The snow started to fall. It's cold here now. I hate the smell that always attacks my nose when we come here. Mother promised that I would get used to it but I never did. Not after being in the forest and smelling nothing but sweet natural smells all my life.

After my father died, Inuyasha took care of my mother. I could see that he really loved her. Not only did he say it all the time but he also would do sweet things for her, things my father used to do. Soon I could see my mother loved him back but she wouldn't be with him. I remember she told me one night when I was five why.

She came into my room, we lived in Sengoku Jidai, she told me that she loved Inuyasha and she still loved father but she could never be with him. She said their friendship was too important to her. I didn't understand what she meant then but I do now.

We came back this time for my 15th birthday. The past 13 years have been hectic but every teen goes through trials. Mother told me she was 15 when she fell through the well and met father. She was also 15 when she had me. I never understood why she chose to marry my father and have me at such a young age, but I guess father was the only man she truly loved.

When I say my mother never married Inuyasha, I think I should explain. She never married him or became his mate. Inuyasha knew that she was Kouga's mate for life even if he was dead. That doesn't mean they were never together. Inuyasha lived with us in Sengoku Jidai as what people today would call my 'step-father'. He remained by my mother's side and never pressed her to marry him. They had two children together, my brother Naota, and my sister Miyoko. They will never know my father but they have no reason too.

After my mother became pregnant with Miyoko, who is older then Naota, she decided we would live in Sengoku Jidai. It made sense. She couldn't live with a hanyou and raise a quarter youkai and wolf hanyou in the future. We'd never be able to go to school. So in the past we stayed. Mother taught us all to read and write and we visit everyone in the future regularly.

The one good thing about the past is when I three the perverted monk and demon slayer had a son. He was three years younger but he was still someone to play with. His name is Roudin. He quickly became my best friend. My mother also decided to stay in the past because of her duty to the Shikon no Tama.

After Naota was born if was harder for her to protect to jewel. She also had to think of her family. She had two young children and baby to care for. Inuyasha was a big help but I also helped out. After all I was the one who killed Naraku; it's just bad I didn't do it sooner.

I sometimes think back to that day years ago. They day my father was killed. I have fully come into powers now. I've trained with my mother and the monk. I have been told by Kaede that I am more powerful then my mother. My siblings did not receive my mother holy powers as I have but they still are strong enough to take care of themselves.

I have to go now. I hear my mother calling me. After all it's my party. I can't believe I'm fifteen. Well I have to help my mother. She's pregnant again. Maybe she and Inuyasha will finally realize they should get married. Well bye now.

A/N: So that is it. Sorry the end is so strange but I wrote this story over 2 years ago and didn't really want to change it. Hope you enjoyed the story.