Forgotten Chapter 5

Here's the new chapter, and sorry for the long wait! I watched an old episode a few days ago, where Miranda's mother visits, and she shows Declan and Peggy a picture of Miranda as a kid, with a tutu and she tells them that Miranda danced ballet until she was 13.

I dance ballet too, since I was 7 (I'm 14 now) so I got a bit inspired! I had to look up some of the ballet words 'cause only know them in french, so I'm sorry if something is spelled wrong.

Now, on with the story!

While sitting with the phone in her hand, Miranda thought about how much she loved her brothers. They had always been there for her, always helping her out when she got in trouble. She guessed that their ages was the reason they didn't fight as much with her as with each other. They were quite old when she came in to their family, so they must have enjoyed having a baby sister and not just boys in the family.

Suddenly, something caught her attention. A book in her bookshelf that she hadn't seen in a long time. She took it out, and when she opened it, she realised that it was a photo album.

Pictures that she had almost forgotten, of her family, friends and herself showed at every page. Her and her brothers at the zoo, her family at Christmas Eve many years ago, and a picture from her first ballet performance, when she was 10 years old. She couldn't help but stare at the photo that showed two girls in leotards and tutus with flowers in their hands, both happily smiling. She and her friend Libby had gotten the lead roles in the performance, and she remebered how happy she had felt.

Back then, dancing had been the only thing that she really liked, exept physics and science, and she had loved the wonderful feeling when you twirled and leaped with the music.


About fifteen girls, all in dance clothes, were spread acroos the exercise room. Some of them were stretching, others were chatting while tying the bands of their point shoes, and some were just dancing around, laughing with each other.

The teacher comes in, wearing a black leotard with a long black tutu. She tries to silence the girls.

"Attention girls! Line up!"

All of them take their places by the barre, putting one hand on it and the other by their side, preparing for the first exercise.

"Okay girls, we start with a few pliés in the first position, and then in third. Grand pliés, please!"

The music starts, and the girls in the advanced ballet class starts the exercise, moving their bodies in perfect time with the music.

When the lesson ended, the girls sat in a circle on the floor with the teacher, mrs Smith sitting next to them.

"You all know that we will have our first performance in a few weeks, and I know that you have been waiting to hear who got the lead roles, so I'm not gonna let you wait any longer" she said smiling. "The two girls who got the roles are Liberty Roberts and Miranda Fiegelstein!"

Back in the changing room when the class had ended, Libby was very happy.

"We got the roles Randie! We got the lead roles!" She couldn't help but laugh, and took a few ballet steps of pure joy. She combed out her waist long, blonde hair and started to pull a pair of jeans on. Looking over at Miranda, she saw that her friend still sat on a chair in her purple tights and black leotard, with her dark hair still tied up. She looked tired and hadn't even started to get her clothes out of her bag.

"What's the matter Randie? Aren't you happy?" She looked concerned. Sure, the lessons were tough, but not that tough.

"Yeah, I'm happy" Miranda said and smiled. She started to pull out the hair net that held up her hair. She had wanted to be a real dancer, a prima ballerina, for as long as she could remember. And now, she was going to have a lead role in the performance! Yeah, she was happy, now that she had a real role. Before that, at least people had told her that she looked like a ballerina. She was short and thin, so she didn't have to think about her weight as much as the other girls, her hair was shoulder length, just long enough to pull into a hair net, away from her face.

While putting on her clothes, she noticed some of the other girls staring at her. She looked down on her body, not seeing what they stared at. Turning around to look at her back, she saw it too. A big bruise was forming on her back, and she quickly pulled her sweater down to cover it. She didn't think too much about it though, she got bruises often.

She sighed, and suddenly just wanted to go to bed and sleep for hours. She got tired easily now, and she wasn't as strong as she used to be.

Her mother was giving them a ride home, and as they walked out of the building, Libby took her hand. She didn't have to say anything, she understood that her friend didn't want to talk or think about it now.

"Do you want to go to the movies on Saturday?" Libby asked, being the best thing Miranda could have now, a friend.

Miranda just nodded and smiled. She didn't have to think about it now.


She slowly dialled the number to her brothers office, the numbers had been in her mind for ages.

"Hi, this is Miranda Fiegelstein, I'm looking for Michael." Miranda tried to keep her voice clear and calm, she wanted to tell her brothers, but she didn't want them to think that she was weak.

As soon as she heard her brothers soft voice, she knew that it would all be okay. She felt so calm.

"Is that you Randie? How are you doing?"

She smiled, realising how good it felt to be called her nickname again. The smile quickly disappeared, as she prepared herself to tell him the bad news.


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