Scenario 12

A/N: I am having great fun with these scenarios. Thank you to SeedC for requesting this vignette. I hope you like it! Please keep the reviews coming!


Somewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy on board the Prometheus.

General George Hammond sat contentedly in the Captain's chair on the bridge of the Prometheus. The ship came out of hyper space and suddenly an Asgard vessel appeared on the view screen. Before the major who was sitting at the control panel could state the obvious, Thor beamed aboard.

"Thor! I wasn't expecting to see you!" The General exclaimed.

"General Hammond, you sent me a message stating that it was urgent we communicate."

"Uh, yes, Thor, I did. Could you come with me to my ready room?"

"Of course."

Thor followed General Hammond off the bridge. When they were alone together in the General's ready room Thor said "General Hammond, you indicated that there was an urgent problem with Colonel Carter and General O'Neill. I am quite concerned. How may I be of assistance?"

"Uh, Thor, it's not the usual kind of mess that O'Neill and Carter are in this time. You see, Jack is no longer Sam's Commanding Officer so they are involved in um,...a personal relationship."

Thor blinked his big black eyes at the General and cocked his head to the side trying to figure out why this was a galactic emergency.

Hammond continued. "Well, they are being pig headed and stubborn, as usual, and they aren't even admitting to their friends that they are in a relationship, and they definitely won't tell me when the wedding is going to be. They both think very highly of you Thor and I'm sure if you asked they would tell you."

Thor studied General Hammond for a moment, blinked his large black eyes and said "How much did you wager on their nuptials General Hammond?"

"Five hundred dollars. I thought I had an inside track with them."

"Some time ago when Carter and O'Neill were assisting with a replicator problem, they introduced me to something called Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. I believe they called the flavor 'Chunky Monkey'. It was quite unique and I found it most pleasing."

"How much do you require, Thor?"

"I believe 5 gallons will be sufficient."

"Five gallons?"

"Yes, General, five gallons."

"Very well." Hammond put out his hand to shake on the deal with Thor. "Done!" He said.

Moments later Thor beamed away.

Several hours passed before Thor once again beamed aboard the Prometheus.

"General Hammond, I must speak to you at once in private."

"Of course, Thor. Please follow me to my ready room."

"General, I have spoken to O'Neill and Carter. I am afraid they would not divulge any information regarding the possibility of nuptials between them. I am sorry."

General Hammond squinted at Thor a moment and then asked "What did they give you, Thor?"

"They merely pointed out that you would not have five gallons of Chunky Monkey on board the Prometheus and that I would have to wait until you got back to earth to receive payment."

"And..." the General prompted.

"They also reminded me that I may require their assistance again and they would rather something of this nature not come between us."


"They gave me five gallons of Chunky Monkey and five gallons of Chubby Hubby."


"I'm afraid you have been out bid, General Hammond."

"But, Thor, did they invite you to their wedding?"

"And an additional gallon of Phish Food for refusing to answer that question. Nice to see you again, General Hammond." Thor said just before he beamed away leaving the General alone in his ready room with his mouth gaping open.