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Sango never liked it when Miroku smiled at her.

It wasn't the sudden churning in her gut or the audible beat of her heart...

It was just the smile.

That was the smile that he and all other boys showed to pretty maidens, like china dolls, who were delicate, quiet, reserved, and humble...

Not hardened, muscled warriors with scars and a temper and emotional baggage...

She was always a different girl, untraditional, defiant... a warrior. Few men who watched her slaughter demons could possibly find any attraction for the slayer. Villages where she had worked often whispered that she couldn't possibly have been a woman, had to be something else, a demon, or a man in disguise...

No, Miroku's smile always seemed to be mocking her, with its hint of lust and fullness of charm, in a way that most other girls would have giggled and tittered and blushed at.

But she wasn't that sort of girl.

That sort of girl would have let herself be swept up in the charms and innuendo.

Sango was the sort of girl would who would strike a man for such a thing.

And she did.

He was the oddest monk she'd ever met... always womanizing, always scheming and tricking...

Normally, she would never have associated herself with him. At first glance, he was a charmer, a ladies man despite his profession.

Go deeper, and he was a charlatan, a crafty blackmailer and a individualistic pig.

But being forced to know him, forced to place her life in his hands, she had come to know what hid beneath the mask.

A tragic, pensive soul, wise and loyal.

And she started to realize that he too, was far different than society's standards.

They all were, really.

Shippo seemed a mere boy, a trickster... but he was also an orphan, and deeply loyal to Kagome and everyone else, to a lesser extent. To the young kitsune, the time traveling girl was an adopted mother.

Inuyasha seemed a defiant, brash, hostile half demon, but deeper was a loyal, protective streak and the unwillingness to harm a human. He even loathed the mere smell of human blood.

Kagome seemed a helpless girl, but get her riled up, stir her sense of justice up, and she was possibly more dangerous than any single member of their group. It was she who nearly slew Naraku, and it was she who cared for each member of their rag tag group with her kindness.

Yes, they were all a strange bunch. None of them fit anywhere else, belonged anywhere.

They were all different.

That was why they were all together, all so tightly knit.

So maybe...

Just maybe...

His smile didn't bother her all that much.

Author's Notes

Odd. It sort of wandered away from me near the end, but I can't do romance well and there was really very little more I could have added on the first subject.