Chapter 1

In the dark depths of the place we most fear to from every bit of our thoughts laid a palace decaying to the point where the tips of the towers were rolling to the fiery ground. A huge demon with two horns one of them of which was broken in half. Its head was on backwards which it was trying to turn it around with one arm. His other arm was ripped off with muscles through his body and patches of fur and the other parts were torn off with pinkish red skin flaring on his body. One of his eyes had blood trailing down it while the other was surrounded by fur. It was on all threes crawling and roaring the utmost unpleasant roar that would frighten anyone with much horror.

Jack woke up screaming. It was just a dream. But it seemed so real. Jack remembered seeing a fiery place with towers that were decaying and islands surrounded by magma. He remembered a terrible creature.

Jack shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his head.

"It was only a dream. It was only a dream," Jack reassured himself. His alarm clock suddenly went off. He slammed down on it. He brushed his teeth getting ready for work. He had his suit on with his suit case at hand, and he walked out the door. Images of the fiery place flashed through his head.

He was a lawyer, and a darn good one too. His family used to be poor, but not too poor. They just didn't have enough money to get him to college. So he took around 6 years in the military for college.

Jack got in his car starting to drive to work. His cell phone rang.

"Jack Frant," Jack said into his phone.

"Hello, Mr. Frant. This is your secretary Melinda," a girl's voice replied.

"Yes?" Jack said.

"There have been a few murders in a military research lab down in South Carolina. The murderer is one of your clients," Melinda explained.

"Really? Which client?" Jack questioned.

"Dr. Trune," she replied.

"Really? He was a nice man. I'd never expect him to become a murderer," Jack said in amazement.

"Yes, well. He'll be here in 4 hours for questioning, and his trial is in a week," she said.

"Ok, thank you for letting me know," Jack said hanging up. He couldn't believe that Dr. Trune murdered some people.

Jack drove on with his thoughts to himself.