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Shall We Dance

By: (the one and only) Lady Rine

Chapter 1: INTRO--- The sighting.

Chapter 1: INTRO--- The sighting.

"She's beautiful!" A blonde boy blurted out. As usual the famous 4 were at the swiftest club in all of Konoha. How they got in at age 16 will forever remain a mystery, but this was the famous 4! They could pretty much do anything they wanted to do. The blonde boy had spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen!

Click: Photo shot: Uzumaki Naruto- Age 16; hair color: blonde; eye color: blue; height: 5'11"; Status: Junior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance… unlimited; family: None, lives alone; Member of the famous 4; alias: number one loud mouth.

"Shut up!" Replied a rather lazy boy with his brown hair in a spiky pony tail. "You're so freakken loud!" He took a sip of his dry martini. "Jeez you're so troublesome." He mumbled afterwards.

Click: Photo shot: Nara Shikamaru- Age 16; hair color: light brown; eye color: brown; height: 6'0"; Status: Junior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: 3, 856, 000 yen; family: Only Child, lives with parents; Member of the famous 4; alias: lazy genius.

A boy sighed; his hair was long and tied in a low pony tail. "We might as well see who he's talking about." He took a sip of his 'Sex on the beach' and looked in the direction Naruto was pointing too with his strange white eyes.

Click: Photo shot: Hyuuga Neji- Age 17; hair color: dark brown; eye color: white; height: 6'2"; Status: Senior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: 4, 231, 000 yen; family: Only Child, lives with cousins and uncle; Member of the famous 4; alias: Mysterious one.

"…" The last boy remained silent. His hands clasped together in front of his face, blocking view of his lips. His onyx eyes were cold and he silently agreed with Neji and looked over.

Click: Photo shot: Uchiha Sasuke- Age 16; hair color: jet black; eye color: dark enough to be black; height: 6'1"; Status: Junior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: unlimited; family: disclosed, lives alone; Member of the famous 4; alias: ice cube.

"So which one is she dobe?" Sasuke said coolly. He seemed sort of bored.

"I've seen the same girls in this place over and over; she's probably just another regular from school." Neji said taking another sip from his drink.

"No way! I've never seen her here before. I've never seen her at school either" Naruto coaxed.

"So where is she?" Shikamaru asked. He too was bored.

"There! That one!" Naruto pointed to a particular girl on the dance floor dancing with a random guy.

The guys looked over. She was pretty. Nice long legs, tall torso, they guessed C-size breast. But what really got their attention was her jaded eyes and pink hair.

"Wow, for once the idiot is right." Shikamaru scoffed.

"She is quite curvy. I've never seen her around here at all." Neji said nodding in a slight approval. "What do you think Uchiha?"

Sasuke looked at her over and over again. Examining her from head to toe. She was indeed the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. But then again, like he'd ever admit it.

"She's okay." He said going back to his drink.

"OKAY!" Naruto scolded. "SHE'S FUCKING BLOODY GORGEOUS! GOR-GE-OUES! Bloody hell! Are you blind bastard?"

"Shut up dobe!" Sasuke was rather annoyed.

Naruto smirked. Neji rolled his eyes and Shikamaru sighed. "Let me guess another bet?" Shikamaru whispered to Neji who just nodded his head.

"I bet she's out of your league."

Sasuke tensed.

Naruto beamed. "I bet, you couldn't get her to dance with you."

"What did you say?" Sasuke's eyebrow was twitching.

"I bet, you couldn't go over there and sweep her away form that ugly looking fellow she's dancing with."

"Oh really?" Sasuke was really annoyed now.

"I bet you couldn't get her to have a drink with you." Naruto rambled on and on feeling pretty smug.

"Who do you think I am?"

"Bet you couldn't get her name and number." Naruto gave his mischievous foxy grin.

"Is that a challenge?" Sasuke smirked.

"Hell yeah!" Naruto roared. Slamming his fist on the table.

"You're on dobe!"

"Go for it…" Neji said sarcastically he and Shikamaru lifted their glasses in a mock cheer. Shikamaru looked like he was going to fall asleep. He was leaning on the table where they were sitting, his heavy head propped up with his palm.

"Gambatte…" He said following Neji's lead of sarcasm.

Naruto was dying in his chair laughing. Sasuke glared at all of them. Then he got up and made his way through the dance floor over to the bar.

The pink haired girl had managed to pull herself away from the guy she was dancing with and sat her self down with a fellow female. The other female had chestnut brown hair that was up in two Chinese buns.

Click: Photo shot: Ten Ten (ha! Ten Ten has no surname according to the series.)- Age 17; hair color: chestnut brown; eye color: hazel; height: 5'3"; Status: Senior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: 1, 900, 000 yen; family: Only Child, lives with parents; alias: weapon master.

"Jeez Ten Ten, did you have to make the dare so annoying? I'm lucky I got away from him at all!"

Ten Ten roared with laughter. "You're fault! You lost the drinking game."

The pink haired girl laughed at her friend. "I'm still trying to figure out how we got into this club in the first place!" She smiled. Her emerald eyes shining.

Click: Photo shot: Haruno Sakura- Age 16; hair color: pale pink; eye color: emerald green; height: 5'2"; Status: (soon to be) junior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: 20, 000 yen; family: Only Child, lives alone; alias: unknown.

"Don't worry about it!" Ten Ten said. "Pretty much everyone who goes to Konoha Private School comes here."

"I see." Sakura mused, finishing off her mudslide. "These are good." She lifted up the glass, Ten Ten raised hers too. "I'm going to get another one." Sakura got up and squeezed through the crowed.

"Okay." Ten Ten nodded to her friend and watched her head over to the bar.


"Same thing miss?" the bartender asked. Sakura nodded in response. "Coming right up." He smiled at her.

Sakura waited a little bit, and then the bartender came back with her drink. "Here you go miss, that's 1, 365 yen. Sakura reached into her purse for her money.

"Put it on my tab." A stern cool voice said.

"Yes sir!" The bartender replied.

Sakura looked up at the man who bought her the drink. Dark mysterious eyes, messy spikes of raven black hair, he was quite a looker. She smiled at him.


"No problem." He smirked at her. Looking into her jade eyes. "For once the dobe was right."

Sakura smiled at him again and took a sip from her drink.

"I haven't seen you around here before." He said to her.

"I'm new."

"Aa…" Sasuke waved the bartender over. "Hypnotic."

"Yes sir!" He poured him a glass. And Sasuke took it. He turned around and faced the dance floor, his back leaning against the bar.

"You here with anyone?" She blinked and paused before answering, then chuckled a bit. "Well he's persistent." She thought. "Probably wants something."

"An old friend."

"Oh?" He cocked an eyebrow at her. She giggled. "He, probably thinks I was with that wired guy from earlier." She eyed him from the corner of her eye and pretended to watch the people dancing. Leaning backwards on the bar, copying his stance, she glanced at him once more. "This one is cute."

"Yeah, she's sitting somewhere over there." Sakura pointed where she had sat with Ten Ten. Ten Ten was drinking Smirnoff tonight, black cherry twist.

"I've seen her before." Sasuke replied coolly.

"Do you know her?" She raised an eyebrow. "Small world."

"I think she goes to my school." He took a long sip of his drink.

"Yeah right?" Sakura looked at him, giving him a seductive smirk. "Well then I'll be seeing more of you then I hope."

"Yeah, so where are you going?"

"Same school as her."

"So I'll guess I'll be seeing you around there then." He replied smirking.

"I guess so." Sakura finished her drink and placed the empty glass on the bar top counter. "I better be getting back to my friend."

Sakura pushed herself off the bar and started towards Ten Ten. Sasuke caught her wrist.


She looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Yes?"

"Dance with me."

"What?" She was taken back slightly. "He is persistent, kind of rude. Was that a command?"

"Dance with me."

"Is that an order or a request?"

"Anything you want it to be." He smirked at her. She paused for a moment.

"Well, he's cute, a little bit of a jerk, sort of sweet... I'm so not ready for this! I'm going to kill Ten Ten!."

"Another time." She winked at him and started to walk off. "I'm probably not going to see him again." She turned around one more time. "Thanks for the drink!" She smiled once more playfully then turned and made her way through the crowed.

Sasuke was shocked at her response, but he couldn't help but smirk. He watched her vanish into the crowed. Keeping an eye out for that pink hair of hers. No girl has ever turned Uchiha Sasuke down; actually he scarcely ever made a move on a girl, but when he did no girl ever turned him down. "What the hell just happened there? Is she playing hard to get?" He returned to his table where Naruto was laughing he had seen everything.

"So, how'd she turn you down?" Naruto laughed.

"Shut up dobe."

"So you did fail Uchiha?" Neji looked at him and shook his head in disappointment. "I expected more from you."

"Heh, Uchiha Sasuke got shot down by a girl? I can't be that drunk for that to be true." Shikamaru said lazily.

"Shut up. It wasn't a complete loss." Sasuke said trying to redeem himself.

"Did you at least get her name?" Neji asked. Naruto was still laughing. Shikamaru knocked him in the head from annoyance.

"No, but she's friend with the weapon master's daughter, what's her name, the brunette with the buns." Sasuke sat back down and eyed the pink haired girl and her friend. He watched her laugh and tuck a loose strand of her long pink hair behind and ear.

"Ten Ten." Shimakaru said. "She's friends with your cousin Neji."

"With Hinata?" He looked at the girl with the Chinese buns. "How do you know that?"

"I see them at lunch sometimes." The lazy boy answered. Bored once again.

"She'll be going to our school. There will be plenty chances to get to know her. Besides how many girls do you know that have pink hair?" Sasuke smirked.

"I know that look… you have a plan don't you bastard?" Naruto asked, recovering from Shikamaru's blow to his head.

"You'll see…" Sasuke said still eyeing the pretty pink girl.


"Rise, bow, give respect!" The class representative called.


"Morning class." Their teacher answered lazily, his nose in a small little book.

"Be seated!" The representative called again. And the class sat down.

"Hey, the pervert's actually on time!" Naruto whispered to Shikamaru.

"I heard that Uzumaki!" Kakashi said suddenly appearing in front of Naruto's face. Naruto gave his famous foxy grin.

"I was just kidding Sensei!" He said chuckling a little bit. His arms folded behind his head and he leaned back on his chair. He lifted his legs to put his feet on his desk, a stance he was known for, "You need to relax a little bit-AH-AH-AH!"


Naruto had leaned back a little too much and fell backwards off his chair. The room burst into laughter. Naruto got up and dusted himself off. Re-adjusting the loose tie of his uniform, he laughed and rubbed the back of his head. The class was still laughing except for Kakashi, Shikamaru and Sasuke who twitched in annoyance.

"Dobe…" Sasuke scoffed. He started looking out the window, ignoring everything around him. His everyday routine. What made today any different?

"ANYWAY." Kakashi began, "I'm early for a reason." There was a knock at the door. "Ah, that must be the reason now." He made his way back to the front of the class. "Come in!"

A girl with pastel pink hair up in a messy bun walked in the door. Naruto gasped.

"That CAN'T be her!" He said to Shikamaru. Sasuke heard him and glanced at the girl. He was right, that couldn't possibly be the girl the guys had seen the other night at the club. For one thing, she didn't look nearly as curvy or cute. She was wearing the school vest, and it was too big for her apparently. It looked bulgy and nasty and made her look like a thick straight line. Her kilt was ironed nicely though, but the full length stockings weren't doing it. It made her legs look short and stubby. She had thick framed glasses on her face! You couldn't tell what color her eyes were or what she looked like for that matter. No, that couldn't POSSIBLY be the girl from the club. NO WAY! The only resemblance was the hair.

But there was just something about her…

"I'm guessing you haven't received a blazer for the junior year yet?" Kakashi asked eyeing the vest which only freshmen wore. She shook her head in response. "Ahh…okay. Well then, introduce yourself. Your name, Likes, Dislikes and Ambition."

She faced the class. "I wish Ten Ten was with me. I hate public speaking!" She took a deep breath then in a shy soft voice she spoke up. "Eto…Ano… My name is Haruno Sakura."

Sasuke's ears perked up. "That voice, she sounds like that girl. But she can't be… can she?" He thought.

"My likes? Ano… well, I like music and dancing, reading… stuff like that. As for dislikes, emm… I don't like loudmouths…"

"Rules you out Uzumaki!" Shikamaru said loud enough for the entire class to hear. They burst into laughter.

"Shut up you lazy ass!" Naruto screamed back at his seatmate.

"SHUT UP!" Kakashi interrupted glaring. He faced Sakura afterwards. "Please continue Sakura." He said smiling under his mask at her. What a sudden change in mood. It stunned her slightly. She blinked several times, even though no one could tell with THOSE glasses on.

"Umm. Okay… I don't like lazy people either."

"HA! That's you Nara!" Naruto yelled back. Laughter again, but they were cut off by Kakashi.

"HEY!" Kakashi glared at him again. Then turned back to Sakura and smiled, she continued.

"Umm, I also don't like people who are cold… and I'd rather not say my ambition…" Sakura said her gaze at the floor. "That's it."

"Okay then. Have a seat next to… let's see." Kakashi looked around the room; there was only one vacant seat. "Uchiha Sasuke."

"EHHHH!" The girls cried in unison.

"NEH! KAKASHI-SENSEI!" A rather annoying blond girl said standing up and pointing to Sakura, "Why does the ugly new girl get to sit next to Sasuke-kun?"

"Because she's not annoying." Naruto said out loud. Shikamaru laughed, Sasuke smirked.

"SHUT UP MORON!" She snapped. Turning her head and glared at him.

"Because Ino, it's the only empty seat." Kakashi said coolly. "Now sit." She sat back down, pouting. "Sasuke stand up so she knows who you are."

Sasuke sighed, placed his hands on his desk and pushed himself up. His face was still and emotionless. Eyes were dark and silent. He was wearing the male school uniform without the white tie. This was just pretty much just a black polo shirt with thin white stitched trimming and black dress pants with matching shoes. His shirt wasn't even tucked in like it was SUPPOSED to be. Then again none of the guys had their shirts tucked, neither did the girls. Sakura looked at him. "It can't be… that's the guy from the club!" She thought walking up to him. She didn't look at him once she got close enough and took her seat, she didn't want to look like she was attracted to him. Which she was, slightly. What did you expect? He's good looking.

Sasuke sat down too. "Guess he doesn't recognize me… or remember me at all. I don't blame him; Ten Ten dressed me up anyway. I'm not exactly attractive on my own." She convinced herself that there was no way a guy like Sasuke could look at a girl like her. Her gaze became permanent at the front of the class since Kakashi had started his lesson.

Sasuke stole a glance at the girl. She seemed familiar. She even sounded like the girl he had met that night. But she looked like such a…a…. a nerd. Heavy glasses he couldn't even see through, and the ridiculous vest and stockings. "She probably received the wrong uniform" He sighed at went back to gazing out the window. "I wonder where that girl is now…" He thought to himself.


"SAKURA! OVER HERE!" Ten Ten yelled. A shy girl was sitting next to her. Ten Ten stood up and waved her hand in the air. Sakura smiled and walked over holding a paper bag with her actual uniform in it. She had just come from seeing the principal Tsunande.

"Hi!" Sakura greeted. Sitting down across from them.

"Sakura, this is my friend Hyuuga Hinata."

Click: Photo shot: Hyuuga Hinata- Age 16; hair color: navy blue; eye color: white; height: 5'1"; Status: Junior at Konoha Private School; weekly allowance: 4, 231, 000 yen (same as cousin Neji); family: Oldest Child, lives with cousin, younger sister and father; alias: the shy one.

"H-Hi." Hinata stammered waving a small shy wave.

"Hello Hinata-chan." Sakura smiled at her.

"Hinata, this is my childhood friend Haruno Sakura. She and I were neighbors before I moved here like 10 years ago. When I found out she was moving to Konoha, I insisted she came here!" Ten Ten smiled, glowing with pride.

"Even though I can't exactly afford to come to this school." Sakura said in a low voice trying to hide her embarrassment.

"You're here aren't you?" Ten Ten mused nudging her shoulder. "You'll love it here!"

"I hope so…" Sakura said. She couldn't help but smile at her friend's enthusiasm.

"Neh, what happened to your NICE glasses?" Ten Ten asked pointing to the large thick framed glasses on Sakura's face.

"Oh, they broke. I got to pick up the new ones after school. In the mean time, I have to wear these when I'm in class." Sakura answered.

"D-Do you w-wear them a-all the t-time?" Hinata asked.

Sakura shook her head. "No, I don't have too, I like to, that's all."

"Oh, H-how come?"

"Umm… because…" Sakura stuttered,

"Because she doesn't like people looking at her." Ten Ten said rolling her eyes. "I don't understand! You have such a cute face and you hide it behind your glasses! What a waist." Ten Ten sighed.

"I don't!" Sakura scolded. "I don't have a cute face to begin with so why bother hiding it when it doesn't exist!"

"Yeah right." Ten Ten scoffed. "Come on; show Hinata your face then. We can't see it under those HIDEOUS glasses."

Sakura paused.

"I'd l-like to know what c-color your eyes are at least." Hinata said shyly. She was curious to how Sakura looked like.

"F-fine…" Sakura agreed. She closed her eyes and took off her glasses. She opened her eyes again.

Ten Ten smiled. "I win." She grinned. Hinata blinked partly in shock. Sakura shoved her glasses back on.

"Happy now?" She looked at Ten Ten.

"Much!" She replied triumphantly a huge grin plastered on her face.


"And she has pink hair too?" Neji asked. He was a year older so he didn't have the same class as the rest of the guys. His uniform was the same except he had a grey trim instead of a white one since he was a senior. And he was one of the famous 4 who actually wore a tie, unlike Naruto, he wore it properly.

"Yeahha!" Naruto said between slurps of his ramen. As usual the famous 4 were having lunch on the roof. Shikamaru was on his back cloud watching, Naruto was eating, Sasuke was leaning over the railing and Neji was leaning against a wall.

"But she's not the girl from the club?" Neji raised an eyebrow.

"She couldn't be! The girl from the club was hot. And she had long hair." Naruto replied.

"But Haruno-san's hair was in a bun! Dumbass! How could you tell how long it was?" Shikamaru said still gazing at the clouds.

"I guessed! DUH!" Naruto went back to eating.

"Dobe…" Sasuke sighed. "Is she? I wonder… she sounds like her." He shrugged it off.

"Well, you never know. This Haruno Sakura could be the mystery girl from the club. After all, how many girls do you know that have pink hair?" Neji pushed off the wall and walked towards the stairwell.

"He's right eh." Shikamaru got up and followed Neji's lead. "Watch Sakura actually be the mystery girl." He chuckled.

"Impossible!" Naruto laughed. "Have you seen those glasses?"

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