*Written between episodes 1 and 2 on May 12, 2000

*Written between episodes 1 and 2 on May 12, 2000

Legends:  Legend #13 The Legend of the Chosen One

       For your information:  This legend has not yet been fulfilled fully (in most of the stories.)  It is a Jedi Legend.  It is a part of the future that a certain old Jedi saw in the future.

       The Legend states that there will be a person born with an extremely high force. Stronger than anyone ever thought there would be…even stronger than the head of the Jedi Council's. And this person will bring balance to the Force.  (And the Chosen one will have a father, unlike in the movie.)

       That's all it has to say. Yes, this legend is short, but it is important.  Remember, "size matters not."

Now, you are ready to begin the story….

Now, journey with Walker and the others. Remember, expect the unexpected and may Walker be victorious.  Experience the Great Voyage, the excitement of the Great Race, and all other events to follow in:


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