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Raven was pleased

Very pleased.

This wasn't something Raven was too often. She felt happier on more occasions then she would ever admit to her fellow Titans, but most of the time, it was the kind of ironic 'Well, better then being dead,' type of happy. And this was different.

Looking down at her book, five candles levitated around her as she slowly copied the design she was looking at onto the floor. The wicks on the candles burst into life as she slammed her book shut.

It wasn't often she ran into a spell she wasn't familiar with. And it was even rarer to find one that might potentially be of use to her. But this time, she had discovered both. It was a simple spell really, but with it she could create another device similar to her mirror. And with it she could further her meditation, perhaps to a point of complete control.

She had everything she needed to complete it as well. Candles, the symbol, and the incantation. For once, everything was going perfectly. And with words such as that tucked in ones mind, it was a clear path for disaster.

Shaking away that brush of reality, she gathered up the power she needed for the spell.

"—last time, I do not know where your game is!" Cyborg's shouts outside her door threw her out of her concentration. Furrowing her brow, she tried to ignore him, sensing the candles flicker as she found her center, as she prepared to let it out—

"Duude, but you were the one playing it last!" Apparently the spot to stand and argue was at the foot of her room. Her face scrunched up even more as she refused to allow them to mess her up.

She opened her arms wide, her power flickering towards the candles, spinning around them as slowly wax dripped off, transforming into 5, perfectly white beads. They began to spin around her in a slow circle as she raised one hand upward, preparing to utter the incantation—

"Man, I was not! I saw you playing it last night. I can see right through your lies."

Gritting her teeth, she tried to block them out of her mind. "Azarath Metreon Zinthos—"

"Well, can you help me look then?"

"Milonton, Reverwa Leean…" She wasn't listening to them. She was in complete control.

"No way, I don't—"




"—TIME!" As the final word was uttered, Raven heard the loud crash of her door landing onto the floor, missing her own body by a few inches. She just looked at them, her eyes turning black at the two stunned Titans. Cyborg hands were in mid motion, misjudging the distance to Raven's door in his emphasizing wave to the now cowering Beast Boy. "Hi Rae…" He said warily.

"We were just…uh…" Beast Boy stuttered. Raven held her gaze, suddenly rising to tower over the two boys, tentacles of black magic flickering about her.. Cyborg plastered a huge smile on his face, picked up her door slowly, and put it back up, blocking them once again out of view.

Letting out a deep sigh, she looked at the marred symbol in the floor, and then at the beads that had fallen to the ground at the interruption. So close. At least she had the beads prepared for next time. She levitated them to her wrist, carefully connecting them together with a slender string.

The candles flew back to their respected positions and with one sweep of her hand, the chalk mark was swept away. Using her magic to go through the door, hardly trusting to try and open it normally at the moment, she walked down into the living room.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were still arguing over where the game was, although they both shifted out of her way as she stepped by, not wanting to risk upsetting her further.

Pouring a cup of tea, she sat on the counter, sipping the warm substance as she half watched Cyborg throw up his hands in defeat, finally giving into the nagging of Beast Boy to help look for whatever game it was that he lost. "Where's Robin and Starfire?" She asked.

"Oh, Robin's out practicing." The changeling said as he started opening and shutting cabinets in his desperate search. Raven waited expectantly, but he never continued.

"Half an answer. An improvement." She said wryly.

"What?" Beast Boy lifted his head up, slamming it into the corner of a still opened drawer above him. "Owww!" He rubbed his head gingerly. "Starfire—no clue."

"Starfire's gone shopping." Cyborg called from across the room, lifting up the couch.

"Wanna help look?" Beast Boy asked hopefully. She looked at him, her expression never changing.

"Help you find a video game?"

"Yup." He inched over to her. "You know you want tooo—"

"Found it!" Cyborg announced, holding a slender CD sleeve in one hand.

"Oh darn, I missed all the fun." Raven's sarcasm earned a snicker from Cyborg.

A familiar beeping rang through the tower. The lavender headed girl leapt to her feet while Beast Boy and Cyborg rushed to the computer. "Disturbance at the park—enemy unknown." He announced, part to the two Titans before him, and part through his communicator to the others.

"I shall be on my way!" Starfire's voice cut in.

"Titan's go!" Robin shouted, appearing at the doorway. They nodded and rushed after him.

The park was empty, the civilians already having fled the scene. Blackened trees marred the green ground, but other then that, there was no evidence of the actual perpetrator.

"Fan out!" Robin ordered. Raven flew high into the air, attempting to spot him from the above while the other three took in opposite directions on the ground. Looking wearily around, she spotted an odd creature to her right.

"Near the swing sets." She called, rushing towards the attacker. The creature was hardly over three foot tall, looking strikingly white against its odd black arms growing out from its back. Its was circular in shape, although its surface looked like it was continually shifting, and as she approached it, whatever it was hissed angrily, one of its black arms flying straight for her. She narrowly dodged the attack before crying "Azarath Metreon Zinthos!" The swing set before them was ripped out of the ground and flew at the creature, who knocked it aside with two arms.

By this time, three of the Titans had arrived, including Starfire, but excluding Beast Boy, and were circling the creature. It shuffled around nervously, suddenly squeezing flat, narrow beams of light flying in all directions. Raven blocked the attack with her shield, while Starfire let out a rain of missiles down at the creature. It just shook off the attack, looking unaffected.

Cyborg lowered his sonic cannon menacingly and shot it, with a similar reaction. "Looks like energy attacks has no effects!" Robin shouted to the group, running at it with his bo staff.

Cyborg's canon reformed into a hand and he pounded his two fists together before charging. "Guess we got to do this the old fashion way!" He tackled the creature knocking it towards Robin. "Batters up!"

Robin, swinging around his stick knocked the creature head on, it flying forward. One of its arms gripped the bat as it flew up, boomeranging back to hit Robin square in the chest.

Raven flew low, ripping a near by tree by its roots and slamming it down against the glowing ball. The creature looked stunned by the attack, and started to charge at her, when Beast Boy suddenly appearing in kangaroo form, kicking the creature off course.

"You're late." She told him. He morphed back, looking embarrassed.

"Eh, got lost." Light suddenly danced about them as the creature once again did its little trick. One narrowly hit Raven, brushing off the beads still hanging on her wrist. Turning around, her eyes grew black as she lifted the creature with her magic and slammed it back into the ground.

Beast Boy leapt into the air, turning into a hippopotamus and landed directly on top the small creature. Leaping back to his feet as he morphed into his usual self, the thing had disappeared.

"Behind you!" Robin pointed towards Raven, who spun around, the creature shoving her into a nearby tree. For a second, she felt as though she had been completely drenched in cold water. Her heart echoed loudly in her chest and she heard an eerie sound of something being torn apart. Then it was gone. Shrugging the symptoms to being almost knocked out by a glow in the dark ball, she rolled over to see how her comrades were doing.

The rest of the Titans continued the assault, doubling efforts after its little surprise attack. Raven levitated herself to her feet, dark magic flaring about her fists, but let it die down as she saw Robin and Cyborg finish the enemy off, freezing first then smashing second.

"That wasn't so bad." Robin said cheerfully to the others.

"We should reward ourselves with pizza!" Starfire cried, hugging the boy wonder happily, earning an embarrassed blush before he pulled her away. Beast Boy was looking around, a bit confused.

"Lose something?" Cyborg slapped him over the shoulder.

"Where's Raven?" He suddenly asked. The hooded girl sighed and stepped forward.

"Still here." She said. The boy's eyes widened as he rushed towards her. "Um, hey—" She started to say, reaching out to stop him.

It was the longest moment in her life. Touching where his shoulders should be. Trying to stop him from running into her…as he ran through her. Her hands grasped nothing.


Startled, she turned around, taking a few steps back at what she saw. It was her…only it was lying on the ground…looking pale, even for her. "What…" She started to murmur, as the rest of the Titans surrounded her body.

"Come on Rae, wake up." Beast Boy was saying, his expression slowly turning from worry to panic. Robin's face was filling with confusion as well as he was checking her pulse, leaning down to listen for the sound of her…body…breathing.

"I'm right here." She floated to them. "That's not me." They didn't seem to hear her. This wasn't right.

Cyborg scooped her up in his arms, and was running to where is T-car was parked. They were all rushing off, in obvious panic.

"No…but...I'm right here." Her mind tried to grasp the situation, but was overtaken by confusion instead. Shaking her head, she followed them.

They were huddled around her in the infirmary. Starfire's eyes were filling with choking tears as Robin kept running analysis after analysis on her, is face chewed up with worry. Cyborg was sitting on a chair near them, his head huddled down to his knees. And Beast Boy was right next to where she was, gripping one of her hands tightly.

"Don't die." He was repeating to her, over and over. "Raven, hold on. Don't die on us."

"I'm not dying." Raven said firmly, levitating to each Titan one by one, not liking the vacant expressions as they couldn't see her…couldn't hear her. "I'm right here…" What was going on? Was this some trick of the creature? All in her mind? Or what if…?.

Her eyes darkened and she slammed one fist down onto the table where her body laid. "This is—" Her hand flew through the table. Shaking, she stared down, looking at her fingers, her palm, as though it was some unruly creature.

Robin suddenly stopped the tests, and took a few steps backwards before leaning heavily against the wall. "She's…."

"Don't say it!" Beast Boy cried, standing up so quickly his chair was knocked over. His face was becoming damp as he watched Robin slowly shook his head. Starfire, who was now huddling in a corner, wrapped her arms around her knees, burying her crying face.

"How…could this happen?" Robin said softly.

Raven floated up to him, coming close to his face.

"What's wrong with my body? Am I hurt that badly?" She was worried. A part of her knew what happened…by she couldn't admit it. If she did then…

Cyborg stood up, looking tired. "Something more then that hit must have happened."

Robin shook his head. "I checked everything." Beast Boy, suddenly stormed out the room, unable to take this atmosphere anymore. Cyborg slammed his fist into a nearby wall, echoing exactly what Raven had felt like doing earlier.

"So…she is really…?"

"She's gone." Robin stared straight a head, as though struggling to keep the waver out of his voice. "She's dead."


"Its like she just stopped working." Robin's bitter voice rang through the silent room.


She wasn't dead.

How could she be dead when she was standing right there? "Robin! Look at me!" Her voice commanded, her eyes growing dark and menacing. She gripped his shoulders, her hands passing through them and into the wall behind. Slumping forward, she just stared up at his face. "Tell the other's I am not dead! Tell them I am right here!" He turned, and for a brief moment she thought that maybe he had heard her.

Instead he walked where Starfire was still huddled, kneeling down to carefully pull her in his arms.

The entire room was quiet.

The entire room believed she had died.

She couldn't stay here, in this room where she laid so cold and silent. She couldn't stand seeing her friends like this...she walked backwards, through the door and into the hall. Even there, she could hear the muffled sounds of people crying, the sounds of comforting words.

I'm not dead.

Going back to her room, she was surprised to see she wasn't alone…Beast Boy was in there. Why he was in her room, she didn't know. He was sitting on her bed, his head in his hands.

"Beast Boy?" She hovered in front of him. "You have to be able to see me." One hand brushed through his head. He shivered slightly from her touch, more of a reaction then anyone else…but other then that he gave no signs of noticing her.

Straightening up, her eyes flared angrily. "Get out of my room!" She hissed, using enough fury to scare him to usual submission. He didn't move.

Deflated, she fell to her knees. They really couldn't see her…they couldn't hear her. What happened to me? She gripped her head. A part of her wondered, if maybe she really had died…maybe this was her afterlife. Denied from heaven because of her father. Denied from hell because of her good intentions. But…it didn't feel right. She felt perfectly fine…

"Whoever you are, I know what you are trying to do…show yourself!" She shouted into the night, hoping as much as she was able to that something would come…something she could fight. No one came to her empty words.

Glancing down at her hands again, she tried to tune out the whimpering sounds of Beast Boy, still sitting on her bed. Why couldn't she touch them? Why….Her eyes suddenly rested on her empty wrist. The beads…perhaps...

She flew back down to the infirmary looking at her body. The beads were still around her skin, but were marred by the creatures attack earlier. Studying them, she reached a hand forward….and went through it. "Damn." She said. The beads…the half unfinished spell…and then getting damaged…

They must have somehow severed her spiritual form with her body. And her body died from the separation. If she could tell them…."Cyborg?" The boy was still sitting on his chair, refusing to look direction at Raven's body. "Cyborg—the beads—I have a book in my room…" Nothing…

Filling with frustration she went back to her room, trying desperately to grab hold of the book. The beads were the key, and there was nothing she could do to tell anyone else that.

Beads to a spell no one knew about…a simple piece of jewelry that appeared to have lost all its magical power after the separation…of course they wouldn't think too much about it—about a bracelet.

An awful feeling hit her as this dawned to her. She…was stuck like this. Stuck in a form where no one could see or hear…

Never had she felt more alone.


The next few days were torture to Raven. She tried everything she could think to tell the team she was still with them, that this was all some horrible mistake. She tried to talk to them in their sleep….she tried even to possess them, using her powers to attempt to delve deep in their consciousness. Even her mind simply passed through, as though she wasn't really there…which to them, she wasn't.

Everyone was so somber…Robin and Cyborg stayed in the infirmary, where her body still remained…determined to find out at least why it happened…they had already accepted she was gone. Starfire…just trudged through the day, her despair written on her expressive face…while beast boy spent the first day by her side, still gripping her hand, as though begging for her to come back alive…and the next avoiding her all together, fearful of the truth…Their truth.

And then the funeral.

Raven…never expected to attend her own funeral. A part of her wanted to stay at the Tower, refusing to accept her friends were about to bury her…about to put her deep in the ground…it was like she was really gone. "I'm still here." She murmured to each of them. "Please…don't do this."


Beast Boy clutched his fists together during the procession. He didn't want to be here. They shouldn't be burying her because she shouldn't be dead….how could this have happened?

Each of the Titans went up to Raven, saying their good byes in turn. Robin simply squeezed her lifeless hand, telling her how much she had meant to the team…how they would carry her memory with them always. Starfire tried to speak, and only after a reassuring touch by Robin was she able to tell Raven how much their friendship meant to her…Cyborg simply said goodbye, unable to say anything else…then it was his turn.

He peered into the casket…her body so pale…so fragile…but still so beautiful. "Ra—" He choked on his words, then swallowed hard, forcing himself to continue. "Raven…I know I got on your nerves…" Closing his eyes tightly, he suddenly couldn't look at her form like this…he couldn't say anything while she was like this. "I…I…really cared about you thou---" His voice broke off again, and he mentally cursed himself. "This…is my last chance I guess…but…" Opening his eyes, he mustered the rest of his strength. "I—I...thought you should know…I love you."

The words now said hung in the air. It felt like his heart was being squeezed as he stared at the unmoving Raven, at her lifeless form. She would never know…she was gone from them all. But...he had to say it just once….pushing himself away, he stumbled down into the nearest chair, both hands clutching his head as his breathing refused to slow down.

She was really gone…She...always so strong….and now…His eyes were clenched tightly shut as he tried to blot out the thoughts. He didn't want to believe this…

Raven was dead…and a piece of him had gone with her.


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