A/N: I know I'm weird. This isn't my first story, I'm just weird.

Hermione woke up. Today was the day all students decide whether they'll be going home for the holidays or staying at Hogwarts. Hermione really didn't want to stay at Hogwarts, though she didn't know why. She also didn't want to leave Harry. It was too much to think about for someone who just woke up, so she rolled over and went back to sleep.

* * * * *

Hermione woke up for the 2nd time that day. She tossed Crookshanks off her bed and put on some clothes, then walked out into the common room, carrying Crookshanks. Harry and Ron were discussing exactly what was on her mind, whether they would stay at home for the holidays or not. Ron promised that he wouldn't leave Harry, even though the rest of his family was going home for some odd surprise their mother wanted to show them. Hermione thought about telling them she was going home for the holidays, but decided against it.

"Crookshanks wants tuna for Christmas" She said instead.

"You're buying your PET a present?!?!" Ron asked rather loudly, making Crookshanks jump out of Hermione's arms.

"You scared him! Poor Crooky-crooky...c'mere, you cutie pie! C'mere!"

"She's gone mad." Harry whispered to Ron. Actually, in a way, this was true. She was head-over-heels for Harry. Harry didn't know this, though.

Suddenly Hermione had a brilliant idea. She was figuring out just how to word it when Crookshanks started chasing Neville's toad. After she was thoroughly tired out from chasing Crookshanks, she voiced what she had been thinking earlier. "Harry, would you like to come to my house for Christmas? My parents won't mind. Then Ron could go home with his family."

Harry thought this idea was perfect, since Ron would be allowed to be with his family. He nodded vaguely to show how wonderful he thought the idea was. Hermione twitched her nose as if she thought he wasn't serious.

* * * * *

"Goodbye, Ron!" Harry said.

"Bye, see you later!" Added Hermione.

"See you both soon!" Ron replied.
And they were off.

* * * * *


"Yeah?" Said Harry, while dusting off a shelf.

"Do you have to clean my room? I mean, I know it's messy, but I'd like to talk to you. Have some fun, you know?"

"We can talk. I can talk while cleaning."

Hermione sighed. She watched Harry clean for a while longer, then she started playing with her muggle things. She put on some music, which, to Harry, was very strange music (Dudley never listened to this stuff! Dudley only listened to rap). To Hermione, it was her favorite CD.

"Do we have to listen to that?"

"It's 98 degrees, Harry! How could I possibly not listen to it?"

"Well, you could turn off the CD player for one..."

"Fine. FINE!" Hermione turned it off and searched for something else to do. She flipped through her CD's, wondering if there were any Harry would like. She popped in a Britney Spears CD, hoping that since it was a girl, he'd like it.

"NO. I don't like it. Who are all these singers, anyway?" Hermione showed him the CD case with Britney on it. Harry stared at it for a while before saying anything. He finally said something: "Oh. I guess we can listen to it." Hermione rolled her eyes and left it on, but put away the CD case so he wouldn't stare at Britney anymore (Maybe he'd stare at her instead!). Harry continued to clean. And clean. And clean. And listen to Britney. He finally succeeded in memorizing some of the words so he could sing along, which he did eagerly. Hermione groaned and wondered what else she could do. She spotted her computer.

This is how their vacation was going, Harry would clean, and Hermione would spend her time on the computer. Hermione had no idea how Harry could find so much to clean. She was also extremely sick of listening to Britney Spears, but Harry insisted on keeping it on. Since she would do nearly anything for Harry, she left it on. Hermione got bored with the computer, and wrote Ron a letter.

Dear Ron,
How is your vacation? Ours is very boring. All Harry does is clean my house and listen to one of my CD's. All I do is occupy myself with my computer. What was your surprise? I wish we were at Hogwarts. It would be so much more fun. Please write back soon.

P.S. I got this owl for an early Christmas present! Isn't he cute? His name is Priggle.

She attatched the letter to Priggle, and opened the window and told Priggle to deliver it to Ron. She took Crookshanks (who seemed to be very fond of her mouse cover, which looked like a mouse) off her computer desk and plopped him on the ground.

* * * * *

"I've finished cleaning."

"Good. Let's do something fun. Crookshanks, get out of here. You smell."

"If he smells, maybe I should give him a bath." Harry said, and took off with Crookshanks. Hermione sighed and turned off the computer, since she couldn't really see her game anyway, her eyes were so tired from constantly staring at the screen. She lay on her spotless bed, looking up at the ceiling, until Harry got back, some time later, covered in scratches, but wearing a happy grin (aside from his pants and torn shirt, that is), and carrying a soaking-wet Crookshanks. Hermione sighed again.

They both lay on Hermione's bed, resting, until Hermione's mother called them to dinner. Hermione couldn't believe she hadn't even been through an entire day. She had never been so tired from playing computer games.

After eating their dinner of pumkin bread, trukey, and cookies, Hermione and Harry returned to Hermione's room.

"Harry, where y'gonna sleep tonight?"

"Dunno. Have a spare bed?"


"Well, then I'm sleeping on the floor. That's obvious, I can't sleep in the same bed as you!"

"I'm sorry. I should have got a bed or something for you before you came."

"It's ok. It's nothing. At least I'm not at the Dursley's!"

"K. I feel all better now." They sat in silence after this, exhausted. Hermione was exhausted for no apparent reason except playing on the computer. Harry was exhausted from cleaning Hermione's room, doing her laundry, and washing the cat. And turkey makes people sleepy. Harry had never had such good muggle food though, which was what he was thinking when something big tumbled in the wondow.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Hermione screamed. A familiar face popped up from her floor. It had red hair, frekles, and a broken nose. Priggle fluttered in and landed on Hemione's bed.

"Ron?" Harry said, but it sounded more like he was asking if Ron was alive.

"Mmmmph. I'm okay. I think."

"Why are you here?! I invited Harry, not you! I thought you were staying with your family!" Hermione screeched.

"I-I...I heard you had a computer. My dad was interested and asked me to visit you and tell him all about computers when I get back.

"Oh." Hermione turned on the computer for him, and left him to figure out how to work it. Harry continued cleaning (he found more things to clean), and Hermione decided it was time for a nap. When she woke up, Harry was still cleaning, and Ron was still on the computer. "It's time to go to sleep!" She announced. It was midnight. How could they still be up? She looked closer at Ron, and discovered he already was asleep. Harry leaned the broom against the wall and curled up on the floor. Hermione covered them both with extra blankets.

* * * * *

Hermione woke up abruptly. Someone was calling her name. She sat up in bed, then opened her eyes. Harry was dressed in a blue sweatsuit and so was Ron. They were also wearing aprons and carrying spray bottles and rags. "Hermione, don't you want to be on our clean team?" Asked Ron.

"Oh my gosh, NO! No, no, and NO! I watched Harry clean ALL DAY yesterday, and he is NOT cleaning ANYTHING today. Nothing!"

"Well, what about Priggles, he could use a bath." Pleaded Harry.


"No, no...just a suggestion..."

"I'm taking a shower. You guys can do what you want while I'm in there, just don't visit me."

"Okay! Where's your dirty towels?"

Hermione growled. Then she just left to take her shower and grabbed a clean towel...Harry had probably cleaned it. When she got out, she was feeling much better and refreshed. Her mom called everyone into the kitchen for breakfast. She was very surprised to see Ron, because he hadn't been invited.

*****To be continued if you like it*****