Xander's New Car

"Vola!" Xander presented.

"It's shiny." Buffy said after a moment.

"It's not sporty." Dawn added, folding her arms across her chest.

The three stood upon the sidewalk outside of Buffy's house, upon the asphalted street was a car. A new car. Xander's new car.

"I don't know." Buffy said slowly. "I kinda liked the old one."

Dawn nodded. "It had character."

Xander eyed the two. "Character? It was held together by rust, Willow did the right thing in putting it out of it's misery." He frowned a bit at the thought. Willow hadn't been in her right mind at the time. No one had been and they still probably weren't. So many things had happened that terrible day.

Buffy and Dawn also frowned and stood there quietly, the thought crossing their mind too. Buffy shook her head and returned looking at the car.

"This one's all new and… impersonal. We don't know this car." Buffy said walking up to the car. She kicked it's tire.

"Hey, watch it there. Slayer strength and all." Xander warned.

"You're supposed to get a small and sporty car." Dawn said, standing beside Buffy. "This.." she eyed the car. "This is a family car." She declared.

Xander gaped at her. "Outrage! I'm going to have to have a long talk with your sister on the language you're using."

Buffy eyed the car again and this time her eyes widen. "It so is a family car!"

"It is not!" Xander said, striding to the car and setting his hand down upon the hood. He stroked it lovingly, Dawn and Buffy glanced at one another. "Don't listen to them, baby. They're just mean, spiteful girls."

"Isn't there a rule that guys aren't supposed to buy family cars?" Buffy asked. "At least not until they're thirty."

"I think it was in the Geneva Convention." Dawn added, a small smile on her face.

"Laugh all you want –" Xander began.

Buffy and Dawn began laughing.

"Laugh all you want." Xander said over their laughter. "But this here car is reliable. It's safe. It's economical. Its –"

Xander suddenly groaned, dropping his head into his cupped hands. "I bought a family car." He said.

"There, there, Xander." Buffy said patting his shoulder. "Maybe you go back to the store and see if they'll refund you your manhood."

"And top off your testosterone levels." Dawn piped in.

"Not helping." Xander sighed, looking at the car. "I knew there was something wrong with it when I got it."

"Hopefully you haven't bought the child seat yet." Buffy said, grinning.

Xander glared at her.

"Oh, can we go for a cruise?" Dawn asked excitedly.

Buffy and Xander turned to her in unison, eyebrows raised at her choice of wording.

"What?" Dawn asked definitely. "I can say cruise if I want." She kicked a small rock off the sidewalk.

"Where is she picking up this language?" Buffy asked shaking her head.

"It's all the book reading, I tell you. It's eeeeevviiiil." Xander replied, Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Can we go for a drive, Mr. Harris?" Dawn asked, looking innocent.

"Yes, Mr. Harris. Can we go for a ride?" Buffy asked, also innocently.

Xander grinned, pulling out his keys. "Check this out." He pulled out a remote and hit a button. The car alarm began blaring.

"It's truly amazing!" Buffy shouted over the alarm.

"What? I think I've gone deaf!" Dawn shouted back.

Xander fumbled with the remote for a moment and then finally shut off the alarm. After a moment of squinting at the buttons upon the remote he hit once again pushed a button. Both Buffy and Dawn put their hands over their ears, but this time the sound of doors unlocking was only heard.

"Remote.' Xander said, displaying the device upon his key chain. "Now I don't have to go through the hassle of putting the key into the lock."

"Oh, the wonders of technology." Buffy exclaimed, getting into the front passenger seat. Dawn got into the back.

"Hey." Dawn said. "It doesn't smell like cat."

"Or mildew." Buffy added.

"It smells funny." Dawn said, wrinkling her nose. "Not a bad funny, though."

"That, my girls, is New Car Smell." Xander said proudly.

"I thought it was a myth." Buffy said with awe.

Buffy and Dawn let out awwwed in amazement.

"Xander is rising up in the world." Xander said, smiling at the two.

"Is this Xander going to start the car and drive us anywhere?" Dawn asked hopefully.

"Anything for you, my dear." Xander said and turned the key. The engine started and he revved it, still smiling proudly.

"No clanking sound. Surely a car has to have a clanking sound." Buffy said. "How else can we tell if it's on?"

"I can't smell the exhaust." Dawn added sniffing the air. "It's just that strange thing, what did you call it?"

"New Car Smell." Xander said.

Buffy and Dawn let out awwwed in amazement again.

"Oh, can I drive?" Dawn suddenly asked, a huge grin on her face.

Xander and Buffy exchanged glances. "No." They both said together.

"No. Fun." Dawn said pouting and slumping into her seat.

"I've already died twice." Buffy said, putting on her seat belt. "The third time is definitely not the charm."

"But don't you get a tote bag on the third one?" Xander asked.

"A football alarm clock." Buffy pouted. She turned to Dawn. "No driving for you until you learn how to drive."

Dawn only sighed, folding her arms.

"With Apocalypse Season over, I'm looking for a lazy summer filled with much vegging out before the TV and large amounts of sugar consumption." Buffy said.

"Summer's always been a Slay light time of the year." Xander said.

"I think we should rethink that assumption." Dawn said.

Everyone looked out the front windshield and saw a monster barreling down upon them.