Endor episode #1: The Explaining

Endor episode #1:  The Explaining

      This may seem like it has nothing to do with Josh, Paul, and the others, including ourselves, but it does.  Okay, here goes a new new story.

      Previously:  This story takes place in the far, far past.  Like in the Middle Ages or something.  The Bible has just been written for the first time...and a group of people, who is currently upset with their system of government, so is hoping to escape from it.  There is a beautiful lady named Sky.  Her best friend is a lady named I. (Don't ask.)  Anyway, they and tons of others are setting out to go on a trip.  There is also an old ugly hag named Iot.  She and her evil soon to be husband named Id are forming a plan with several others to sort of take over.  But they act all nice and everything so the others don't get suspicious.  That would definitely be a terrible event because they would probably be deserted and left to die by the others out in the middle of now where land.  I's boyfriend is named Jed and Sky's boyfriend is a guy named Walker. 

      That is where the story must end.  Until next time.  Stay tuned!