Jack walked into another room. It was a series of hallways. They were very dark. He readied his shotgun. He walked into another hallway. It led to a room. He heard heavy breathing. He looked up. On the ceiling was a corpse looking to be still barely alive. Its chest and stomach were torn open with insides strewn out. It was breathing extremely heavily when a monster started tearing out its stomach. The monster tore open out of the blood and guts falling to the ground. It was huge with many arms; it looked like to be 8 arms. Jack took out his plasma gun firing at it. The monster fell down quickly disappearing. Jack walked into another room. He found a HUGE gun. Jack picked it up. This one was surprisingly light. Jack saw some ammo for it which looked like to be green plasma blasts. Jack put the containers containing the green substance in his bag. He walked into another room. Another one of those eight armed monsters came out. Jack pulled the trigger. A huge green blast erupted. By the time Jack could see again, the monster was gone. Jack loved this gun. He walked into another room. What he saw made him terrified. It was another one of those monsters with horns everywhere. Jack pulled the trigger. The monster wasn't gone. He pulled it again. It was still there. Jack fired again. It was still there. Jack was out of ammo. He realized he was on a really high platform. Jack took his plasma gun. The monster charged forward. Jack ducked. It ran straight dragging Jack with its feet. It ran off the platform. Jack was thrown off. He held onto the edge. Almost all of his ammo and guns unstrapped and fell off. All Jack had now was his shotgun. Jack climbed back up. He was so mad he lost all that ammo. He ran into another room. It was an office. He read the name plate on a desk. It said Dr. Trune. This was Dr. Trune's office. He found a notebook. Jack opened it reading many entries about Hell. Lots of stuff he told Jack. Jack saw something he didn't know. He read.




Jack knew which one he needed to destroy. It was the one he saw in his dream, if only he could find and destroy that one, then, Hell would go back home. Jack cocked his shotgun. He slowly walked into another room. All the sudden, a small flying monster started trying to claw at Jack. He ran into an open elevator shaft falling on top of an elevator going down all ready. The monster chased after him. Jack dodged many claws and strikes it threw at him. He rolled over shooting one of its wings. It was relying on one wing. Jack grabbed onto an open doorway they passed shooting the other wing on the monster. It fell to the elevator going down. Jack climbed back up. He was in a huge room. The other end had many scraps of metal around. Jack was walking when the metal moved. He saw it move some more. The monster in his dream erupted out from under the metal roaring. Jack didn't have enough ammo to kill this thing. He only had 8 shots in his shotgun. He cocked it up. He had to try. Jack fired cocking again. The monster kept on screeching slowly making its way to Jack. Jack fired again. The monster was still standing. Jack cocked the gun up again. He fired again. That didn't stop the monster. He cocked it firing again. Still standing. Jack cocked the gun again firing. He fired again after cocking it. He fired another time. Once again, he cocked it up firing. He cocked it firing for the last time. It was still standing, and Jack was out of ammo. He tossed the shotgun aside. The monster lunged forward clawing Jack's arm, and spinning around clawing Jack's leg. Jack ran jumping down the shaft. He grabbed onto the wires that held the elevator climbing down. Jack was on top of the elevator opening a hatch up jumping down into it. He was at the bottom of the base. Jack ran into another open doorway. It was a hanger. He saw a guy just barely alive sitting down on the ground leaning his back to a wall. Jack limped to him.

"Are you ok?" Jack asked.

"No. I'm about to die. I can't talk," he slowly said dying. Jack saw he had a grenade launcher. He picked up the grenade launcher. All the sudden the monster crashed through the elevator walking into the hangar. Jack took the gun walking up. The monster grabbed him picking him up. It put his legs into his mouth closing it. Jack screamed in pain. He put the grenade launcher in its mouth pulling the trigger. The monster let go of Jack screaming. Jack fell to the ground with no legs since they were chewed off by the monster. Jack saw a door at the end of the room. He crawled. The monster was still screaming. Jack was in front of the door. It opened. Jack crawled out. The helicopter was there. But Jack wasn't going to be able to operate it with no legs. Jack saw one of the huge guns on the ground. It was about 5 feet away. Jack started crawling towards it. The monster saw him still alive. It started to run towards Jack. Jack grabbed the gun. It said BFG on it. He read on it that it stood for Big F Gun. Jack took it. The monster grabbed him. He pulled the trigger holding it down. A huge sonic blast seemed to be charging up. Jack let go after about 10 seconds. The blast blew the monster back. It dropped Jack. Jack saw it screaming and disappearing. That blast was huge. Jack was trying to crawl to the helicopter, but he was getting dizzy. Jack stopped rolling over. His eyes were becoming extremely heavy. They closed. He was hearing screams of monsters obviously they were being sucked back into Hell. Or they were being forced there. Jack wasn't paying attention. He remembered Lisa. He saw a bright light. Jack started to drift away. Eventually, the man who stopped Hell from taking over Earth lay on the hard cold ground, dead.

The End.