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Moordryd Drakkus Paynn slowly rode though an alleyway in Down-City. He wasn't scared of the hoodlums; after all, he was in charge of the shadiest crew out there. His dragon, Decepshun was quiet, knowing what was on her rider's mind.

The Dragon Booster.

"Why?' thought Moordryd, 'I steal his dragon, stick an evil bonemark on it, and he feels like telling me that the dragon chose me too. What did he mean, chose me?'

Decepshun turned her head, and looked at Moordryd as if to say, "You know the answer to that."

Moordryd resisted the urge to tell her off. Every rider that had a dragon of the opposite gender said the same thing: that they were as annoying as heck. Also, talking to your dragon was rarely seen in public.

"HEY! Leave me alone! Bella, run!"

Moordryd knew that voice; it was Kett, cousin of Kitt Wonn. He had wanted Kett on his crew for years. She was fast, loyal, smart, and, above all, had a very rare dragon. Decepshun shot forward instantly. Like Moordryd was friends with Kett, Decepshun was friends with Kett's dragon, Belladona. Moordryd found Kett in an alleyway.

Kett was ducking attacks and hurling insults. Most of her gear was second hand, so it wasn't holding up very well against the two that wanted her dragon. Moordryd knew them too. Hey, wait a minute, they were on his crew! Vysa, his sister, and her best pal Mecra. Moordryd had never liked them anyway, too uppity, too annoying, and far too hardcore in their work.

"Come on sugar, we just want your dragon," jeered Vysa, who did not worry about taking hits, her gear was too strong. She wore a sleek golden chest plate over a midriff exposing dark purple top. Tight jeans, a teal belt, green gloves, and a thick pink streak down her hair accentuated the look. Her dragon, Masquerade, was dark purple with a pink belly and hind legs, and a blue-covered face. She had Decepshun's form.

"Give up that rare Light-Blue tentacle gear too!" jeered Mecra, who always wanted new stuff, or others stuff in this case. Her long brown hair hung slightly over one eye, with a long sleeved gray shirt that had a wide teal line down the middle, dark aqua pants and gloves, black boots, and violet belt. Her dragon, Techina, looked like Masquerade, except she was grey with a turquoise belly, and a black head.

He stayed in the shadows and glanced at Kett, who at fourteen was two years younger than him. She had short orchid (a kind of purple) hair, a bit of which was pulled into a pony tail that split in the middle. She wore a pale turquoise T-shirt, over which there was a pale pink breastplate. She also wore blue gloves, a pair of faded jeans, brown boots, and a silver belt with a heart in the center. Her dragon, Belladona, was an upright, or walked on two legs. (Like Wyldfyr) She was a rare skull breed, with thick, pink, bony plating with an indigo jewel set on her forehead. She had similar collar-like plating around her neck. The rest of her was pale turquoise, except for her feet and the tip of her tail, which were a dark greenish-teal.

"AI-YAH!" screeched Kett as an energy drain took hold of her and her dragon. Before Moordryd could weigh his options, part of him, along with all of Decepshun, decided that this was not right.

Now, Moordryd was rarely one to take action, he preferred to delegate. However, seeing his friend in such trouble gave him an adrenalin rush, which ordinarily clouds judgment. This results in instinctive action, in this case, using a thin Mag-Sheild.

Vysa spun around and snapped, "Who do you think you... MOORDRYD!"

'I'm in trouble,' thought Moordryd. He was. Kett took her chance and ran. Mecra shot after her. Vysa glared at her older brother. She smirked.

"I'll be telling daddy."


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