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Warnings: It's shonen ai. That means it will be a gay relationship. Male/Male, Slash

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Note: (X) is time jump and/or POV change

Chapter 1: Gift

Harry lay on his bed silently staring at his bedroom ceiling of number four Privet Drive. The wind outside was blowing gently outside in an almost soft melody. Sadly the boy with black hair, glasses, and the lightning-shaped scar on his forehead was not being lulled to sleep by it as so many others undoubtedly were. His eyes were currently closed, but he didn't seem any closer to falling asleep now than he had the first hundred times he'd attempted that night. This time, of course, would likely be unsuccessful as well, not that this truly surprised Harry.

Despite the breeze going on outside, the room itself was quite stuffy and he was tempted more than a few times throughout the night to remove his pyjama top, but he didn't even move in the end. Every time he began to remove it, the air conditioner would turn on and he'd begin to freeze. He wondered a few times if Uncle Vernon or Dudley were watching his every move so he they could turn it on once he sat up in bed and tried to take his top off. Just another way to drive him mad. As if he wasn't nearly there already.

None of that had anything to really do about what was bothering Harry though. Today had been Harry's birthday and after angrily throwing away two boxes of chocolates, one from Ron, the other from Hermione, he'd tried to sleep the rest of the day away. It was not just his two best friends he was angry with, but rather everyone that he knew. Besides his birthday, not a single person had honestly been writing him, to the point he was actually shocked when he had woken up that morning and found that he had gifts. And even worse was the fact that not a single one of his so called friends or even Sirius had asked him how he was doing or felt.

Harry finally came to the conclusion that he would not be falling back to sleep anytime soon and so opened his eyes flipping over in his bed so he could get a good look at the other gifts scattered across the floor. These gifts consisted of a promise from Sirius that he'd buy Harry anything he wanted when they finally got together and he managed to ditch Lupin and a box of rock cakes from Hagrid. The last gift he'd received happened to be the one he liked the most.

He'd just finished opening the other gifts when an owl he'd never seen before had landed on his bed with a small box tied to its foot. Harry had dropped the other gifts without a second thought and went to open the box instead. The second he removed the parcel the owl had flown off. There'd been no letter, no name, or any kind of hint of who the sender might be, but once Harry had gotten it open he'd known it was from Dumbledore. He knew the headmaster was busy, but he still couldn't help feeling ignored getting no letter with the gift.

'I just wish he'd be busy with me for a few minutes and tell me what's going on,' Harry thought to himself. He was well aware he'd never get such a thing, but he kept on hoping anyway.

The gift itself was something like a muggle magic eight ball. This however was a necklace; the pendent was shaped as two crescent moons on each side, the tips on both ends nearly touching to make it look as if it was a full moon. The center of the pendent and also what answered the questions when asked was the shape of a star. This necklace would answer anything that Harry asked, sometimes even reacting in certain ways depending on the question.

If he asked it something about the future or something that had no answer yet known, it would give Harry the probable outcome after asking him a series of questions. If he asked to see a picture of something, then the requested image would appear clearly inside of the star. Of course the item answered yes and no questions as well and it seemed especially good with facts, something Harry was sure he could use for his schoolwork. His most favorite part about the necklace however was the smart aleck comments it would often give. These sharp words, most often directed at him, amused Harry to no end.

Knowing it would no doubt be hours before he drifted back into any type of slumber, he stretched his arm out and picked the necklace up off the floor. He could have sworn he'd placed it on the nightstand beside his bed, but decided it wasn't worth the worry. He could have easily placed it down on the floor, or rather threw it when he had chucked all the other things.

Lifting it up he let it dangle in his hand as it swung back and forth slowly in an almost hypnotic way. Harry knew quite well that this particular gift was not one he'd be parting with soon. He would be taking it back with him to school, to his real home.

'What to ask it?' he wondered as he gazed into the empty black pool inside the star. He'd asked it so many things already it wasn't the easiest of things to decide on. Despite that fact, after seeing the other gifts in his trash basket he knew exactly what to ask it.

"Think anyone will ever tell me what's going on?" He asked trying to sound hopeful. This was foolish as he knew it didn't matter how he sounded to the necklace, it would answer with what it thought was the truth and nothing more, no matter how much he wanted to hear 'yes' from it.

The necklace began glowing brightly shifting from aslime green to a sapphire blue as the words started to appear in the center of the star. The light was calming and felt cool as it burst out and seconds later the air conditioner kicked on. Smiling, Harry read the answer.

'Eventually, if they ever remember you're here and not at Hogwarts. They have no doubt forgotten you went home.'

Harry rolled his eyes at the response while snickering. The necklace was as moody as he was, but that was just one of the many reasons he enjoyed the gift so much.

"Fred and George better, I gave them my Triwizard Tournament winnings," he said with a grin. "Can I see what Dumbledore's doing right now?"

The necklace glowed the same colors as before and slowly an image started to form within the star. When the image was finally completed, Harry couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was so hilarious that he almost fell off his bed when he started laughing. The image of course was Dumbledore, only he was standing in front of a mirror wearing a pink ballerina dress. It was gone as quickly as it appeared though and was replaced by the words,

'You know I can't spy on people.'

"Yes, but the pictures you show me instead never cease to amuse me," he said letting the necklace dangle in front of his eyes once more.

Harry's laughter stopped instantly as something seemed to have occurred to him. He'd just realized that he'd talked to a magical item as though it were another human being.

"This can't be healthy," he muttered setting the necklace down on his nightstand quickly. Sighing he turned his back to the necklace and stared at the wall of his room. 'I need to find something to do besides talk to inorganic objects,' he told himself. This however was easier said than done. He was quite aware that there wasn't much he could do at this point. There was after all no one for him to really socialize with, but he felt that if he didn't talk to someone, he'd surely go mad.

While staring at the wall Harry eventually managed to fall asleep.

The next two days were uneventful. Harry spent most of his time lying in his aunt's flower bed trying to listen to the news, or anything that would keep him from talking to the necklace. The later part of his plan had failed by the middle of the first day. He'd expected with Voldemort once again in power, that the dark lord would have made some kind of move by now. This, however, was nowhere near true and once he finished listening to the news again, he began to realize that Voldemort was a lot more patient than he was.


After hearing a strange noise and getting into a huge fight with his uncle, Harry had stormed off out of the house to try and calm down. Halfway to the park he had gotten himself to relax somewhat after taking a few deep breaths. Now he was sitting quietly on the park swing allowing himself to slowly drift forward and back. Nothing seemed like it was going to go his way today. He'd merely wished to locate the source of the strange noise, but this action had only made things worse. Now he didn't want to go home, wondered a few times if they would even let him back into the house.

Growling in frustration he almost started to kick up the grass when a sudden thought popped into his mind. Eyes dancing, he pulled the necklace out from under his shirt without giving any laws a second thought. He wrapped his entire hand around it at once and smirked when he saw the warm glow from the pendent seep out from his closed fist.

"Can you tell me what that noise was?" Harry asked. He unmade his fist so he could see the message when it appeared and waited. The greenish light seemed to linger longer than usual, almost as if it were thinking. A few moments later and it began to shine with blue with its answer.

'What fun would there be in my telling you?' Harry read.

He sighed and dropped the necklace back into his shirt. He'd come to the conclusion that when the necklace answered that way, it actually had no idea what the real answer was. Even so, the default reply was very cocky sounding, so much so that Harry had almost smashed it the first time it'd answered that way.

Harry's gaze slowly drifted upwards from the necklace towards the sound of his cousin and his gang's voices. With all the things going on, Harry felt the urge to get up and taunt them. He knew this wasn't smart however and managed to hold himself back, but it took everything he had to do just that. He closed his eyes taking in a few more calming breaths while he gripped the chains holding the swing up. Actually getting himself calmed once more, he got to his feet and started his walk back home. He would be punished if Dudley made it home before he did and that was the last thing Harry needed. With a relenting sigh he kept behind the gang by a few feet so he wouldn't be seen.


Harry couldn't believe the run of luck he was having. He'd thought that besides Voldemort deciding to show himself and killing everyone would be the only thing that could make this day worse, but he'd never been so wrong before in his life. He had not only ended up in a fight with Dudley, but been attacked by Dementors, fought with his supposed "family" for saving his cousin, and was now being told he might not make it back to Hogwarts. No, instead, he was being called to the Ministry of Magic for the use of underage magic for a trial; and, to top it all off, after going through all this madness, he was told not to leave the Dursley's. Not to mention not a single person seemed to even care that he'd been attacked in the first place.

Now, more mad than ever, he growled in frustration flipping over in bed and punching his pillow as hard as he could. He wished with all his being that all the pain, tiredness, and loneliness would just fade away. He wanted to fall asleep and slip into nothingness so he wouldn't have to deal with any of this anymore.

"Why won't they at least write back?" Harry demanded harshly into the darkness. The isolation was beginning to feel suffocating, so much so that Harry jumped when the necklace began to glow. He'd completely forgotten about even having the thing around his neck, but decided he might as well read the answer. He pulled the necklace off and began reading;

'Do you really believe they care for you that much?'

The response shook Harry deeply, for if this question had been asked at any other point in time before now, he would have quickly answered, "Of course!", but now he wasn't so sure. With the way the summer had gone and the past few hours had played out, he wasn't so sure of anything anymore.

This led Harry to wonder if Ron and Hermione even saw him as a friend anymore. He had after all been quite the git at the end of their last school year, but how could anyone have expected anything less? He'd seen Cedric Diggory murdered in front of his own eyes. Even worse, because of his failure Voldemort had made it back to full power and yet the Ministry didn't even seem like they cared. With all of these things going on he thought he'd every right to be moody, but maybe the others didn't see it quite the same way.

Neither of them had written to him and even his Godfather had stopped sending him lengthy letters. If he received anything at all from them they seemed more like small notes or reminders. No one, now that he thought about it, had sent him any letters over six lines long. Hagrid hadn't even written to Harry at all, save for the small 'Harry Birthday' he'd received a few days ago.

Sighing, Harry looked back down at the words sprawled across the necklace. Perhaps the only reason he was ever wanted alive and well was so he could kill Voldemort. Or maybe it wasn't even that at all. In the end everyone may just want him to be used as a diversion, a sacrifice while Dumbledore did the rest and finished off the dark lord. Thinking that could be the only reason that Harry was still alive, he began to fill sick to his stomach.

"Well, they need to care enough at least to use me as a sacrifice," Harry said aloud. Having the words voiced made him feel that much worse and he glared down at the necklaces. "Why are you asking questions like that anyway?"

'To gather more information to answer your own questions,' came one of many default answers. The reply made Harry feel defeated as it reminded him that though the necklace was magical, it was still just a necklace. Even if it could answer his questions and on some level hold a conversation with him, it still wasn't a real breathing person. Now feeling even more sick to his stomach he muttered an "oh" and turned onto his side. He proceeded then to remove his glasses, placed them on the nightstand, closed his eyes, and clenched his necklace tightly in his fist.

At first, he thought he'd be awake the rest of the night until he broke down into tears and cried himself to sleep, but after he'd laythere on his bed silently for a few minutes something odd happened. He began to drift off into a shockingly peaceful slumber. While he slept however, he couldn't help, but think that arms were wrapped around him. For the first time in months, Harry Potter slept without a nightmare and a smile on his face.


There was nothing to do, plain and simple. Hedwig had flown out hours ago and had yet to return. In fact Harry hadn't even seen his beautiful snowy white owl fly past his window once since she'd left. So with his owl gone and no one writing to him period anymore and he wasn't allowed to leave his room, Harry was very bored. He wasn't completely sure how he'd remained sane so far, but during the moments he felt his worst, he could swear there was someone in the room with him comforting him. This strange thought was actually being supported with the fact that Harry had, had no nightmares the past few days and felt more at peace than he had in months. Sadly, peace didn't ease boredom, so even though he was no longer losing sleep, he was running out of things to keep himself busy with. He'd already read all of his books twice and to his horror even began studying.

Harry glanced around his room looking at the many scattered books he'd already read, to his window, to the necklace, back to the window, ceiling, once more back to the necklace. It seemed this gift was honestly his only friend left in the world. Sighing he sat up and grabbed it. No matter how many questions he asked the thing, and he asked a lot due to his boredom, the light and answers always came, unlike Ron and Hermione's replies.

"Even Hedwig's gone and abandoned me," Harry said fingering the necklace gently. "Why did you have to be right…? Oh what's the point? I don't really care anymore," he muttered. The necklace began glowing as always an answer popping up. Harry rolled his eyes at this. He'd thought that adding the 'I don't care' would have stopped the necklace from coming up with a reply. "I didn't want you to answer." Regardless of the words that'd just left his mouth, he lifted it up so he could read it anyway.

'I'm always right when it concerns Harry Potter.'

Harry stared at the necklace in mild shock. Why a necklace, a mere toy, would always be right when it concerned him honestly worried the boy. No one beyond Dumbledore should really know that much about him in the first place.

"And just what makes you think you know everything about me?"

'I don't think, I know. We are not so different.'

Before Harry could ask just how he wasn't so different from the necklace it started glowing a bright green, brighter than it ever had before. Harry watched paralyzed as his entire room was bathed in the green light and suddenly darkness took him.


That dream, that horrible, fearful dream that never seemed to be to far from Harry's consciousness when he was awake. The hallway he was walking down was dimly lit, but he didn't care. His real goal was to get the door in front of him open, but he couldn't. The door was firmly shut tight and locked and so far no spell was allowing him entrance.

He heard an odd noise, almost what sounded like the shuffling of feet at the end of the hall. He frantically began twisting and pulling at the door knob with all his might. He wasn't completely sure who or what was coming towards him, but he did know he didn't want to confront it. The mere thought of it catching him sent a shiver down his spine.

"Alohomora!" He screamed tapping the lock with his wand, desperately trying to get it open. A low chuckle sounded too close for comfort to Harry and he tried ramming the door open with his shoulder. It didn't budge. He tried again, the footsteps growing closer. Suddenly Harry heard the figure growl as it moved closer and then-


Harry bolted up sweat pouring down his face. He noticed the doorknob to his bedroom was rattling and almost had his wand out and ready when his uncle Vernon's face peered through the now open doorway.

"We're going," he said a glare forming as he eyed the chaotic mess that was Harry's room. "You're not to leave the room, understood?" Harry gave a sharp nod. This led his uncle to give Harry a complete list on all the things he was not supposed to do before he finally seemed satisfied and left. Harry thought this lecture completely pointless, as he was already in trouble for using magic and had no intentions of using any more so he could end up in Azkaban. Even so when his uncle left he slammed the door shut and locked it behind him.

Harry let out a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding and looked to his small side table. There next to the lamp was the necklace exactly where he'd left it the last time he'd finished asking it questions. He wondered if the questioning before he'd fallen asleep had been a dream too.

Now unsure of himself, Harry leaned over to grab the necklace only to stop short. A loud crash sounded from downstairs in the kitchen. He quickly abandoned all thoughts about the necklace and both dreams running over to his bedroom door, wand out. Somehow his door was unlocked now and he found himself staring at the dark hall when he opened it. Remaining cautious Harry moved towards the stairway his wand out and ready should the situation call for it. He'd just made it down the first step when a bunch of wand light fell onto him causing him to freeze instantly. It was not until he noticed Lupin within this group of people did he relax his arm.

"Harry!" Lupin said excitedly stepping forward from the other witches and wizards. "We've been looking everywhere for you. Are you alright?"

"Fine…fine," Harry said now quite shocked. He wasn't sure if he should actually dare to believe he was going to be saved, but from the looks of it that did seem to be the logical answer.

"You've come to get me…right?" He asked rather desperately. He didn't want it to come out that way, but it had and Lupin's group members began laughing.

"Of course we have Harry! We're here to collect you for Dumbledore," Lupin assured him holding his hand out to Harry.

Grinning, Harry took it and shook it, a warmth going through his body. He'd never thought of writing to Lupin to come and save him, but here he was. He also recognized the auror Mad-Eye Moody, but it was rather awkward seeing him, when it hadn't really been the auror teaching his class, but in reality a death eater.

"Get your things then Harry. We must be off before your relatives come back."

Nodding, Harry rushed up the stairs into his room, the group of witches and wizards following him. They all gathered his things and helped him pack so they could leave as quickly as possible. Harry of course wanted no one near his necklace though and he quickly slipped it on before anyone could see it. He wanted this necklace to be his secret for now, besides. Chances were the necklace was a type of novelity toy like the magic eight ball was for muggle children. Why bother showing them something he enjoyed so much that would no doubt just make them shake their heads in amusement?


Things had not quite gone the way Harry had hoped or expected. He was currently lying in bed, his eyes closed, fingers wrapped tightly around the necklace that had managed to keep him sane the past few weeks. The moment he'd gotten alone with Ron and Hermione, he'd without meaning to, snapped on them. He wouldn't deny the fact that he'd wanted to do this for a while, but he had tried to remain calm upon seeing them, but it just hadn't worked.

Harry had then been quickly removed from his two best friends, back downstairs where everyone attempted to calm him down. They managed to succeed and he'd sat at the table hearing what they had to say, including messages passed on to him from Dumbledore. It'd only lasted so long though and Harry hadn't decided at all if he should even tell the others about the necklace, toy or not. He figured if it was from Dumbledore there was no way it could be harmful and therefore it was alright for them not to know.

Harry turned over so his back was facing Ron so he was sure that his friend wouldn't be able to see the light from the necklace.

"What do you think? Should I keep you around," he asked quietly.

As if sensing that Harry didn't want anyone to know about it, the glow from the necklace remained dim, just bright enough for Harry to notice that it was glowing green. When the words finally appeared later, it was only bright enough for him to read the answer.

'Just because I make you think of him doesn't mean you should get rid of me,' it replied.

Harry nodded absently as he let the thought sink in. It was true, he was still angered at the headmaster for keeping him out of the Order's plans and especially for keeping his godfather locked up in his own house. The necklace did of course remind him of Dumbledore, but hadn't it also been his savior? If it wouldn't have been for the necklace he'd have surely gone mad, so hadn't Dumbledore actually taken measures to make sure Harry would remain fine, while still excluding him from certain things?

He felt something grab his wrist and immediately looked around for the source when he noticed a dark shadow in front of him shifting its weight gracefully and silently onto the bed.

He was about to scream, but suddenly he was paralyzed. He tried pushing the shadow off, but his body barely moved, the shadow barely budging. Immobilized, all Harry could do was lie there in horror and watch what the phantom would do next.

The shadow lifted its hand up a finger going to Harry's forehead and began tracing the scar there.

Harry thought the touch was going to be painful, but instead he received a peaceful feeling like the ones he'd gotten before when he was in his room at number four Privet Drive. He allowed himself to stop struggling and began to relax.

The shadow moved again and was almost seated on top of Harry's chest when suddenly a loud scream filled the room.

Both Harry and the shadow's head snapped to the side looking at Ron's shocked face. The shadow vanished in an instant and lights began flipping on in the room as everyone rushed in, wands out and ready.

"Ron! What's wrong?" Mrs. Weasley asked worriedly. She looked around the room and upon seeing nothing crossed over to her son and embraced him.

The others also seemed to see nothing and they lowered their wands, all attention turned to Ron looking for answers.

"Th, there was," Ron stuttered pointing at Harry.

"There was what?" Sirius demanded harshly.

"It was nothing," Harry answered calmly all eyes now on him. "We thought there was something in here, but there wasn't."

"Thought?" Ron asked horrified. He was now looking at Harry as if he'd grown horns and turned green. "What do you mean thought? I bloody well know what I saw!"

Harry said nothing, instead just rolled his eyes as if the whole thing had been a mistake and Ron had had a bad dream.

"Ron, what do you think - at least- you saw?" Hermione asked pushing her way through the crowd of people in the door way. The others, besides Mrs. Weasley who was still hugging Ron tightly were now watching her.

"I saw a shadow, well an outline," he said firmly for once not at all embarrassed by his mother's attention. "Grabbed Harry by the wrist and even sat on him! Blimey I had no choice, but to scream. The rest of my body wouldn't move! Harry's wouldn't either-"

"How do you know my body wouldn't move Ron?" Harry asked somewhat irritated. He knew if he could just say the right words that everyone would dismiss Ron's claims and he wouldn't have to explain anything to anyone. "Well?" He of course knew that the shadow had scared him at first, but after he'd gotten over the shock, he couldn't deny having actually enjoying the warm safe feeling he was getting from it.

"Oh come on mate! You wanted to scream, I saw the look on your face!"

"Ron I have no idea what you're talking about," he replied simply, completely remaining in control of his emotions. He didn't like the idea of lying, especially since it made Ron seem as if he'd gone mad, but it was the price he had to pay in order to keep the necklace with him. He'd after all just found out something quite new about his obtained object and wanted to look farther into it.

"See!" Mrs. Weasley snapped letting go of her son and glaring at the crowd by the door. "Now the kids are having nightmares, because of you wanting to tell them things! No more!" She screamed at them, mostly at Sirius.

The crowd left the room, Hermione only remaining a few extra seconds before following the others.

A blush had crept over Ron's face after they were all gone, the door firmly shut behind them.

Harry's stomach started twisting into a tight knot. That was the second time Mrs. Weasley had raised her voice at his godfather and he was seriously becoming annoyed with it.


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