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P.S. - This takes place after The End but Raven still doesn't show very much emotion in the first few chapters. She's still adjusting to the fact that her father's influence is gone.

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BB and Raven are sent undercover to a boarding school to protect the president's daughter but what they don't know is that this is the same school BB went to before & after his parents died. Now he has to face his past, keep Raven from killing other students and protect one snobby teen. Piece of cake right?

Robin was pacing the length of his room trying to sort out his thoughts. A government official had just called him and explained that the president's daughter was enrolling in a private boarding school. She had made it very clear to her father that she wanted to look normal at school which meant no Secret Service people running around her constantly. The president was requesting that Robin send two Titans undercover to act as bodyguards

"Who would I send?" Robin wondered out loud. He opened the door and headed to the gym. Training always helped him think.

He attacked the punching bag with a shout. The bag was at least four feet taller than him and probably weighed seven times as much but it never bothered Robin. He enjoyed the challenge. He turned half his thoughts to the problem and kept the other half focused on his training.

He would have to send one of the girls so they could follow Miranda (the president's daughter) (I thought it sounded like a snobby name) where guys weren't allowed to go. Between the two girls Raven was a better choice since she could blend in as a teenager better than Starfire. Cyborg was needed to make sure the Tower was running smoothly and to keep the communicators needed for the mission up and running. And there was no way he would leave Beast Boy and Cyborg alone in the Tower with just Starfire to referee. So the only two people were Beast Boy and Raven

"What are you doing?" a dull voice asked behind him. Robin turned his attention to his surroundings and found he was attacking the air. The punching bag was a few feet away from him and had stuffing coming out of it. He turned around to find Raven watching him with dull eyes

"I was just…" he shrugged and Raven rolled her eyes

"Whatever." the bag was engulfed in a black mist and the seams repaired themselves then it hung itself back on the hook. Raven then sat in her corner of the training room and pulled her legs underneath her

"Hey Raven, I don't mean to interrupt but there's something I need to talk with you and Beast Boy about." Raven opened one eye. If it had been anyone else Robin would have thought it was rather lazily but Raven was anything but lazy

"Whatever he complained about he had it coming." she replied. Robin looked puzzled for a moment then shook it off

"No it's about something much more important. It's about an undercover mission." the Goth girl's eyes both snapped open instantly

"Alright I'm coming." she said crossing her arms. Robin led the way to the door and opened it then he turned to Raven

"Just what did you do to Beast Boy anyway?" Raven's face was unreadable but her eyes were full of mischief

"Oh nothing. He's just hanging from the Tower roof by the tips of his pointy ears." it took a moment for Robin to realize Raven was joking

"You had me going there for a moment." he said laughing. A small smile played over Raven's features then disappeared rapidly.

Beast Boy sat silently on the sofa taking in what Robin was saying. His face looked strangely serious like he was deep in thought. (Those are both firsts LOL)

"In case you forget Robin. I'm green, have fangs and pointed ears." he said. Robin sat down slowly

"I didn't forget. Cyborg is going to adjust his holorings to work on you."

Beast Boy drew in one deep breath; held it then released it slowly. Should he tell his leader the real reason he didn't want to go?

"I guess I'll go. Starfire wouldn't really understand a lot of the tings at the school anyway." Raven said from her floating position above the couch. Robin glanced at Beast Boy who nodded slowly as if he still wasn't totally sure.

The next week flew by like a minute. There were forms to fill out, clothes and books to buy. Cyborg worked for hours on the holorings and Raven and Beast Boy both read the student handbook

"Great we have to wear uniforms." Raven said in a dark tone. The girl's uniform consisted of either a tan or navy plaited skirt that reached the knees and different colored polo shirts with a loose tie. She also had to wear knee socks and normal shoes. Beast Boy's was the same only he wore navy or tan pants his tie had to be tightened

"Hello I have to wear a tie!" Beast Boy yelled waving the book over his head. After he quieted down Raven got up and touched her hair absently

"No extreme hair color. Guess that means I'll have to dye my hair."

"We have some black dye left over from when Star dressed up as a witch for Halloween last year." Robin said looking up from the mess of papers he was examining

"I still say you should have gone as the witch Rae." Beast Boy said absently. For an answer Raven threw a small sofa cushion at him

"Never challenge the master of pillow fights." Beast Boy said picking himself up from the impact of the pillow. He threw it at Raven who stepped aside. After a moment it became a one sided war since Raven threw the pillows with her powers and returned everything Beast Boy threw at her

"Hey guys cut it out. Beast Boy go see if Cyborg has the rings ready yet. Raven, go check on Star, I haven't seen her in awhile and that bothers me." the two Titans walked through the doors leaving Robin in silence. He sighed and dug around in the papers and started jotting down information.

Raven walked down the halls behind Beast Boy. She knew Starfire was in her room doing something and she secretly was interested what Beast Boy would look like with Cyborg's rings on him

"Why are you following me?" Beast Boy asked. Raven paused for a moment then caught up with him

"No reason. I was going to meditate in the training room."

"We just passed it." Raven flushed slightly and Beast Boy shoved his hands deep inside his pockets

"You just want to see what I'll look like as a normal person." Raven nodded and glanced at the changeling. He had been oddly silent for the past week spending a lot of time alone or in his room

"Is something bothering you Beast Boy?" she asked as they neared Cyborg's work room that joined up with the garage

"No not really. I'm fine Raven really."

"You're a horrible liar." Raven said in her usual monotone. Beast Boy looked back at her and Raven caught an icy chill coming from him. He was afraid of something

"I'd rather not talk about it." Raven shrugged

"That's your decision but if you want to talk about it I'll listen." with that she turned down a corridor that would take her up to the roof.