grouping of the characters from this story or go on and write the sequel to the story that this one came from. So in other words I'm open to suggestions. As to who was with who, only Shandra and Diane were together, the others were all after Paul if anyone. Paul, Gina, Katy, Raquel, and Maria lived through the end with Misty to as she was the woman that Paul saw with the blood on her neck that he had seen dance earlier.

P.S.-If anyone thought that this story was crap, or a stronger word, that's fine, it's your prerogative to think whatever you want about this story. All that I can say is thank you for taking the time to at least give this story a look. Like I said above, if anyone wants me to I can continue this story with Katy and some or all of the others continuing to drive around the country visiting club after club and fighting vampires and the like. Or I can stop here and count my blessings…any thoughts…