If something should happen

Sirius, you and me go way back

All through Hogwarts and before that

So I ain't afraid tellin' you that I'm scared to death

Dumbledore's coming on the twenty fifth

But if something should happen

Stop in sometime and say hello to Lily

You and Moony could always keep her laughin'

She's gonna need a lot of that

Take her out to a movie

It's gonna take sometime until she's back on her feet

I know you think I'll be fine and I'm talkin crazy

But there's that chance

If somethin' should happen

That's why I'm askin

Little Harry's growing up so fast

The 31 he'll turn one

He's gonna need someone to catch a pass

And to throw it back

If somethin should happen

Promise me you'll take that boy to a match

Throw a Snitch out in the field every now and then

Answer any questions he has

Maybe once he gets older, you can have that first butter beer together

And tell a few stories on his father

He'll always know you're my best friend

That's why I'm askin

I hope I live until I'm 80 and

I get to see my son get married and have babies

And make a million more memories with my wife

But there's that chance

If somethin' should happen

Sirius, if it's my time would you watch over them for me?