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Summary: These are basically a few missing moments from Half-Blood Prince. The reason I am doing this is because I am incredibly dissatisfied with most of the ones milling about there, featuring a completely obsessed Ginny. If anyone read the now famous interview J.K. shared with Mugglenet creator Emerson and Leaky Cauldron founder Melissa, they would have realized that she basically said that Ginny had to get over Harry for him to notice her. I have decided to keep up that notion in my own ficlet. Will probably not be longer than 4 chapters

This is Ginny Weasley's journal, but I am not dating it, because no one reads the dates anyways. The entry numbers are random, because I am not going to even try and pretend that I entered all of them, I just wanted to insert the ones that I felt showed a change in her relationship with Harry or events that are particularly important to each other.

Now, on with the story

Entry #15

Up until yesterday I thought the school year had been going great. Hands down the best one yet. I mean, you-know-who is back, and that means open murders, but I still think it's better than most of the wizarding world living in complete denial like last year. OK, and granted I have OWLS, so the teachers have been piling on the homework like nobody's business, but it still was better than years past.

In my first year I was possessed by you-know-who. I do not need to explain why that would suck. In my second year, I was obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean, he was always a hero to me, but then he had to go and save my life the past year, taking it from infatuation to complete obsession. Then in my third year things were going better. I mean I could talk in front of Harry… sort of. And I was really making close friends of my own. It took me awhile to trust anybody after the whole enchanted diary thing. Then at the end of my third year I started dating Michael Corner. He was a really great boyfriend at first, making me feel all special and like I was a queen. But then he started taking me for granted, REALLY taking me for granted. He acted like he could ignore me for days and then when he finally started giving me the slightest amount of attention again I was supposed to be at his beck and call. It was more like I was his servant than his girlfriend after a while. The last straw came when I won the quidditch match and he told me that I should have let him win, because he was the man in the relationship. I hit him over the head with my broomstick and he just scowled and walked away. I can't deny that it was a huge relief. Also, last year I almost died when I was fighting against a bunch of death eaters, but honestly, if I had to choose another battle with them and dating Michael for another year, I would choose the death eaters. Not that the battle was fun, Sirius died. I didn't know him too well, the only time he ever really seemed happy was when he was around Harry or maybe Lupin, otherwise he was bitter and angry. Not yelling at everything that breathes and moves angry, just a sad, dead look in his eyes sadness, I suppose Azkaban had given him that look.

So when this year started everything was going great. I had made a great bunch of friends in my year, although Hermione is still my closest female friend. AND, I had (and have) a GREAT boyfriend. Dean Thomas. Mmmm, Dean. He's tall, the second or third tallest in his year in fact. Ron's taller than the rest of the school at this point, and their some Zabini kid who's also pretty tall. But he IS tall, and muscular, and he's a year older than me. That's right, I Ginny Weasely, have snagged an older man. Pretty great huh? He's smart and funny and a really, really, really good kisser. As if that wasn't enough to make my year great I made chaser for the quidditch team. It was like everything was going perfectly until yesterday. Then it all came crashing down around my ears.

OK, maybe I am being a bit melodramatic, it wasn't the end of the world, which could quite possibly happen any day now. It was, well, I was having a nice snog with Dean in one of our favorite corridors when who should but in but Ron and Harry. Ron was furious and Dean basically took off running, while I shouted some nasty things at Ron. I stand by that he needed a good snogging because he does have the maturity of a mosquito, but despite what I said, I was still mortified to be caught snogging by my brother. I mean, that's really not something I like to display in front of people, let alone Ron. Harry just stood there shocked and a little embarrassed until Ron and I pulled out our wands. In hindsight, Harry Potter is not the person you want to start a duel in front of because, well, in all honesty, he could've kicked both Ron's ass and mine without a second thought. Damn him being the best in the school at DADA.

So in short that is why today is a pretty crappy day. Ron is being mean to Hermione because of what I said. Hermione is incredibly hurt and is really confused, not something that normally that happens to Hermione, and Harry just seems weirded out and overwhelmed by the whole thing. Dean and I are OK, but we had to have this really awkward talk because it seems that only yesterday he fully realized he was dating a girl with 6 older brothers but I think I got through to him. Hmmm… maybe I should go snog Dean or something. That always cheers me up.

Entry #37

Well I arrived in the common room today only to find Ron and Lavender going at with quite a bit of indecency. I guess what I said to him really got through. Well, at least he's getting out some of that pent up sexual frustration. Also, I do think that he should get some practice in before he snogs Hermione, because those two are basically married already without any of the more fun aspects. It's so clear they like each other anyways.

Speaking of Hermione, she was really upset over the whole thing with Ron. I mean, I can see two sides of this whole thing. Her side is that Ron was supposed to go to Slughorn's party with her and he knew, despite what he says, that it was a date, and not just as friend's. I think the shock hit her really hard. I mean she had gone out with Krum, and from what I can tell, some pretty good snogging happened with those too as well, so she could picture herself go out with other guys while Ron waited. But I really don't think she had ever imagined the scenario reversed, she had never thought Ron would ever date anyone before he actually got around to asking her out. And that brings me to the second point of view. OK, Ron knows that Hermione dated Krum, has more experience than him, and I really don't think he wanted to be the newbie in the relationship. Also, he knows that she knows that he knows that he is an insensitive prat, and I think he thought she would sort of help him make the first move in an actual relationship. I don't think she realized that he wasn't just going to dazzle her and sweep her off her feet. Those two have possibly the oddest relationship I have ever seen.

Today Ron's face had a bunch of weird little scratches on it and when I asked him what it was about he wouldn't tell me. He finally got in a huff and stormed away so I asked Harry. Harry seemed a little weird around me, (can't say I blame him, I probably would be a bit weirded out if I had seen him making out with… well whoever he fancies now, although it has been a few weeks, you would think he would have gotten over it by now), but he told me that Hermione had sicked birds on Ron after he walked in on an supposedly empty classroom with Lavender only to find Harry and Hermione already there. Harry said she just left crying and Ron to deal with the attacking canaries on his own. That was also why Harry was doing his homework alone in the common room, Hermione was in the library sulking in the library refusing to talk to anybody, and Ron was probably in some closet with Lavender.

After he told me all this he was probably the most honest with me he had ever been. "If she would just talk to me, she might feel a little bit better. I mean I am not great with emotions and stuff but it could help. She's so guarded with her feelings." I was a little amazed at this statement for a lot of reasons. That's the most open about something real that Harry has ever been with me. But more importantly I felt it was a bit rich coming from him. He is the MOST emotionally guarded person I have ever seen. OK, he tells Ron and Hermione just about everything but they are the only kids he ever talks to. Then he's incredibly open with Dumbledore, rumor has it that he threw a bunch of things at him last year in anger, and well that's incredibly terrifying and amazing all at once. I mean, I don't think any other student has even looked at Dumbledore in anger, let alone thrown things at him. Then there is Snape. Now don't get me wrong, Harry does not go running and crying to Snape every time he has a problem. But when Snape is around Harry doesn't try and hide any of the anger or loathing. And this goes both ways. If you are ever to walk near Harry or Snape when they are having one of their glowering contests you can actually feel the hatred radiating off of them. Hell you can practically see it. Ron once told me that defense against the dark arts was basically terrifying because Snape and Harry spent half the time either glowering or dueling. So that's why I thought Harry was being a bit of a hypocrite when he had said that. And I made sure he knew that. He seemed a bit shocked at first but then just sighed and went back to his homework.

Today could have been better. Hermione is mad at Ron because of what I said, Ron looks like a bad scratching post, Harry probably hates me now which sucks because now that I am over that whole obsession thing we were actually starting to become friends. Oh well, at least I still have some Honeyduke's chocolate left from the last Hogsmeade visit.

Entry #41

Do you remember how a couple of weeks ago I said that I thought it was good that Ron finally had a girl to snog. I take that back, completely and utterly. I thought that Ron would snog Lavender, and then move onto to someone who is much better suited for him, such as Hermione. Boy was I ever wrong. Ron and Lavender (who shall from now on be called the tartlet) just spend their evenings glued together. It's like someone was practicing permanent sticking charms on the pair of them. And while it is not easy to ignore this, it is more than possible. However, Hermione's new "I hate the world" attitude is not. She doesn't talk to me or Harry like friend's anymore, instead she treats us like infrequent acquaintances.

It is indescribably disgusting go watch your brother do that. EEEEWWW!

In better news, things are going really well with me and Dean. We get along so well. He is such a great boyfriend, he always saves me a seat at breakfast and he bought me my favorite chocolate last Hogsmeade weekend. Oh and he has this really cute smile where he gets these dimples that just makes him look adorable. And he has this great hair. And did I mention that he has a great body. Not like we've done that or anything but whenever I hug him it's all 'mmm Dean.'

So all in all, things have been pretty great. I just wish Ron would stop acting like such a git.