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Chapter 45: The Most Likely Ending

Another spell shot through the air causing Harry to hiss, as he was growing more and more impatient. He felt like he was once again being cast away, Dumbledore deeming him unworthy once again of being unable to do anything, especially something this important. He looked at the statue's stance trying to find a weak point and failed.

'This isn't right,' he growled to himself and tried to slip by the side of its leg. The statue quickly moved though and instead of getting out, he almost obtained a broken arm. 'Gee thanks.' There was suddenly a huge burst of flames in front of him and using this as his distraction he blew up the statue's arm with his wand running past it. The flames had taken on the form of a snake and were rushing towards Dumbledore at an amazing speed.

"DUCK!" he screamed to the headmaster. Dumbledore didn't even bother with moving aside; just cast some type of water shield deflecting it. This seemed to be Voldemort's plan as the minute Dumbledore turned his attention to the flaming snake the Dark Lord cast a killing curse at him. Out of nowhere, Fawkes came swooping down, opened its mouth wide and swallowed it whole. Both spells were gone.

"The Aurors are on their way you know," he warned him, but Voldemort just laughed.

"If you think a bunch of Ministry people are going to frighten me," he shot three more curses, which Dumbledore instantly brought up a shield deflecting them.

"I'm afraid it is time we end this foolish fight. You see, death is far too good for you and thus I'll be forced to hand you over to the authorities." He sighed and Harry wondered why Dumbledore seemed so distraught at this. "Stay put Harry," he yelled towards him Voldemort suddenly running at the Headmaster. It was a foolish thing to do, or so Harry thought. It was at the last minute he realized Voldemort was running at him, not Dumbledore.

He pulled his wand out and screamed one of the unforgivables at him, but he was gone. He couldn't see Voldemort anywhere; instead, Tom was standing in front of him breathing hard, but in a solid form regardless.

"You have to leave," he said haggardly not even looking at Harry. He remained in front of his boyfriend as if using himself as a shield. "You're strong…not that strong…you have to go."

"What do you mean go, Tom we both have to go, we all need to get out of here," he dropped his hand onto Tom's shoulder tightly and pain instantly racked his body. He screamed out falling back down to his knees, the pain so intense he was crying. "Wha-"

"Get out of here," he growled again. "You don't belong in this realm, not when he's around!" Harry managed to gather himself enough to look up and saw Voldemort staring at him. His memories suddenly shot through his mind, but it was too painful for him to focus on it. He tried to grab onto Tom's hand, but the pain was too much. He let out what he'd thought would be a loud scream, but it only came out as a small gasp.

'Alright…' he thought closing his eyes. 'You win Tom I'll listen to you…' his body felt lighter and he could feel the blood beginning to flow from his scar. 'But you're coming with….with us…my family….and Sirius…we'll all go together.' His hand tightened around Tom's own. The pain ten folded within his body, but his hand remained wrapped around Tom's own.

'You idiot,' he turned to look at him smiling sadly. His face looked worse than Sirius' own, almost as if his skin and muscle had been ripped out from under his left eye. The bone was sticking out there, but Harry didn't pull away, Tom was Tom regardless of how he looked and then there was nothing. He was no longer in front of Tom, rather staring at the fountain and Dumbledore who was kneeling beside him.

"Are you alright," he asked. It was the first time Harry had heard Dumbledore's voice sound so full of fear or was it pain? He sat up wincing, but tried to get a good look around. Tom's aura was gone again and so was Sirius' body.

"What happened," he groaned rubbing his scar. It seemed to be the only part of his body that was throbbing the rest of the pain having vanished at some point. Hearing the sound of footsteps Harry jerked up and saw that there were hundreds of people within the room standing behind them. Smiling Dumbledore held his hand out to Harry who took it and got to his feet. "Where's…Tom and-"

"Shhh. It's best not to mention that name here," he winked at him before turning to look at the others in the room. They were all whispering to one another and Harry couldn't blame them. This was the first time he'd seen the entire amount of damage that had been done to the room and it was far from a pretty sight. The statues looked near rubble save for two, the house elf and goblin that seemed to be pulling the Minister of Magic towards them. Walls had been broken, large cracks had appeared in the floor and any type of glass in the area had been shattered.

"He was there! You-Know-Who was in this very building," one of the aurors finally screamed. There were some gasps, but a good deal of the others joined in agreement saying they had seen him as well before he'd vanished.

"I'm aware, Williamson," Fudge muttered not wanting to even look Dumbledore in the eyes. Harry couldn't blame him for not wanting to face Dumbledore, he'd been a complete idiot this past year and now he was going to pay for it. This thought alone gave Harry immense satisfaction.

"If you wish to see a bit more proof," Dumbledore started smiling. "I'd proceed downstairs to the Depart of Mysteries where there are a good deal of death eaters tied up, a few no longer with us," he explained. Some Aurors quickly ran over to the lift and upon finding, it broken headed for the stairs. "Death Chamber," he called out to them as they left. A few of the other men seemed unsure if they should go after Dumbledore or not, but quickly decided against it.

"Fine," Fudge sighed in a defeated tone. He muttered a few orders for the people to start cleaning up this mess and then looked back to Dumbledore. "You'll be explaining everything that happened here to me at once," he ordered Dumbledore.

"I will," Dumbledore replied calmly, "after young Harry here is sent back to school." Fudge went pale and he tried to get a good look over Dumbledore's shoulder.

"Ha, Harry Potter, here," he asked the very notion sounding insane.

"Yes, but I'll explain after he's no longer here," he smiled. Ignoring Fudge's small complaints, the Headmaster walked past Fudge and taped the wizard's head with his wand turning it into a portkey. "Alright then, minister." He turned to look at him a serious expression on his face. "You will order Dolores Umbridge be removed from Hogwarts immediately and you will stop chasing after my Care of Magical Creatures teacher so that he may return to school." Fudge nodded dumbly knowing he had no choice. "I shall give you half an hour of my time, after that I must return to my school where, should you need me send a letter addressed to the Headmaster which you'll find will come to me."

"Professor Dumbledore," Harry interrupted nervously.

"Yes Harry?"

"The others," he asked quietly.

"We'll be sent straight back to Hogwarts, do not worry. Now please, use this portkey and return to school. I shall be there shortly." He held the portkey out so Harry could grab it. "One…Two….Three."


Harry hit the ground hard instantly dropping the wizard's head and looked around weakly. The room was the same as it had been before everything had happened, everything he realized, but the damage he'd done. Tom was no longer standing beside him. He let out a small groan as everything suddenly flooded over him. Sirius' dead body, the fights, and all the damage he'd done in the ministry, the curse, he'd actually killed someone and somewhere along the way, he'd lost Tom. He had no idea how since the boy had been contacting him after his solid form had been attacked, but he could no longer sense him at all.

Panicking he pulled the necklace out and saw a large crack going through the part where the answers would pop up if he asked any. Any hope he had left vanished and he sunk to the floor holding it tightly. This was all his fault, all of it. Had he just done as Tom had told him and blocked out all the dreams Voldemort sent him than this wouldn't have happened. His godfather would still be alive, his lover would still be beside him, and his friends…his friends wouldn't have come so close to death…

"What kind of a friend am I," he groaned again. The portraits in the room looked over at Harry curiously now, most of them awake. They were whispering quickly from one another trying to figure out if Dumbledore was returning or not. Harry was in no mood to talk, but wishing for silence rather than anything else he looked to one of the old headmasters sighing. "Professor Dumbledore will be back soon," he muttered.

"He's in here, I suppose that means Dumbledore sent you another message for my worthless great-great-grandson," he asked sounding more bored than he ever had. Harry's stomach did a small turn and he turned his back to the portrait of Phineas. He couldn't face the man who had been blood related to Sirius and tell him that his godson had caused his death. The other portraits all seemed to busy celebrating though having heard Harry's words that Dumbledore would be back soon. The cheery feeling made his stomach twist even more.

He decided he'd had enough, rather he wanted to go back to his dorm room, there he'd be in bed and he hoped beyond common sense that Tom might be there, waiting for him to collect him back up in his necklace where he'd stay safe and sound still he could once again become solid. He stood up more than a few of the wizards and witches questioning him if he was all right, but he ignored them. He tugged hard on the doorknob and nearly kicked the door when he realized it was locked tight.

"You know Dumbledore thinks very highly of you, as I am sure you know," one of the portraits said quickly. "Holds you in great esteem," he went on, obviously trying to keep Harry in the room. Harry let out a growl of frustration and giving up on the door and sulked back over to the desk where he slid back to the floor fingering the necklace. At the last moment, an idea popped into his head and he pulled his wand out trying to fix it, but the necklace remained as stubborn as Tom had been and instead stayed as it was. He sighed putting his wand back into his robes when the fireplace burst into emerald-green flames and out came Albus Dumbledore smiling and saying thank you to the many portraits who'd welcomed him back. Harry watched him move from the fireplace over to the perch near his desk where he sat the baby Fawkes in a tray of ashes and grinned at the featherless bird.

"Well, Harry," the headmaster finally said turning around to meet him. "Everyone…mostly everyone," he corrected himself upon seeing the necklace in Harry's hands, "has come out of this alive and well."

"Really," was all he could muttered his gaze going back to the necklace. Dumbledore let out a small sigh, the first Harry had heard in a long while that caused him to look back up. "Nymphadora Tonks will no doubt be taken to St. Mungo's for a little while; however, that was the worse of it…" His voice trailed off, as he knew there were worse things to Harry that had happened. "About Tom…"

"He's dead, I know," Harry finally managed to say throwing the necklace at the headmaster. The portraits all seemed taken aback by Harry's rash action, but Dumbledore did nothing besides catch the necklace and watch his student wearily. "He's dead, and so is Sirius and it's all my fault! I'll never see them again, what's the point anymore," he demanded tears starting to streak down his face. "All, because I didn't listen to him…Tom told me to ignore the dream…told me it wouldn't do any good and still…he…" He started crying more unable to speak. Phineas made an odd sound when he'd heard that his great-great grandson was dead and suddenly his picture was empty, no doubt going to look for him at Grimmauld Place.

"Harry please, this is just as much my fault as it is yours. I barely trusted you enough as I should have and Tom decided to make a very rash move I hadn't counted out," he sighed closing his eyes. He moved behind his desk taking a seat his eyes never leaving Harry. "Please, hear me out Harry, this may take a while…"

"It doesn't matter…whatever you have to say won't bring them back. I'm alone again I have no one! No one ever…and I never even got to prove to Sirius I was myself and not my father…" He let out a choked sob as he'd tried to stop crying and failed.

"Harry, Sirius loved you as yourself and-"

"No he didn't…he was constantly looking past me and seeing my father…" He wiped a few of his tears away with his robe sleeve. "Everyone else…knew the difference. I proved it to Lupin and the others…but Sirius just saw me as James." He closed his eyes. "And Tom saw me for me…and, because of me…they're both dead."

"Harry," Dumbledore said warningly. "Your godfather saw you as you, though I will admit that he sometimes got carried away wishing that James was still alive." He let out another small breath as he went on trying to explain things calmly. "You see Harry, I knew of the prophecy in the Ministry; I knew that Tom was well aware of it as well. I never expected for him to readily agree to run down there with you in order to obtain it.-"

"He didn't want me to get it. I convinced him to go so we could save Sirius…his body was shocked from making me put the prophecy back on the self. He didn't want me to remove it in the first place," he explain looking away.

"Yes, well. He already knew what was going to happen as I'm sure he'd been well informed," Dumbledore said rubbing his temples gently. "Had I not made the mistake of keeping it from you as well, as I knew Voldemort would attempt to use you in obtaining the prophecy in the first place…perhaps this all could have been avoided…alas I made an old man's mistake and being more worried than smart, I did not tell you." He sighed again. "I was not aware that Voldemort knew of the link between the two of you before I started to avoid you…he had known from the beginning, no doubt, because of Tom."

"Tom didn't do anything," Harry suddenly shouted defensively. Dumbledore smiled at this nodding.

"No, he didn't, but when Voldemort realized the bond you two had, he must have noticed that you and him also had the same thing. This meant he was fooling the both of us from the start. And once again I was fooled…so many mistakes I made Harry, because I was more worried about your happiness than the life of others and so many other things…I should have told you the prophecy."

"It doesn't matter," he muttered looking out the window. The sun was beginning to rise and he felt like the world had betrayed the feelings within him. "They're gone…and the prophecy…it's still down there…he probably grabbed it before he left."

"Actually," Dumbledore smiled at him slightly. "With the big mess you made down there you actually destroyed the shelf containing the prophecy in it…however…I do have it in my memory…" His voice trailed off and he sighed. Harry knew he was aware that he was listening to him, but it was going in one ear and out the other.

"Sorry Professor," he said laying his head on the desk. He closed his eyes tightly the tears still coming out, he had no idea what to do anymore. They started talking more; Dumbledore admitting to more of his mistakes, things Harry barely even began to understand what they had to do with Voldemort. As he went on though it started to connect, but he didn't have the heart to attack his headmaster, after all even if he'd of known, he'd of still gone to save his godfather.

Dumbledore allowed Harry to hear the prophecy that had been made about him. He listened and Dumbledore apologized again, something Harry didn't really care to hear. Instead, he stood up and just walked over to the old wizard and going against half the thoughts running through his mind he hugged him. Dumbledore seemed quite shocked at this, but slowly retuned it.

"I don't blame you," he said quietly keeping his voice calm. "I don't and I can't…because I know I would have still gone to Sirius. So in the end…it's both our faults…and we'll get through this." Dumbledore said something Harry couldn't hear and tightened his hug around him.

"You have no idea-"

"But, you're going to tell me what's going on with Tom and if there's anyway I can bring him back. He wasn't human right?" The headmaster sighed again and his arms fell away from Harry who took a step back to watch him.

"Tom…The necklace being broke…I don't really know if he can…but…" He seemed to be thinking for a moment. "I can tell you how he got here…." Harry stared at him than shook his head.

"I'll have him tell me," he said in a deathly calm tone before heading to the door. "I'm going to get him back." Dumbledore nodded slowly and released the lock on the door.

"I am indebted to you Harry, for not hating me as much as I had thought you would…I will research what I can about fixing the necklace."

"If there's one thing I've learned…humans make mistakes professor…" He turned to look at him. "However, how we fix these mistakes or react to make things better as a result of them…that's what really matters right?" He forced a small smile on his face. "You fixed your problem now I have to fix mine. I have to get Tom back." And with that said, he walked out of the room. He stopped and poked his head back in. "Professor Dumbledore?"

"Y, yes Harry?" The Headmaster looked like he was going to cry any second now.

"Tom killed Umbridge…you might want to eh…well she's been cursed about ten different times," he muttered. "In her office." He quickly left than leaving the headmaster sitting there in another state of shock.


Harry was shocked to have later found out all his friends were in the hospital wing later that day. He hadn't realized that Dumbledore had only used a spell to numb the pain rather than get rid of the wounds and so here, he was with everyone else, Draco, Luna, and himself being the only ones who were allowed to leave the wing whenever they wanted to. Hermione was currently reading the Daily Prophet, which of course were now going on about how wonderful Harry and Dumbledore were.

"Want a Chocolate Frog Harry," Ron asked taking a bite of his own. Harry smiled at him shaking his head.

"Naa I don't need any." Ron shrugged and threw it to Malfoy who caught it and bit into it quickly.

"Don't eat the card," Ron joked and scowling Draco threw the bottom half of the chocolate frog at him hitting him in the face. "HEY!"

"You kind of deserved it," Harry snickered and he stood up the necklace tightly clenched in his hand. "Well, I'm going to go and talk to Hagrid…I promised him I would today."

"Tell him we all said hi," Hermione said smiling. "Oh and see how...y'know is doing!"

"I'll make sure the fools stay in bed," Draco assured him and he nodded. He could tell Ron was getting grumpy at his departure, but he wanted to ask Hagrid a few questions before he was sent back home. He knew to that Draco was getting uneasy as Mr. Weasley hadn't seemed to happy about Ron's request of him going back with him, so something had to be done.

He walked down the hall and finally the steps until he was in the entrance hall. He was just about to walk out when the side door opened to the dungeon common room, Snape stepping out of it.

"Potter," he said his eyes slightly narrowed. A huge amount of hate went through Harry's body, but he bit it back knowing that Snape was one of the people he had to talk to.

"I intend to bring Tom back," he said bluntly causing Snape to raise an eyebrow.

"Do you now?"

"Yeah. And I need a potion that'll turn someone ghost like…at least a few weeks of the summer," he said casually as if Snape was no longer a problem and he'd obey him regardless.

"And why is that," he questioned glaring. He obviously didn't like being ordered around by Harry.

"I intend to take Draco back home with me. I need it to fool the muggles."

"And just ho- Professor McGonagall! You're back!"

"Yes, and quite alive," she said dropping her carpetbag beside her. She leaned more on her stick than, but smiling all the same. "I am quite proud Potter, I suggest fifty points to everyone who went with Mr. Potter and warned the world that You-Know-Who is back." Suddenly the empty glass for the house points suddenly shot up as did Slytherin's and Raveclaw's. "Now, if you'd be so kind as to help me…" She looked at the potion's Master questioningly.

"Of course…Potter. Meet me in my classroom before you leave, I'll have it there," he said coldly.

"Thanks professor. Hope you feel better Professor McGonagall," he said quickly running out the door before she could question what he'd asked for. He ran down into the lawn avoiding most of the people as he walked towards Hagrid's hut. He didn't feel like being near many people right now, but at the same time, he didn't feel like being alone either. He felt dirty, he'd killed two people on purpose in the Ministry and then indirectly had been the cause of Tom and Sirius' deaths. And it bothered him that the thought of killing again didn't bother him as much as it should of. The words Tom had told him that sometimes it has to be done calmed him and suddenly all he wanted was his boyfriend back so he could latch onto his arm as he usually did.

He waited a few minutes took a breath and knocked on the door. He waited for Hagrid to come answer the door and just when he was about to walk off Fang came running over to him and tackling him to the ground. He started laughing for the first time in a while stroking Fang's fur. Hagrid came over grinning and pulled Fang off of him.

"Won't ever listen," Hagrid, muttered tugging on Fang's collar. "Come 'ere Fang!" The dog whimpered a bit showing its disproval. He tried to get at Harry again, but Hagrid dragged him into the hut, Harry following. "So, how yeh been," he asked after he'd made some tea and set it down in front of Harry. He sat down and took a swing from his mug.

"Fine…Hagrid…I know this is going to sound odd, but…I need the exact year, date, and time Tom cornered you at Hogwarts, when you were both at school," he said quietly. Hagrid nearly dropped his mug.

"Ye, yeh what?! What do you need tah know that for," he asked setting his mug down quickly. "What's goin through yeh head?"

"I'm going to get him back," he stated bluntly. "I'm going to get Tom back…and than I'm going to kill Voldemort." Harry could tell Hagrid wasn't used to this kind of bluntness from him; after all, Ron, Hermione, and himself had spent their first five years doing what they could to avoid being caught by teachers, even Hagrid at times.

"Well…just promise me yeh won't go gettin yerself killed," he muttered pulling out a quill and some parchment from his pocket. He scribbled down the information and handed it back to Harry. "I don't remember the time quite well…did what I could.."

"Oh…and the others wanted to know how Grawp was," he said suddenly his tone no longer as serious as it had been. He placed the piece of paper in his pocket waiting for the answer.

""He's bin doing a lot better, loads better," he said trying to smile. "I mean he o'…well he's bin actin better and well, he's a good lad. Bin thinkin' abou' tryin' ter find him a lady friend, actually…" his voice trailed off Harry grinning at him. "Nice teh see yeh smilin'," he said to Harry a real smile on his own face now.

"Yeah well, some things have to be done. I'm going to get Tom back…and even if Sirius is gone…" he let his voice trail off, but he shook his head the smile returning. "But if I have Tom, anything is possible. I'll kill Voldemort and…and than I'm going to try and just…. I want to fight Hagrid. I want to track down evil wizards and make sure peace stays, but still…I feel the need to get away from everything and just spend time with Tom after I get him back." Hagrid nodded slowly letting out a small sigh.

"Yeh Harry…seems yeh really like him eh?"


"I'll do meh best to help yeh, can't promise nothin…but I'll do meh best."

"Thanks Hagrid." They talked a bit longer until it was time for dinner, the both of them walking to the castle together. They separated in the Great Hall Harry taking a seat at his house table, Hagrid at the staff table.


Three days passed and Harry found it hard to get himself to talk with the others without wanting to walk away or go into himself. He'd managed to gather the potions from Professor Snape who warned him if he did anything that'd endanger Draco; he'd come to his muggle home at once and burn it down. Harry had thanked him, gone back up to his room and set it down in his trunk. He was tempted to head down to the feast, but he couldn't muster the energy to go. Instead, he found himself lying on his bed staring at the ceiling wondering when he'd see Tom next.

'And maybe if I can get Tom back…maybe I can even get Sirius back,' he thought to himself his eyes sparkling. He was beginning to think of ideas on how to put his plans into action, how he'd be able to make it all work some how when the door to the dorm opened. Needless to say he was shocked to see Draco walk in alone.

"Hey." He walked in closing the door behind him and over to Harry's bed sitting down on the edge of it. He seemed bored with that and lay down on the bed beside him also looking up at the ceiling now, his hands behind his head. "So…My dad…is kind of still alive," he muttered catching Harry off guard.

"What?! But you-"

"He had a shield on beneath his clothes…my curse just knocked him out cold. I…I can't come back to Hogwarts. When I get home, he's going to kill me."

"Draco, I told you that I'd help you out even if Tom couldn't, didn't I," he said sitting up. He started going through his packed trunk and pulled out the small bottles and held it one out to him.

"What's this," he asked staring at it. "Wait…I know what this is…"

"Yep," Harry grinned. "You'll be completely safe and my house is hidden like number twelve is, he can't get to you…and you can help me over the summer get Tom back." Draco attempted to say something, but the words didn't come. Instead, for the first time Harry had ever seen, he threw his arms around Harry hugging him tightly and muttering a thanks. "You're welcome."

"So umm…" He let Harry go placing the bottle back into the Gryffindor's trunk. "You had said you wanted to talk to me about something, what was it?"

"The prophecy…Dumbledore told me what it was…I wanted to tell you…in case Tom got a hold of you first," he attempted to explain calmly, but his voice cracked.

"You know he'll get a hold of you first."

"Just listen…The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies and the dark lord will make him as his equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not…and either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives…the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies," he said. He'd asked Dumbledore to hear it a few times and memorized it all himself.

"Long thing you got memorized there Potter," he snickered at him, but the look on his face told Harry he realized just how serious this thing was. "But the power…you think it's Tom?"

"No…I know what it is, but Tom would help, a lot…and even if he can't, I want him back, don't you," he asked turning to look at him.

"Of course I do…"

"So you'll help me?"

"Yeah, I'll help."


The train came to a complete stop and they all looked at one another. Neither Harry nor Draco had explained to the others their plan and so when Harry pulled out a potion bottle Hermione was giving him a very odd look.

"Harry, what do you intend to do with that," she asked nervously as he handed it to Malfoy.

"Save him," Harry replied absently and he pulled Hedwig from the rack. "Ron, can you take his Owl and trunk for now? We'll pick it up later." Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Hermione all looked at each other before returning their gazes at the two in front of them.

"What in the world is going on," Hermione demanded.

"Draco's staying with me until later on this summer," he explained. "The Dursleys will hear nothing of it though so I'm going to make them think they're…well you'll see." And with that said he refused to tell them anything else and walked out of the compartment. They all waited until the ticket checker gave the okay and walked out back into the muggle world. Harry was quite surprised to see Tonks, Mad-Eye, and Lupin all standing there smiling at Harry along with Mr. Weasley, the twins, and Hermione's parents.

"I don't see my dad…let's get out of here as soon as we can," A very ghostly version of Malfoy said as he looked up and down the long platform nervously.

"Right," he replied quickly. "Umm…it's great to see you guys," he said to the others hurriedly, "but I really need to be going."

"It's alright Harry," Lupin said smiling. "We heard what you were doing…more like Snape came and warned us," he grinned, but Harry could see the tired look behind it, no doubt cause from lack of sleep without Sirius.

"Lupin listen…everything's going to be okay," he said quietly. He had no idea why, after all it would be easier it seemed to get Tom back before he could learn to bring back the dead. "It's just…going to take some time." Lupin sighed slightly the smile never leaving his face. He put his hand on Harry's shoulder shaking his head.

"We're all proud of you Harry and we know you'll do us proud in the end."

"Well…I hope to do it before then." He grinned back at him and hugged him. Lupin seemed surprised and Harry began to wonder if he should hug people more so they wouldn't go into states of shock when he touched them. "Well then…why don't we go have a talk with your guardians hmm?"

"With the Dursleys," he asked shocked himself now.

"Yeah…we have to make sure they don't do anything to you and you'll be joining the Weasleys' soon enough so don't worry." Harry nodded and they all walked over to the quite frightened muggles. The Order members quickly gathered around them, Ron and Hermione there as well as they talked. Draco stood behind them, Harry next to them as they all began giving his guardians a very well warned and worded threat.

"Well I can see this is going to be an interesting summer," Draco whispered and Harry grinned at him.

"And it's just beginning," he said pointing to Dudley. Malfoy looked over Tonk's shoulder and smirked seeing the boy standing there looking utterly terrified of all of them.

"Doesn't like wizards?"

"Utterly terrified of us when in large groups."

"Guess I'll get to still bully someone, then," Draco smirked.

"Slytherin through and through huh?"

"Yeah," he replied smirking. Harry looked around and jerked Ron to the side so he was standing in the way. Standing not to far from them was Draco's mother looking up and down the platform looking utterly terrified herself.

"Time to go," Harry, whispered. The other Order members looked and nodded all of them following them to the Dursleys' car.

"Have a good Holiday," Ron and Hermione called out to them waving.

"Without a doubt," Harry yelled back to them and then looked forward smirking. "Without a doubt."

"Going to cause hell?"

"Oh yes," Harry grinned. "And you're going to help."

"With pleasure."

The End

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