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"Look, a puppy!"

Jounouchi Katsuya turned to Shizuka, his sister, as she stopped in front of a pet store, looking in through a window. He shook his head, wondering why his sister was staring at a dog. His sister answered his unasked question.

"Can we keep it?" she asked her older brother, who then sighed and glanced at the dog himself. Jou had to admit, the puppy was quite cute. It was a little Golden Retriever, it's fur long and shaggy, similar to his own hair. It's amber eyes were shining with endless energy, and it's tail was wagging nonstop.

Jou shook his head in defeat. "Yeah, we can," he answered his sister, smiling towards her. They walked in, and bumped into, none other than, the Kaiba brothers. Jou groaned, "Why now?"

Kaiba Seto stared at the blond in front of him. "Is there a problem with the time, mutt?" He had yet to see Shizuka. "What I want to know is, why is a dog walking into a pet shop in the first place?"

Shizuka looked at Jou. "Big brother, why is he calling you a dog?"

Mokuba looked at Shizuka, and said, "Seto?"

"What?" the older Kaiba said, impatiently.

"Busted." was all the younger need to say, before Kaiba saw Shizuka looking from him to the mutt and back.

Luck was on Kaiba's side that day, when a bark from a nearby window reached the younger Jounouchi, turning her attention away from the others. "Oh, you are just so cute!" she squealed, cuddling the puppy. Shizuka held the little puppy to Jou, and asked, "Katsuya, isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

Jou nervously looked at Kaiba, before nodding his head in agreement. "Yeah, just about the cutest thing ever." he answered, sneaking a glance at the brunette. In truth, he couldn't help but think that Kaiba looked cute, but really didn't dare say anything. Jou didn't have a death wish.

Kaiba glanced at the puppy in Shizuka's arms. "Yes, it is pretty cute." he admitted, earning a surprised look from the blond. Actually, he couldn't help but notice how much the dog reminded him of Jounouchi, with it's golden fur and sparkling amber eyes. Kaiba shifted his gaze to Jou, and their eyes met. Startled, they quickly turned their faces away from each other.

Shizuka either didn't notice, or ignored this. "Katsuya, when can we bring him home?" she asked her brother, making both Kaibas stare at the two.

"You're getting a dog?" Mokuba asked Shizuka, who nodded. "Wow! Seto, can we have a dog?" he asked his brother.

Kaiba didn't answer right away, but shortly said, "The only way we're getting a dog is if the Jounouchi siblings move in with us."

"Is that an invitation?" Jou asked the brunette, thinking he was just kidding. So, of course, when the other nodded, Jou looked at him seriously. "If this is some big plot to start dating my sister, you have another thing coming, Kaiba." he stated.

Kaiba Seto looked Jounouchi Katsuya in the eye. Wrapping his arms around the blond, and shocking the him in the process, the brunette quickly informed him, "Your sister? My dear puppy, the only one I wish to date is you." He kissed Jou gently, hoping with all his heart that the blond returned his feelings.

Jou was stunned. Here he was, in Kaiba's arms, with the brunette kissing him! But, when he felt the brunette's lips leaving his own, in dejection , Jou pressed his lips to Kaiba's, wrapping his own arms around the other, answering the request the best way he could think of. Because, actions speak better than words, right?

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