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He's gone now, she knows.

Gone... just like that. Her arms, her body, her love passed right through him.

She whispered her words of love, he smiled at her in that way of his...

And then he was gone.

What happened to his promises, his words?

"Not until the end... forever."

Wasn't that what he said?

So why... why couldn't he stay? He promised.

The others worry about her, she knows. Lulu fusses, Wakka jokes, Rikku is Rikku, Kimahri visited often... they all tried to help her out, in their own way.

And they always, always worry when she walks out onto the dock, and begins to whistle.

Every morning, at the break of dawn, she whistles, holding onto forlorn hope, even if that hope is a cruel mockery.

Her lips taste the salty air, the cool morning bringing wakefulness to her body.

The deep indigo sun begins to rise from the depths of the ocean, bringing light...

But not him.


Its Lulu today, walking over in her demure, confident way. She placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?"

Instead of answering, the summoner, the great hero whispers brokenly, "He promised... he promised he'd stay with me forever."

"He couldn't help it, Yuna." Her former guardian replies, "He was only a dream."

Only a dream?

What about his kisses, his breath on her face, the way he would reassure her with a mere smile or touch?

Or was that real?

Was that too, a dream of the Fayth?

"But I loved him..." she replies, barely a whisper.

Lulu sighs, and embraces her from behind. "I know, I know."

"Do you think he loved me? Do you think he could?" she asks, her voice needy and desperate.

"He loved you. I could see it in his eyes, from the way he spoke about you. But he was still just a dream, Yuna." The magic user responded, almost but not quite chiding.

"Are you asking me to let him go?" the summoner questioned, her soft voice containing a trace of anger.

To her surprise, Lulu shakes her head. "No... I know that you couldn't, even if you tried." She releases Yuna from the embrace, and stepped forward, into the rising sun. "Besides..." she looked back, "The beauty of a dream is that it's a dream, something you can hold in your heart forever."

After a moment, Lulu smiled. "Now, I'd better get back to the house to make breakfast. Come back inside when you're ready."

Even as the footsteps fade away, Yuna is again in her thoughts.

Perhaps he'd never return. Perhaps one day, by chance, she'd find him again.

But until then, she could hold him in her heart, as all people do with their dreams.

So he was still with her...


"I love you." She whispers, and her words are carried by the wind, and just maybe, through time and distance.

That too, was just a dream to be held in her heart.

And with that, she walks away, her back to the setting sun.

The next morning, she wasn't whistling at the docks.

Author's Notes

Kind of strange. But, I did want to have a take on how Yuna slowly overcame her heartbreak and became the much stronger individual of FFX-2.