Chapter Fifteen: Christmas!

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Raven's eyes flickered open slowly. Her bedside clock said it was a little past five in the morning. She got up carefully trying not to disturb Beast Boy. She snuck downstairs and started making herself some tea

"Let's see here we go. Instant coffee." she said lifting the box out of the cabinet.

After making breakfast for everyone she went to the window and started meditating. All her emotions were laughing and playing with each other happily because of the new sensations Raven had been showing. Raven smiled then sought out Affection. The purple clad emotion was sitting up in a tree with Timid. She was talking with her gently

"Hello up there." Raven said. The two looked down. Affection smiled and Timid nodded to her

"Hello Raven. Would you care to join us?" the girl nodded and floated up to sit in the tree with them

"Affection I would like to ask you a question."

"Go ahead." the emotion said lightly. Timid clutched her cloak nervously and looked around

"Did you encourage me last night?" Raven asked. Her voice was soft and held no anger but you could never really tell with her

"A small bit, mostly we just gave you the courage to do it." Raven cocked an eyebrow


"Yes Timid helped as well." the grey emotion blushed heavily and looked down at the ground. Raven was surprised. Timid had always seemed afraid of Beast Boy when ever he was mentioned in a conversation

"I thought you were afraid of him."

"No, when he and Cyborg came here he was very nice to me. He apologized for yelling and tried to make me feel better." the whole time she said this, her face was growing a brighter red. Raven smiled then floated down to the ground.

Suddenly her vision of Nevermore disappeared ad instead she was on a barren plain in the middle of nowhere. There was cracked dry land as far as the eye could see

"Where am I?" she wondered out loud. The question was answered by a deep hideous laugh that chilled the girl to the bone

"This is what will soon become of Earth my daughter and this time I will make sure you do not interfere." Raven closed her eyes trying to block out the laugh that rang in her ears

"You are not in control of me anymore. How will you escape?" she questioned

"I have my ways. Never forget Raven." a harsh breeze blew around the girl almost knocking her over "You will never be rid of me. I am your father like it or not." white power gathered around Raven's body and her cloak turned white. She raised her head towards the sky that was a blood red and shot out a stream of power

"I said it before. You were never my father. And you are not welcome here!" there was a scream of pain then the vision faded from her mind.

Beast Boy yawned as the doors to the main room opened. He stepped down towards the sofa then froze. Raven was leaning against it like someone had picked her up and thrown her

"Raven!" he cried kneeling beside the girl. Her violet eyes flittered open and she stared at him blankly

"Where am I?"

"The living room. Are you okay?" Raven rubbed her head and nodded. Then the events of her vision came back to her. She tried to smiled to hide her fear

"I was sparring with Bravery. I guess she knocked me out of my meditation." she lied quickly. Beast Boy looked doubtful but a soft snore cut off his thoughts. Robin and Starfire were sleeping together on one end of the sofa. She was leaning against his shoulder

"That is a picture moment." Beast Boy mumbled. Raven grinned and levitated a camera out of the kitchen

"Go ahead." she urged. After a few quick snaps he put it back. Robin woke up slowly and looked around

"Morning guys." he grumbled still half asleep. Starfire woke up quickly and a blush rose in her face

"Friend Robin, I believe we fell asleep on the sofa." she whispered. Beast Boy collapsed into a fit of laughter and Robin's face flushed redder than his shirt

"Cut it out Beast Boy." Raven said smiling at the two teens. The doors opened and Cyborg stumbled out followed by Arella. Raven levitated the breakfast plates into the living room

"Need fluids." Cyborg said in a zombie like voice. Starfire giggled and the others smiled

"Come on let's eat so we can open presents." Beast Boy said.

A few hours later all the presents had been opened and everyone was fooling around happily. Raven fingered an opal brooch Beast Boy had gotten her. She had put it on her cloak which was slowly turning a white color

"Well everyone it has been an awesome year once again." Robin announced. Everyone nodded in agreement.

On the outskirts of town though it was the opposite of the scene in Titan's Tower. Two figures fought hard and dealt blows to each other as hard as they could. After a long time one signaled for them to stop

"Good job. You are doing well in your training." a man's voice said. The other figure nodded

"Soon we shall be ready. Do you know your mission?" the figure turned to the man and pulled off a skintight blue mask. Long white hair fell down to their shoulders and icy blue eyes pierced the darkness. The man's figure stepped into the single beam of light that lit the room. It was Slade. The other figure moved forward. It was a girl in a costume much like his except it was silver and blue and two swords hung at her hip

"I know my mission." it was the voice of the gunman who had shot Raven

"What is it?" the girl smirked slightly

"Kill Raven daddy." Slade smiled and put both hands on the girl's shoulder

"Good girl."

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