Strong medicine


Chapter 1

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Kayla's alarm clock rang at 6am. When she got up to turn it off she realized she wasn't feeling too good. She decided to go back to sleep and wake up in 10 minutes. When she woke up again she saw that it was 7am. She ran out of bed ignoring the nauseous feeling she felt and got ready for work. She got into her car and drove quickly to Rittenhouse .When she got there she was really late. This was her third time this week she was late. She knew she was in trouble. When she got inside she saw Lana at the front desk talking on the phone. Kayla walks up to the front desk to see if she has any messages.

Kayla: Hey Lana do I have any messages.

Lana: No you don't.

Kayla: Thanks

Lana: You do know that you're late.

Kayla: (with an attitude) I realized that I'm late. I don't need someone telling me what I already know.

Lana: (with a shocked expression) someone's a little bit touchy this morning. Did you wake up on wrong side of the bed this morning?

Kayla: No I did not.

Lana: So what is wrong with you? I sense a bit of an attitude this morning on you and you really don't look too good.

Kayla: I'm fine so please mind your business. Do something useful with your time and go back to work.

Lana: (mad look on face) Excuse me I don't know who you are talking to, but listen to me honey. You may be a doctor and all and I just may be a receptionist. But I am still older than you so I demand just a little bit of respect from you. I just expressed some concern for you. You've been late constantly this week and you really don't look to good. But if you want me to mind my business Lana knows when her help isn't wanted. I'll just go back to work and help someone who needs my help.

Kayla: Thank you that was I all I've ever asked of you.

(Kayla walks down the hall way and runs into peter)

Peter: Hey Kayla I was just looking for you.

Kayla: oh I just got in.

Peter: Wow that is like the third time this week.

Kayla: (with a raised voice) what is up with everyone at this hospital today? Is everyone keeping a tab on me and on every thing I do. First it was Lana now you.

Peter: (walks up to her) Sorry I was just worried because it's not like you to be late for work.

Kayla: It's okay. So you said you were looking for me. What is that you wanted?

Peter: I just wanted to know if you were free for lunch.

Kayla: (look of disgust) please don't talk about food. I don't feel too good.

Peter: (concerned look on his face) are you okay?

Kayla: I'm fine.

Peter: If you're feeling better after work maybe we can go to the movies.

Kayla: I'm actually busy.

Peter: Oh okay. What about later this week

Kayla: sorry I'm still busy.

Peter: What about sometime this week.

Kayla: sorry still busy.

Peter: (look of concern) is something wrong or are just trying to avoid me.

Kayla: Peter I don't I think I can do this anymore.

Peter: What can't you do anymore?

Kayla: This is not working.

Peter: What is not working?

Kayla: US

Peter: (confused look on his face) what do you mean its not working.

Kayla: I just can't do this anymore.

Peter: Was it something I said or did.

Kayla: No, no its not you it's me.

Peter: Please don't give me that its not you it's me speech.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Peter: (hurt look on face) you're breaking up with me and not giving me any good reason why.

(annoucement on Intercom): Paging Dr. Thornton. To E.R.

Kayla: I've got to go. I'm so sorry Peter it just didn't work out.

She runs down to the E.R. leaving peter feeling hurt and confused.

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