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Title: A Doctored Rose, chapter two.

Rating: R ( Full fat NC17 version available on the adult fan fiction site.)

A/N: Starts immediately after the last chapter.

A Doctored Rose – part two

The warmth of Rose's hand in his was both familiar and new. For several long and enjoyable moments the Doctor savoured it, simply enjoying the sensations it evoked. He drank in her features; his expression uncharacteristically serious but his eyes alight with tempered passion.

Rose was content to wait, at least for a little while. Part of her wanted to pounce on the Doctor for some get down and dirty fantastic sex, but part of her wanted to linger, to take her time and draw out these moments for as long as possible. She was keenly aware that he 'didn't do domestic' and that this night might be all that she would have of him.

The Doctor raised his free hand and touched Rose's cheek, delicately tracing the line of the jaw until he was close to her mouth. Two long fingers gently touched her bottom lip as if testing their readiness. He saw and felt the lips curve upwards in a smile, parting a little as they did so. His own lips curved upwards in unconscious imitation.

"You are beautiful."

His words were a statement of fact, not a meaningless piece of flattery.

Rose smile, touched by the comment because she knew that he wasn't just saying it to get in her knickers.

The Doctor pulled her to her feet and drew her to him, close but not yet touching. His gaze dropped briefly back to her lips before returning to her eyes.

"Last chance."

Rose looked up to his face, her eyebrows quirked in enquiry at his quiet comment. He elaborated.

"To change your mind. No forfeit, no penalty."

Rose's face cleared.

" 'No chance' more like. I haven't waited this long just to fall at the last fence. If anyone backs out, it won't be me, buster."

This time the Doctor smiled, not his usual big grin, just a wide smile that was reflected in his eyes.

"Then I guess we're both here to stay."

The Doctor let go of Rose's hand to close the last remaining distance between them. He looked down into her face, searching for any sign of reluctance despite her protests to the contrary. He found nothing but amusement, certainty and desire. He silently sighed with relief as he slid one of his hands through her hair, tangling his fingers in the soft pale strands. His gaze lowered to her full lips and his breath hitched in his lungs. God, how he had dreamed of this almost since they met. Probably why he had tried to push her away so hard. So typical of Rose not to listen.

Thank God.

Rose looked up at the Doctor's face. The strength in his eyes called to something deep inside her. She felt strong, capable of anything right at this moment. There was no hesitation in her heart, no reluctance in her body. She wanted this, she wanted him. Desire and something deeper crackled and fizzed through her, lighting small fires wherever it went. She lifted both hands to his head, delighting in the texture of the short dark hair in her fingers, as she urged his mouth down to hers.

Their lips finally met and Rose felt as though she had been struck by lightning. Passion burst between them, burning away any sense of logic or patience. Rose knew only that she wanted to get as close as possible to the Doctor. She wanted to feel the heat of his skin under her hands and the beating of his hearts under her lips. She pulled his black T-shirt loose and slid a hand up under the soft material to roam restlessly over his chest.

The Doctor would have gasped but his mouth was too busy. One scorching kiss led to another and another, their tongues meeting and dancing together like old friends and new lovers. His mouth roamed over hers, demanding and taking, unwilling to part even for a moment. Rose eagerly matched him; this was no shrinking violet - she was a woman who knew what she wanted and took it.

What she wanted was freely given. The Doctor's hands left Rose's hair and moved delicately over her body, delighting in the soft differences between her body and his. With his mouth still glued to hers, the Doctor found the edge of her ziptop and peeled it from her, sliding it down and off her arms with her connivance. The top underneath proved more problematical until Rose tore her mouth from his in frustration, quickly grabbed the hem of the T-shirt and whipped it off over her head. She smirked up at him as if to say 'ta-da!'

The Doctor grinned in approval, his eyes meeting hers before they dropped to the newly revealed bra. To his surprise it was white and lacy, not the red and racy he would have expected – and had fantasised about. The already cramped space in his jeans became even more crowded as his arousal increased.


Rose smiled, amused to hear the word spoken so reverently. Moments later she was crushed to the Doctor's chest and his lips took hers again in another series of burning kisses that left her mindless and wanting.

The Doctor's mouth broke off from Rose's kiss-swollen lips and dropped to her neck. Her head arched away to give him better access and she gasped as his lips and tongue unerringly found her pulse points.

Rose now realised why the word 'swoon' had been invented.

The Doctor kissed, licked and tasted her to his satisfaction until finally he lifted his mouth just clear of her skin and muttered, almost as if to himself.

"I've wanted to do this for so long."

For long minutes the Doctor leisurely played with each breast, alternating between each turgid tip, sucking through the now-wet lace, and listening to Rose groan with pleasure. He finally paused when she fell against him, her trembling legs barely able to support her body. Her head flopped forward and her hair formed a curtain around them, a strawberry-scented screen of intimacy.

Rose looked down into his eyes and smiled gently as she rested her arms loosely on his shoulders.


Her voice was soft and as tender as her smile. The Doctor looked up at her as he tightened his arms around her waist, pulling her in against the crotch of his black jeans.


Rose smirked cheekily as she squirmed knowingly against the prominent bulge.

"Come here often?"

The Doctor managed to keep a straight face.

"Only in the mating season."

Rose laughed sexily at the old joke as she watched the Doctor's gaze go from her eyes to her lips and back again.

"That's handy, me too. Now, how about this…?"

Rose lifted and bent her left leg, placing her knee beside the Doctor's right hip. She pushed off with her right leg, making him lean backwards to compensate. She pushed harder when she felt his token resistance and he fell backwards across the bed, taking her with him.

The Doctor looked up at Rose sitting astride him and wryly shook his head. He clasped her more firmly around the waist, wrapped a leg around one of hers, then rolled and twisted, quickly shifting her to lie beneath him on the bed. He ground his hips against hers for good measure, listening with satisfaction to her involuntary moan of delight. He grinned down at her, enjoying the image of her on the bed, her hair spread around her head like a halo. He would remember this forever.

"Yeah, works for me."

Rose's hands were busy, pulling and tugging at the Doctor's T-shirt. He obliged when the opportunity arose, lifting his torso enough to enable her to bunch the material around his chest, then breaking off their heated kisses to shrug out of the screwed up shirt. Like the bra, it too was flung aside. Rose felt herself grow restless, eager to enjoy everything as soon as possible. She ran her hands over the Doctor's bare chest, scraping lightly at his nipples and delighting in the texture of his smooth skin. He had only a light dusting of hair, across the chest and tapering off well before his hips, but Rose didn't like very hairy men, so this suited her just fine. Skimming her hands down the sides of his stomach, Rose encountered the Doctor's jeans; she frowned as if puzzled.

"Why are you still in these?"

The Doctor leaned back to study Rose's flushed face. He grinned and shrugged carelessly, but she wasn't fooled, his eyes glittered and his voice was husky.

"Beats me, love."

He looked down her body.

"Blimey, you are too! We'll have to fix that."

The Doctor levered himself up and got to his feet beside the bed. Rose immediately missed his warmth and the weight of him over her. She watched him with greedy eyes as his hands went to the belt above the impressive bulge straining for release.

He hesitated.

Shook his head.

"Nah, not yet. Don't want to shock you."

The Doctor grinned at the frustrated expression on Rose's face as he stood between her knees.

The smallest sliver of apprehension slipped into her mind. Suddenly – absurdly at this point in the proceedings – it occurred to her that the Doctor wasn't actually human. Supposing he was different? He had two hearts. Maybe there were other differences.

There was a pause, a second or two where they both recognised the import of what they were about to do. A silent moment where his eyes asked if she had changed her mind and hers told him to get a move on.

The Doctor smiled, bending to kiss her again he followed her down to the bed, and – as he had once promised her – took her to a place that she had never been.


For long moments they did nothing other than listen to their laboured breathing, the Doctor's head resting in Rose's neck, his face pillowed on her breast, their legs tangled.

Rose lay spread-eagled under the Doctor, his weight on her a comfortable presence for the moment. She was stunned and lethargic. Her mouth widened into a daft smirk.

The Doctor stirred slightly, barely able to move, feeling both of his hearts pounding.

"Whatcha thinkin?"

Rose looked at the top of his head, glad for a moment that he was not looking at her, in case he saw too much. I love you.

"Really want to know?"

He nodded, causing some interesting reactions in her chest.

"My second thought, y'know, after the 'aaaaah!' one, was ' bloody hell, so that's what all the songs were on about'. It's never been like that for me before."

She felt him smile on her skin. The Doctor's voice was still slurred.

"Me neither."

Rose felt honoured. He must have had a lot more practice at this than she had; after all he'd been around for over nine hundred years. She suddenly yawned unexpectedly.

"I hate to be all blokey about this, but do you mind if we get some sleep? I'm really knackered."

The Doctor smiled inwardly, he couldn't have put it better himself. He lifted his head just enough to look into Rose's eyes. I love you.

"I dunno, the youth of today, no stamina. When I was young - "

Rose smiled cheekily.

"Back on the ark. How was Noah?"

The Doctor brightened.

"Nice bloke, ace thing he did considering that little problem with his animal hair allergies."

Rose gaped.

"You're kidding!"

"Nope. Very grateful for the anti histamine I left with him too. Anyway, let's kip."

Rose couldn't help but laugh. The Doctor was full of surprises. She felt him slide from her as he moved up to lie beside her. She pulled the quilt up over them both. He was suddenly serious again.

"Thank you. I'm so glad that this was with you. You were fantastic."

Rose blushed. She searched his eyes, reassured by what she found there.

"So were you."

The Doctor folded Rose into his arms and they settled to sleep. His voice was smug.

"Yeah, I know."

She couldn't help laughing.


When Rose awoke the next morning she was alone. She flopped back against her pillow, disappointed. The Doctor's clothes were gone and apart from the dent in the other pillow there was no sign that he'd even been there. She shifted in the bed, feeling the ache of well -exercised muscles and amended her thought.

No outward sign.

Rose sighed. She supposed that she didn't really expect that there would be a white-picket- fence, hearts and flowers thing with the Doctor, but she thought that she had seen more than that in his eyes. Still, when you lived that long she guessed that it didn't pay to get too close to someone who only lived a fraction of that time.

Never mind, she had no regrets. It had shown her – as she had long suspected – that it was true that there was more out there for her than Mickey. She would not settle for second best any more, it wasn't good for her or kind to Mickey.

Rose sniffed, a little weepy for the lost past, but positive about the future. Probably just as well that there would be no more nookie with the last of the Time Lords; save her the bother of keep nipping back to Earth for birth control.



Rose frantically reviewed where she was in the month. She cursed herself for being so carried away that she made such a careless mistake. She calmed down when she realised that she was probably in no danger, it was well away from the middle of her cycle. No harm done. Probably.

Besides, maybe he was the last of the Time Lords for more than one reason. It must have occurred to him to start all over again. Bit of a bummer about there being no female Time Lords of course, she supposed.

"Oh, you're awake. I was hoping to surprise you."

Rose was surprised anyway. The Doctor stood in the doorway, wearing his jeans and the black T-shirt from yesterday. His feet were bare. She looked at him and the tray in his hands. Maybe she had been wrong to think that last night was all that there was. She'd keep her concerns about an unplanned pregnancy to herself for now.

"Oh, you have that alright."

He hesitated, not sure about the tenor of her comment.

"You okay?"

Rose smiled brightly.

"Fine, really, just fine. That for us?"

The Doctor crossed to the bed and placed the tray on Rose's lap. He sat down on the edge of the bed and handed Rose her fruit juice. There were several slices of toast, generously buttered.


He looked at her, wondering about the change in her. She seemed edgy. Was she regretting last night?

Rose looked at him uncertainly.

"It's just that…you're a little more dressed than I was expecting."

He laughed with relief.

"Bit nippy to be running about with nowt on."

Rose smiled in agreement, more relaxed now. She nodded at the tray.

"Thought you didn't do domestic?"

The Doctor looked at the tray. He looked at Rose. Grinned.

"I don't."

She matched his grin, her heart lifting.

"Me neither. Probably be crap at it."

He lifted the tray off Rose's lap and put it on the floor. He shouldered out of his T-shirt and dropped it beside the tray. He started to undo his jeans then paused and looked her in the eyes.

"Maybe we could have a go at not doing domestic together. Mind you though, I'm still not eating round your Mum's."

Rose slid down in the bed, her smile sweet. His offer was more than she had really expected.

"I can live with that."

The Doctor whipped the quilt off the bed and eyed his companion - in the truest sense - as he removed his jeans and dropped them on the floor. Naked, he sat on the edge of the bed and took hold of one of her hands, threading his fingers through hers. There was so much to tell her, but for now this was enough. He grinned.