Nest of Liars

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Summary: A few months after the movie, John and Jane have come to terms with some of their miscommunication problems and they began to rediscover each other slowly. When trouble rise in paradise and they have to face new nemesis, they will learn that it is almost impossible to know everything about each other.

Author's note: I'm trying something new here. I like this movie in an excellent comedy-action-flicks-that-did-not-take-itself-too-seriously register, so my fic will be on the same tone. Be somewhat tolerant and bear in mind that English is not my maternal language so I apologize for all my possible mistakes. Though any help would be gladly accepted! Don't hesitate to review to tell me how he finally went! I don't mind constructive critics. Okay, I'm taking a deep breath. Here we go!


Old friends

Part 1


"Baby, you should hurry or we will be late!" Jane Smith said in the micro that linked her to her husband. She flipped her Elle Decoration magazine open and turned absentmindedly the first pages. She needed new ideas for the living-room. She knew how domestic she looks like this. And if someone had told her six years ago that she would live in the suburbia of New York in a white house with a white picket fence, she would have laughed at him! And later she would have killed him! That was just so unlike her! But after all those years spending in the skin of Miss Martha Stewart some habits was forced to grow on her. She heard a volley of bullet and smiled at the noise, a slender finger tapping the frozen paper agitatedly. She glanced at the computer next to her and just had time to see John firing around him with an AK 47. He ducked to avoid another wave of bullets and grimaced as one grazed his cheek lightly. She suddenly shifted her position. Her breathing became shallow and she pursued her lips. However, when he talked in the com, every tense muscle of her body relaxed. God she was irremediably lost! She loved that man!

"Next time, you will go and I will stay in the car." He said breathless.

"Like you would let me!"

"Well, you think you know me so well, Mrs Smith?"

"John, you are so proud, it wouldn't do that you don't finally get to play GI Joe! Remember what the therapist explains about your desire to repel all those bad childhood memories about your mother!" A toothy grin spread on her full lips as she waited for his comeback.

"Sweet-heart… Now is absolutely... (Punch) Not… (Punch) The time… (Kick for a change) to talk about my mother! (Another punch that this time elicited a cry of pain on his opponent)"

"Speaking of who, we never really got to talk about her, you know! I wonder how she is these days! It must be raining in the Wisconsin."

"Jane!" He warned as his heavy footsteps resonated in the receiver.

"All right, we will leave it for another day."

She impatiently tapped her finger on the steering wheel.

"I should go without you!" She teased again. "It will be the second time this month that we are late at one of our friend's party! What excuses will we give them this time?"

She thought she heard him growled but because of the rattle around him, she wasn't too sure. She glanced again at the screen and turned the keys in the contact.

"Baby, you would never guess what Suzy Coleman asked me last time?" She said, receiving no answer but a loud racket on the roof of the hummer. She set the SUV in motion and drove swiftly in direction of the superhighway, wheels screeching on the asphalt. Thankfully they weren't followed. The passenger's door opened suddenly and John slide in the vehicle.

"Eleven minutes 35 seconds." She recount and he glared at her in return. True, sometimes John Smith was just tempted to strangle his wife. He massaged his sore shoulders, his face momentarily contorted with pain.

"What did she ask?"



"Oh she wanted to know the name of our therapist. She suspects his methods are pretty controversial since he suggests us to blow our differences and our house at the same occasion. But she agreed that he did miracles on us! She seems to think we have a spicy sexual life. "

"Now, now, I wonder what could have possibly made her think that."

John grinned, taking out a bottle of water from the bag at his feet. He moaned again, and Jane took the time to study him. His hair has grown during these few months. He gave him a dishevelled and sexy look. He looked much younger too.

"I will stitch it for you after you take your bath." She said as her hand left the wheel to stroke his shoulder lightly. "My poor GI Joe!" She said her lips pursued in sympathy. He watched her from the corner of his eyes, mirth gleaming in his blue irises.

"I think I will need more than a few stitches."

"Tell me exactly what do you need, stranger and I shall give it to you." She proposed her voice husky, because she knew where it will lead them.

He shrugged innocently.

"A kiss to make it feel better?" She suggested.

"It will take more than a kiss to make me feel better. I think maybe your mother could be the one ill this time."

"We should probably remember to never kill her in our lies. Her subsequent diseases came in handy, sometimes."

Her gaze left the road purposefully and he took this opportunity to kiss her. She laughed as her foot pressed the accelerator.

"Let's go home, sweetheart!"


Afterwards, when he did have time to ponder the fact, Sayid Beltawa couldn't tell precisely what had awakened him. He was in a building heavily guarded, with the latest of alarm systems and defensive sophisticated one and a fair number of experienced bodyguards. But for unknown reason, that night, some instinct had him waking and rolling off the side of the bed just as a knife embedded itself in the centre of the mattress. As he hit the floor, he kicked his legs out to free himself of the heavy cover. He picked up the satin sheets and sent it flying in the direction of the assassin. It didn't unbalance his opponent who sliced his way out with no difficulty and jumped on the floor nimbly. Feeling him gaining field on him, Sayid side kicked his attacker, hoping to knock him down. Unfortunately, the guy was faster than him, jumping back on his hands and onto the bed again. His eyes tried to make out the threat in the darkness, but all he could see was a black shape with no details.

He dashed for the doors but the asshole charged him again and they went crashing loudly against the far wall. Sayid growled and leapt up at the dark figure, noticing for the first time his attacker's dark eyes. He had already seen those eyes before or so he thought they looked oddly familiar.

"Jane?" He stuttered his voice barely above a whisper but she heard him nonetheless and fumbled to get on her feet. He did the same, and ducked in time to avoid her fist. "Jane, what's up with you?" He asked loudly now.

She didn't answer, and only grunted with pain as her fist drove directly though the alabaster behind his head. She retreated back and muttered a curse before her left hand searched for a knife in her belt. That is when his leg shot up high, catching her well beneath her chin and snapping her head back. There was so much power in the kick that it forced her into a back flip. Looking back to spot her landing, she realized wide eye that she would pass through the glassed window before her body finished its full rotation. She squeezed her legs together and crashed through the new windowpane feet first. She let herself fall from the 28th floor before he had time to react and reached for her. When he could catch a glance through the broken window, she had disappeared out of sight. He ran to the door and opened it to reveal the lighted hallway littered with his bodyguards corpses. He closed the door again, pulled some clothes on, retrieved his emergency backpack, took out his shining magnum semi-auto, dashed through the hallway where he climbed down the stairs, than thinking better of it, and took the elevator to the basement.

He walked through the parking lot, glancing down, scanning his surroundings as if he was searching for something. After he made twice the tour of the parking, he found what he was searching for, wedged between a SUV Mercedes and an old Continental.

"Hey, you over there! Don't move!" Someone yelled behind him. "It's Liman, I may have found him!" He heard the man say in his talkie. "Mister? I think you should follow me upstairs." He said as he continued to walk toward Sayid.

Sayid sighed; it was just not his night. He turned and fired twice on the guy, feeling sorry as the man fell backwards. He walked to the fallen man and straddled his chest.

"Sorry, my friend! "

He muttered as he grabbed him by his armour-plate jacket and knocked his head hard on the cemented ground. He picked up his gun, pulled out the cartridge and threw the gun away in the background. He easily forced open the door of the old Mustang and sat behind the wheel. He needed to make low profile down for awhile. Then he would find Jane and asked her what the hell was going wrong with her? Was it how she treated old friend? She accepted a contract on his head even though they swore each other loyalty. That ungrateful bitch! He would just… He would have time to think of way to make her pay on the road. He was gone long before the CIA agents arrived in the basement.


She crawled behind a building, and slide slackly against a wall. A deep moan escaped her throat as she pulled out the piece of glass embed in her stomach, and pressed her palm on the slight gash. She had failed! She wanted to scream out of frustration but she wouldn't attract attention on her. He had promised it would be easy. And as a matter of routine, she didn't pay much attention to the original plan. She was very spontaneous when she was on a hunt. It never occurred her that the target was any different from a previous kill. Still, the man had fought her well for a "simple civilian". She had failed miserably to bring him down. It was the first time she needed to revise her strategy with a client. This perspective alone sufficed to put her in the worst disposition. Her head connected with the wall four times and she bit on her lips. Stupid, stupid and so stupid! She rose with a grunt of pain and undressed from her dark engineer clothes, revealing her black and red silk dress. She adjusted the Mao collar and straightened the J-P Gaultier expensive material. She messed up her mission, she was going to be late to her date, and she was stained with scarlet blood. She looked in the plastic bag placed on her box. She pulled out a leather coat. She smirked. There was always a good reason to invest in leather. She closed the coat with a grimace and turned around in the dark alley. She would never risk missing the man of her dream just because of a little gash. She put her sunglasses and walked in the animated street like she owned the place. Women looked at her crossly and men winked in her direction. She saw on her left a group of CIA's finest and smiled to them.

"Madam", someone called behind her. She froze and turned. One of the agents, Agent Krauser if she should believe his badge, stood behind her. He looked no more than twenty-five and his cheeks blushed furiously like a teenage boy caught in the middle of the act by his parents.

"I'm sorry… I just… I… I… I' m agent Douglas Krauser… I'm working for the government… and… we're on a case here…" She nodded with a smile and he continued to look at her in awe.

"Well , agent Krauser. I'm glad meeting you but… I need to go. My fiancé is waiting for me."

"Yes, sure, Madam..."

"Miss Doe…"

"Well, Miss Doe have you ever seen this man?" He said and she barely looked at her target's photography before answering no, with a coquettish smile. The agent didn't see through her lies and opened the door of the limousine that just parked behind her.

"Thank you madam, have a good night." He greeted her before closing the door for her.

"You're late!" The driver said when they reached the first set of traffic lights. "What happened out there?"

"None of your business, rookie! Drive!" She replied angrily.

Benjamin Diaz looked in the rear-view mirror and sighed. At least, she was in a good mood tonight!


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