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Spidey held his head as he looked up at the Silver Shell.

"I must've hit my head harder than I thought."

"Not to worry, fellow hero; for I the Silver Shell am here to save the day. Now would mind telling me what happened to XJ9?"

"Short version, she's being possessed by a ghost."

"Then there's only one option!" the Silver Shell flew down to the ground. "I have to use my LOVE to set Jenny free!"

"You're what?!"

"Now stay here while I go and rescue Jenny!"

"No wait, I don't think that's such a good idea…!"

As the Silver Shell sped off Spidey gave an irritated sigh. "Is it too much to ask for people to listen to me?!"

"Preaching to the choir, buddy." said Danny.

The robot suited nerd landed in front of the possessed teenaged robot who looked at him with a sadistic grin.

"Jenny, I know you're in there somewhere so just listen to me and…"

"Sucker punch!"

Technus/Jenny punched the Silver Shell on the chin sending him flying backwards.

"How many times must I tell you whipper snappers, I! AM! TECHNUS, MASTER OF ALL THINGS ELECTRONIC AND CIRCUITRY! YOUR JENNY IS GONE!"

Inside the Silver Shell, Sheldon let the words sink in to his head and the thought that such a statement might actually be true had him fighting back tears. "LIAR!" he shouted as he slammed his fist on a large red button.

The Silver Shell's fist rocketed out towards Technus/Jenny knocking sending him/her spiraling through the air landing harshly on the asphalt below.

The Silver Shell slowly picked himself up off the ground. Then shot off the ground into the air like a rocket until he was hovering over the ghost possessed robot who was just beginning to get back on to his/her feet.

"Jenny! I don't want to fight you!"

His shoulders opened and fired two wires with jumper clamps attached at the ends. "Not when I can gently sedate you anyways."

The wires clamped on to Technus/Jenny's pigtails where an electrical current traveled down them.

"HA!" Technus/Jenny laughed. "The worst this is going to do is clear up my robo sinuses…wait…I have sinuses in this body? What kind of robot body is this?! No matter, I think it is time for another new gadget weapon."

His/her arm stretched out, the fingers became extended to ridiculous lengths, and then...it fell limp on the ground save for the fingers which were wriggling around like they were alive.

"Well that was useless." Technus/Jenny observed. "What the heck is that even called anyways?" the robot's eyes flashed green as zeros and ones raced across it. "Stretchy Arm And Exdendo Fingers? Well I guess they can't all be winners, let's see what else we got."

The robotic pigtails detached themselves from the ghost possessed body and hurled themselves at the Silver Shell. "Hair razor-rangs, sounds almost like it's from some kind of cartoon." Technus/Jenny happily mused.

The Silver Shell quickly did a midair roll dodging the twin boomerangs only to have them come back and hit his back. The blow must have hit a fuel line because Sheldon quickly found his suit falling to earth like a falling airplane.

Technus/Jenny picked up the robot suit as Sheldon tried one more time to reach the teenaged robot.

"Jenny, please! I know you can fight back because…because I love you!"

"That's very creepy young man."

"Not as creepy as you having an old man's voice."

Technus/Jenny opened his/her mouth and a green tongue shot out and plunged itself through the Silver Shell's head. From the tongue green lines resembling those that would normally be found on a circuit board start spreading throughout the robot suit.

Inside Sheldon started to panic pressing buttons and pulling levers in a frantic but futile attempt to stop Technus's take over.

"No! No! No!"

Before it spread down to his control panel a ghostly hand phased behind him grabbed him pulling him out via intangibility.

As Danny flew through the sky carrying Sheldon, he looked back to see the Silver Shell now glowing green just as Jenny.

Danny held out one hand, while still carrying Sheldon by his jacket with the other, where a sphere of green ecto energy started to form and grow.

"Wait..." Sheldon frowned at the growing ball. "What are you doing?"

Without warning Danny chucked the energy ball at Sheldon's ghost possessed suit exploding it upon impact.

"One robot menace is enough thank you very much."

"Hey!" Sheldon snapped. "I'll have you know that thing wasn't easy to build!"

Danny gave him a glare which quickly put an end to whatever rant Sheldon was about to go in to. Danny pulled out his communicator and quickly saw Spidey on the screen.

"Spidey, I blew up 'the Silver Shell' but I need you to keep the pieces grounded so Technus can't use them as upgrade attachments."

Spidey nodded. "I'm on it!"

As Spidey started to web the pieces down, avoiding laser blasts from Technus/Jenny, Danny decided to have a little talk with Sheldon.

"So I'm willing to guess that this Silver Shell nonsense is really just you in a robot suit, right?"

"Heh. Heh. Heh. Kind of. Jenny can have a real effect on a guy."

"How did you even know she was in trouble?"

"I didn't hack into her wave signal a month ago!" said Sheldon a little too quickly.

"Dude, you got problems." said Danny.

"Sigh." Sheldon hung his head and quietly said "I know…"

Danny placed Sheldon down and quickly turned his legs in to a ghostly tail. "You stay here, I'm going to try one last time to reach Jenny."

"And if that doesn't work?" Sheldon asked.

Danny was quiet for a moment, a serious expression crossed his face as he thought about it. "I'll make it work!"

He flew off but had to slow down when his communicator started to go off. He flipped it open to see Vexx's face looking back at him.

"Vexx? Where the heck have you been?!"

"Yeah, listen I'm sorry about that Danny. Isadora hasn't gotten the hang of her teleportation spell, turns out to be trickier than she thought. We're going to try to get back to the Tower and then just ride to the concert."

"We have a situation he...wait, where are you?"

"Oh well her last attempt got us to Six Flags Over Darien Lake and I couldn't convince her to leave without trying out this thing called a roll-er coaster."

"Well I need you guys to get over here no...wait, you were tall enough to ride a rollercoaster?"

Vexx narrowed his eyes at him right before the screen went blank. Danny closed the communicator with a nasty snap. "I'm going to have to have a talk with him later about hanging up on his leader!"

Meanwhile Spidey was busy webbing down any pieces of the broken Silver Shell that were trying to float over to Jenny/Technus.

Spidey folded his arms as he looked at all the webbed machine parts. "There, I think that's all of them."

His spider sense suddenly flared as a giant metal fist came speeding at him. He tried to dodge but it connected none the less sending him flying backwards.

Spidey latched a webline on to the ground, the webbing stretched as he started to slow down. "Time for a little move I call..." he gave a firm yank which catapulted him in the opposite direction. "The Sling Shot Haymaker!" Upon the emphasis of 'Haymaker' he delivered a flying Haymaker to Technus/Jenny's chin knocking him/her on to his/her back.

He/She slid on the ground until he/she found him/herself looking up at Danny's face staring down.

"I'm sorry Jenny, but if I can't reach you from the outside then I'm just going to have to try the inside."

With that Danny turned intangible and phased himself in to the robot body.

That's all for now I'm afraid, I kind of wanted it to be longer but there's only so much 'Technus/Jenny' I can stand typing in one chapter. With any luck the next chapter will end Jenny's side story and I can move on to the season finale.