Soon enough, the five of them headed out into the night toward the Vertullo house. Marko and Paul mounted their bikes, chattering eagerly about the night ahead. Dwayne silently moved toward his own bike, sneaking glances at Kali where he could, making sure not to catch David's eye. Kali climbed onto the back of David's bike and snuck a glance over in Dwayne's direction, smiling somewhat wistfully at him.

Kali felt like such a heel. She'd been a vampire for 5 minutes and already she'd caused potential dissension in the ranks. Dwayne was David's second in command. Would he betray David for her? Kali shivered slightly at the thought. She didn't want that! She couldn't have that! What the hell was she doing? She loved David!

In some strange way, Kali almost could empathise with Michael and Donna. Almost. Sometimes you couldn't explain attraction and why one person attracts you more than another. Maybe that had been the case with Michael and Donna? Had it been ego? Had it been lust? Had it been drunken stupidity? In any case, Kali was starting to understand that you couldn't always explain feelings or what drew you to a person. It was just that 'unknown' factor, a feeling you couldn't quantify.

Feeling a little melancholy at the mess she'd already managed to get herself into, Kali wrapped her arms around David's waist and leant her head against his back as he started up the bike then took off along the bluff, the boys in tow. Kali decided not to think about it anymore. At least for now. She needed to concentrate on the night ahead. Having fun and hunting. She certainly didn't want to be the wet blanket. Besides, as far as the rest were concerned, there was no reason for her to feel that way. It would raise suspicion. Kali knew she could potentially put it down to immortal adjustment, though she didn't want to risk it.

Riding along at top speed, Kali lifted her head off David's back and sat up straight, feeling oddly stable. Previous times when she'd been on the back of his bike, she felt like she'd had to really hold on or else she'd lose her balance, though now something was different. Kali let go of David's waist, not holding on any longer and felt her body stay perfectly still. Slowly, she raised her arms out, to see if that would make a difference. It didn't. A slow smile crept its way across her face. This was amazing! Throwing her arms into the air, Kali let out a loud whoop of excitement. She was still sitting perfectly still and didn't feel the need to grip the bike with her thighs. Her balance was perfect, yet another plus in being a vampire.

Kali turned behind her to grin at Dwayne, who was riding immediately behind David. Marko and Paul moved to ride on either side of Dwayne, grinning back at Kali, knowing the elation she was feeling right now. They had all gone through it themselves. Soon, all four of them were whooping with excitement. David laughed out loud, happy his pack was enjoying themselves. It helped to keep things close-knit.

Coming into the main area of Santa Carla, the group zoomed along the boardwalk, still hollering at the tops of their lungs, Kali included. As they passed by The Enchanted Forest store, Kali noticed Arielle standing out front, having a cigarette. She smirked as Arielle recognised her, though the faint nod and smirk in return made Kali laugh out loud. This was her new life now and she loved it!

As they pulled up outside the Vertullo house, Kali's mouth dropped as she took in the size of the place. It was 4 storeys high and almost the same in width.

"Holy shit," she whispered, in awe.

"Holy shit is right," David replied, laughing. "Wait till you get inside! These parties are always brimming with…people," he said, refraining from using the word 'food'. The other boys snickered in amusement and dismounted before heading inside.

Walking through the front door, Kali tried to hide her amazement at the beautiful house. She certainly didn't want to look like a tourist! She had to be all sultry and seductive if she wanted to feed. Noting the looks she was getting, it didn't seem to take much effort. One girl even smacked the guy she was with, who Kali guessed must've been the girl's boyfriend, for staring almost open-mouthed. Kali smirked and continued on through the house.

"Alright boys…and girl…keep your eyes peeled for potentials," David sent to the group.

It took Kali a second to realise David hadn't spoken out loud. She smirked to herself in amusement. This mental messaging business was very handy!

"I suggest we split up. Less conspicuous that way," David added, and with that, the boys dispersed, though not before Dwayne gave Kali a quick wink. Kali grinned and turned away before David could notice.

A moment later, David was at her side, giving her neck a brief kiss. "Alright hot stuff, go and have fun. Just remember…inconspicuous," he said, giving her butt a playful smack.

Kali moved in the opposite direction to David, eyes peeled for someone hot to play with. As she moved through the crowd, both guys and girls looked her over with interest. It seemed as though she certainly had her pick.

As she grabbed a drink off a passing tray, Kali raised the glass to her lips to take a sip. She'd barely swallowed any when a familiar set of eyes swam into view, looking almost soullessly at her. Slowly, Kali lowered her glass, not believing what she saw. It wasn't possible. There was no way…

The figure approached her in slow, purposeful steps, a smug grin on its face. If it weren't for her unconscious immortal strength, Kali would've dropped her glass, though she knew that was the last thing she wanted – to draw any more attention to herself right now.

Soon, the figure was standing right in front of her. Every inch of her told her to run or to at least do something, but there she stood, frozen to the spot. Kali swallowed hard, wondering why she was afraid. She was immortal and had the strength of one to boot, though she knew it wasn't a matter of strength. It was sheer amazement…or was that horror?

The figure raised an eyebrow at her, still smug and ran the back of its hand down her cheek, knowing it would affect her – was affecting her. Kali flinched at the cool touch, though she knew it wasn't the temperature alone that made her jump.

"We meet again," the figure said coolly, a hint of acidity in the words.

Kali swallowed again. "Hello, Michael," she said softly, eventually finding her voice.