Okay new set of Titans are on the way. start the fic.




You see Slade being put into high security jail cell. Then you see the Titans. Robin had already gone from Robin to Nightwing, Beast Boy had gained some height, but other than that the Teen Titans looked just as they did when they were first formed only older.

"Well...I guess we can't put it off any longer." said Nightwing sadly.

"Yeah..." agreed Beast Boy sadly.

"This isn't fair! I can't believe they're splitting us up like this!" said Cyborg.

"I know Cyborg...but all we can do now is pass the torch onto a new generation...but the least we can do is make sure that the next generation of Teen Titans has some worthy super heroes in it!" said Nightwing.

"Good thing we get to pick." said Raven in a monotone voice.

"Indeed. I have already chosen who I wish to be the next Titan for the new group." said Starfire.

"Well I don't know about the rest of you but I'm heading towards New York City." said Beast Boy.

"I'm heading towards Tremerton." said Cyborg.

"I'm going to the junkyard." said Raven.

Everyone just stared at Raven.

"Earlier I had a vision of someone very powerful who fits the age requirements, I also sense a great amount of wanting to do the right thing in him, also anger...there's a lot of anger." said Raven.

"So who is it?" asked Cyborg.

"All I know is that during the final battle to avenge his planet he was sent her by his enemy." said Raven.

"Do you think he would be willing to join the new team?" asked Nightwing.

"If we promise to eventually find him a way home." said Raven.

"Well we aint gonna convince those newbees sitting around here. See ya." said Cyborg.



The T-Car pulled into the drive way of the Wakemans. Cyborg got out and knocked on the door (he almost knocked it down by accident).

An old lady with a long nose answered it.

"Yes?" asked the lady.

"Is Jenny home? I have a proposition for her." said Cyborg.

"No I'm sorry but she's off saving the town at the moment." said the lady.

"Thanks anyways." said Cyborg.

Cyborg then got back into the T-Car and started to back up. "Man I can't believe this! Now I have to drive all over..."

A giant robotic head then hit the roof of the T-Car causing Cyborg to jump.

The head was then destroyed by XJ9 and Cyborg got out of his car.

"Jenny Wakeman?" asked Cyborg.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Do you know who you are?" asked Jenny.

Cyborg eyed her weirdly for a second.

"What am I saying? Of course you know who you are you're Cyborg! You're a Teen Titan!" said Jenny.

"I was a Teen Titan. But now I'm here to make you an offer." said Cyborg.


Parr's residence...

Starfire landed outside the house of the Parr's, she had her letter in her hand and delievered it to their mail box. She then flew off back to the Tower where everyone agreed to meet up.

Violet Parr then opened the door to check for mail.

"Hm...I got a letter." said Violet.

Dash then zoomed up to her.

"Hey! Anything for me? Anything for me?" asked Dash.

"No! But unlike you I got a letter." said Violet smugly.

"Hey! That's not fair! How come you get a letter and I don't?" complained Dash.

"Because you don't send any." said Violet.

She opened the letter and her eyes widened as she started to read to herself.

"What is it?" asked Dash.

"Violet parr, you are here by invited to become part of the new Teen Titans X." said Violet with wide eyes.

"Hey! Why don't I get an invitation? I could be a better Titan than you." said Dash.

"Dash, what's the first word in 'Teen Titans'?" asked Violet.

"Teen." said Dash.

"Exactly, which means it's for teenagers only." said Violet.

Dash scowled at this.

"So you going to go?" asked Dash.

"I don't know. I'm pretty happy beingwith Tony at the moment." said Violet.

Dash then picked up the letter and noticed something she had missed.

"Says here if you agree to this you never have to go to school again." said Dash.

"I'll pack my things!" said Violet.


New York City...

Somebody who looked like a smaller version of Spider-Man was web swinging through the city singing a song he came up with himself.

"Oh. Spider-Teen, Spider-Teen. Webs up all the villianous fiends. Spins a web just like his dad, wanted to call him Spider-Lad."

And he kept web swinging and singing until he noticed a green hawk following him and he landed on a roof top.

Once he did the hawk turned into a green man, he said to him "Spider-Lad?"

"That's Spider-TEEN! Not Lad!" said Spider-Teen.

"Sorry, anyways I have an offer for you..."



Raven was in the junkyard looking a little peeved.

"He should've been here by now. Where is he? My premonitions are never wrong!" said Raven.


"What's that noise?" asked Raven.


"Sounds like it's coming from above." said Raven.


She looked up to see a dot that was getting bigger and bigger.


"What is that?" asked Raven.


"IT'S HIM!" said Raven.


"HE'S COMING RIGHT AT ME!" said Raven.



She then used her powers to prevent the person from becoming a smere and landed him safely on the ground.

The boy was so small he could be considered a migit except he looked too natural for his size. He had on what looked like peasant clothes with a large yellow collar that went from his neck, down to his chest and shoulders. His hair was blue and it kind of had Danny Fenton's style. His face had two fur lines that started from below his eyes and went down his cheeks. His ears were long and pointy. But the thing about him that made him a great warrior was his war gauntlets, each of his four fingers had some sort of sharp point.

"I take it you're Vexx?" asked Raven.

The elf like being turned around suddenly and a blade appeared on top of his war gauntlet.

"Who are you? What do you want?" demanded Vexx.

"Relax, I'm someone you can trust." said Raven.

"In my world there isn't anyone I can trust!" said Vexx.

"But you aren't in your world. Not anymore." said Raven in a monotone voice.

Vexx just looked away. "I guess you have a point. Yabu tricked me at the very end, now I have no way to get back to Astara and avenge my people." said Vexx.

"Not quite. My name is Raven, I may be able to find a way to get you back to your world if you do something for me." said Raven.

Vexx turned to the not so Teen Titan. "I'm listening."


TitansTower...2 hours later...

The original Titans soon showed up and Nightwing turned to them.

"So how'd it go?" asked Nightwing.

"My message has been sent." said Starfire.

"My canidate is only too eager to join. I can't seem to calm her down!" said Cyborg.

"My canidate is in, providing I find him a way to send him back to his home planet." said Raven.

"Spider-Teen will make the scene. I even taught him all my jokes." said Beast Boy.

Everyone groaned. "You didn't." said Raven.

"What? Flash taught me all of his so I taught Spider-Teen all of mine." said Beast Boy.

"I just noticed something. You haven't left the Tower yet have you Nightwing?" asked Raven.

"No I haven't. Mainly because I think I'm going to need all of your help to convince him." said Nightwing.

"Who is it?" asked Cyborg.

Nightwing then brought up a picture of a teenager with snow white hair and glowing green eyes who had a white D on his chest.

"Danny Phantom."