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Before Evelyn had a chance to sit down the doctor came in, blood on his smock. Bobby's blood. Evelyn felt her voice caught in her throat and gulped loudly to avoid throwing up. She felt someone holding her up suddenly and she turned to the side to see Jerry at her side an arm supporting her up. She gave a silent thank-you and Jerry nodded simply as they looked at the doctor.

"Miss Mercer?" the doctor questioned.

"Yes, that's me."

"I'm Dr. Chin. Bobby has been stabilized. We rushed him into emergency surgery. We found a stab wound on his left leg and gave him some stitches as well as for some busted knuckles on his right hand. Did…" the doctor studied her for a second. "…uh, did the police officer come to meet with you?"

Evelyn nodded. "Well can I see you in private? I need to ask you some questions concerning some of your son's wounds," the doctor said trying to pull Evelyn aside.

Evelyn stood her ground. "Whatever you have to say you can say in front of my boys."

The doctor tilted his head to the side before shrugging. He took out a pen from his clipboard. "Has Bobby ever been abused physically, sexually, and or emotionally?"

"Why does this matter?" Evelyn asked grabbing the doctor and taking him and her out of the room.

"He has a lot of unexplained scars throughout his body. Some that are questioning," the doctor said carefully.

Evelyn looked at Jerry and Angel who were now out of their chairs listening to them intently. "Go back and sit, you two," Evelyn ordered.

"Ma…" Jerry whined.

"Now," Evelyn said sternly.

Jerry glared at the doctor warningly before taking Angel back to their seats. Once they were gone Evelyn's voice dropped so only the doctor could hear her.

"What do you mean? What scars?" Evelyn demanded.

"Were you or your husband ever the ones who abused Bobby as a child? Maybe corporal punishment to an extreme?" the doctor suggested scribbling on his clipboard.

"NO!" Evelyn shouted in surprise disgusted at what the doctor had even suggested. "What scars are you talking about?

"So who's done it?" the doctor asked.

"His foster parents before he came to me," Evelyn explained her voice no longer nice and caring.

"Oh! So he isn't your biological child?" the doctor asked never looking up.

"Are you a new doctor by any chance?" Evelyn asked eyeing the doctor.

"Why, yes I am," the doctor responded in a matter of fact tone.

"I'd never hit any of my kids Dr. Chin," Evelyn's voice was sarcastic.

"I need an answer Ms. Mercer." He stopped, studied Evelyn and started writing once more.

"He is my adopted son, doctor," Evelyn spat out.

"Has he ever tried suicide and or self mutilation?" the doctor asked.

"Not that I know of," Evelyn thought.

"So then can you explain the questionable cuts on his abdomen area?" the doctor asked.

"I don't see my son's abdomen in the winter doctor. He doesn't walk around the house naked if that's what you're implying." Evelyn spat out disgusted.

"Has he ever been clinically depressed?"

"No. He's never shown any signs of clinical depression."

"Has he ever been on drugs?"

"Besides cigarettes and alcohol, no."

"Have you ever neglected him?"


"Now are you sure that you haven't hit him?" the doctor looked up finish scratching on the clipboard watching Evelyn.

"I have two, now three kids, and I have roughly five kids at a time who stay at my house plus my boys, doctor. If you are even suggesting that I neglect or hurt Bobby or any of my boys then you should ask them yourself and see what their answer is. I cannot believe you're even suggesting that I WOULD EVEN LAY A FINGER ON THEM!" Evelyn shrieked stopping the floor momentarily.

"A few more questions," the doctor said unflinching.

"You're done," Jerry said opening the door from the waiting room.

"I said I have a few more questions," the doctor said trying to stare Jerry down.

"And I said you're done," Jerry spat out harshly.

"I…" the doctor started.

"Listen you mutha fucking punk ass bastard, don't you dare accuse my mom of anything like that ever again," Jerry said lowly so no one else on the floor heard.

Evelyn blushed, but didn't say anything as she watched Jerry stare the older man down. "Are you done doctor?" Evelyn asked.

The doctor nodded shakily, involuntarily taking a step back when Jerry stepped forward, in front of his mother. "Yes, thank you."

"Can I see my son now?" Evelyn asked, her sweet good natured tone returning.

"Yeah, he's in room 2130. Not too long though, the boy still needs his rest," the doctor said.

Evelyn shook the doctor's hand, before he turned quickly and walked away. He looked back at Jeremiah who flicked him off when Evelyn had her back turned, before turning around and smiling sweetly at his mother.

"Thanks boys," Evelyn said putting a hand on each boy's arm.

"Yeah, no problem ma," Jerry said, and Angel nodded in agreement. "You go see Bobby."

She smiled and walked to the elevator while the boys stayed back in the waiting room to collect Bobby's clothes that was given to them when they stripped him of it. His glock, Jerry took note, wasn't anywhere in sight. His coat was in Angel's hands.

They followed their mom's path to the elevator. They made an odd pair. The security guard eyed them both carefully. The other staff members looked at them and shook their heads whispering. No doubt about their appearance.

Jerry looked down for the first time to see his clothes stained in Bobby's blood. The clothes in the bag were torn, and the bullet hole was apparent in the shirt as a small circular hole in the shoulder part with dried blood surrounding it.

Angel carried Bobby's coat, which although was black, and thankfully didn't show any sign of blood reeked of smoke and alcohol. The smell of weed apparent as well, which thankfully their mother hadn't picked up on earlier.

'damn it Bobby.' Jerry cursed silently in his head. He felt the tears in his eyes, and he refused to cry as he blinked the tears away.

"You crying?" Angel asked him.

"No," Jerry shook Angel off.

"Are you sure?" Angel tilted his head to the side looking at Jerry uncertainly.

"Yeah," Jerry's voice broke.

"Is Bobby ok?"

"You heard the doctor," Jerry snapped.

He immediately regretted it because Angel's hand slipped out of his and he walked to the far corner of the elevator, biting his lower lip. Jerry sighed, ignoring the boy and walked out of the elevator knowing that he was probably right behind him anyways. He stopped suddenly, and sure enough a second later a body collided with his.

Evelyn walked silently into the room to see Bobby with his eyes shut closed. He looked so innocent. The sun cast an internal youth look on his face as he slept. It was when he was asleep that his guard was down Evelyn discovered a while back. The look of hatred erased from his face only temporarily bringing back the almost angelic look he held when he smiled.

Bobby moaned and stirred venturing to open one eye. He squinted and shut his eyes again muttering cuss words to himself as he rolled over to the side in attempt to hide from the sun. He yelped out in pain as he cursed every possible thing under the sun's rays as he quickly shifted to lift the pressure from his shoulder.

"Bobby?" Bobby opened his eyes once more to see his mother beside him a worried look plastered on his face.

"I'm sorry ma," Bobby said immediately, wide awake.

And that was all it took for Evelyn Mercer to break down and start sobbing once more. Bobby sat up and let his mom hug him and even comforted her with his good hand. He felt so guilty.

"Ma, its ok ma," Bobby said gently rubbing her back comfortingly.

"Bobby, you could have died! I could have lost you!" Evelyn sobbed out.

Bobby felt something pull at his heart as he fought back the tears he knew was about to fall. He hated when his mom cried. He knew most of the time it was because he made her cry, but he also knew his mother never deserved all the shit he's done to her.

"I'm sorry," Bobby said dumbfounded.

He didn't know any other words to say. Before Evelyn and Jeremiah, he could of cared less about the people he hurt, or the other kids he beat the shit out of. They didn't care about him any, and he knew it, why should he care for them. But since then, Bobby finally figured what it meant to have someone love him. And it was hard being the kid Evelyn deserved. It was really hard. And it really sucked knowing that he couldn't be perfect. And he felt even guiltier knowing that he wasn't even trying too hard.

"Bobby, why'd you steal the car?" Evelyn asked her voice quivering.

Bobby pulled away in surprise. "How'd you know I stole a car?"

"Bobby, cops love the Mercer boys," Evelyn said, her voice dripping with good natured sarcasm.

"Never can get enough of us," Bobby said playing along.

"It's more like you can't get enough of them," Evelyn told Bobby. Bobby grinned. "Hey, why'd you get into a fight? Bobby, I know you're smart, why don't you ever use you head sometimes?"

"I can't return the car ma," Bobby said determined.

Evelyn bit her lower lip, but didn't say anything knowing that she couldn't convince Bobby. "How about the drugs?"

Bobby coughed nervously trying to clear his throat. "Oh yeah," Bobby laughed when Evelyn's eyes narrowed. "That…"

"Yes Bobby, that."

"I was just, it was a, it was stupid ma. Don't worry I'm not a pusher, or an addict," Bobby explained seeing the horrid look that crossed Evelyn's face.

"Bobby Mercer! You better not be selling that!" Evelyn scolded.

"Ma, I'm just watching out for my brothers ok?" Bobby tried explaining.

"Bobby, jail! We are talking about jail. Jail is the most dangerous place for a kid like you. You're only sixteen Bobby. You're still a kid," Evelyn cried desperately.

'I don't feel sixteen' Bobby thought foolishly. He really didn't. He knew too much to be sixteen, to feel sixteen. His childhood innocence stolen from a young age replaced with doubt and hatred for the world.

"Ma, I'll be ok, besides, cops loves the Mercer boys," Bobby said repeating his mother's earlier words. "Just don't worry so much ok?"

Evelyn shook her head. "Bobby Mercer, you are the most stubborn boy I know. Didn't we have this talk already? I have to worry because I am your mother and I love you."

"I'm not worth all your grey hairs ma," Bobby said meaning it as a joke but coming across as something else.

"You are worth every single strand of grey hair, every tear, prayer, penny, that I have ever given you. Boy, you're worth all the headaches, all the trips down to the police stations, every single band-aid…"

"Ma," Bobby started.

"Shut up, I'm not done yet. Bobby, I love you. I will continue loving you through every stupid act or prank you pull. When will you get it through your thick skull that I love you son? You worry about those you love. You protect those you love just like you protect your brothers." Evelyn cupped Bobby's check to get his full attention. "And I will continue worrying, praying, crying, thinking, spending, loving you until forever. You get that Bobby?"

"Are you done?" Bobby asked grinning despite himself.

"Yeah," Evelyn chuckled.

"Ma, I love you, but you really worry too much," Bobby teased hugging his mom.

"Says the kid in the hospital bed because he got shot," Evelyn said accepting the hug. "Oh Bobby, if you only knew how much I really love you."

Bobby felt his own tears coming but blinked them away as he hugged his mom. "I love you too ma."

Evelyn took her son into a warm hug, and Bobby hugged back, knowing that they both needed this. Bobby knew that he was safe under his mom's arms, that no matter how old he was, that he'd always be safe. He was taller than her now, but he still fitted right there, listening to her heart beat, feeling the warmth of her familiar embrace.

A knock at the door broke the two apart reluctantly. "What?" Bobby said annoyed.

"Bobby?" Jerry's voice was tight, as if he was going to break down right there.

"I'll give you boys a minute," Evelyn said looking at each boy understandingly.

She left the room without saying anything else. She knew that both boys needed this time. There was a storm brewing, and she knew it. She could feel the calm before the storm. She knew that things were going to get much worse in the coming weeks, and she couldn't help but feel scared. And she knew this had everything to do with Bobby and Jerry.

"I'm sorry," Bobby said immediately.

He wondered foolishly how many times the words have slipped out of his mouth the past couple of days. There were only so many times before the words just became another phrase, and he knew he was nearing its limits.

"Why'd you have to go do this man?" Jerry asked walking up to the bed and plopping down in the chair right next to it.

"Because you're my bro, and I have to watch your back," Bobby said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Jerry laughed cynically. "Yeah, at what cost to you?"

"Don't do that," Bobby sighed.

"Do what Bobby? You can't keep protecting me. I'm old enough to get what I deserve. I'm old enough to protect myself."

"You are never old enough to protect yourself. Not while I'm here bro…"

Jerry sighed and looked out the window. Bobby was right. As long as Bobby was alive, Bobby would protect him. He would go to sleep happy because he knew that if he fucked up, Bobby would protect and defend him. No matter how wrong or how right he was Bobby would stand up for him, because he was Jerry; he was Bobby's little brother.

"Yeah but how long are you going to be here?" Jerry asked so quietly that Bobby thought he had imagined it.

But when Bobby looked into his brother's eyes, he saw the pain that he had instilled in them. And he instantly regretted last night. He saw the pain he had caused in his younger brother. He had sworn so long ago that he would never let Jerry or any of the people he cared about be hurt by him, and yet here he was hurting everyone who ever cared for him.

"I'm sorry," Bobby said not knowing what else to say.

"You always are."

"I know…" Bobby sighed.

There was a silence that fell upon both brothers that seemed to last for hours. Lost in their own thoughts, they didn't notice the cop who had walked in, hands on the hand cuffs to his side.

"Bobby Mercer." It wasn't a question.

"Yeah…?" Bobby looked up surprised.

"I have a few questions I need to ask you."

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