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Chapter One-- Hide Your Face So No One Will Find You...


A flash of red ducked behind a wall cautiously as two museum guards passed by. Smiling slightly, she took something out of her pocket and threw it next to the guards. A small puff of gray smoke emitted from the pellet, and the two men slumped to the floor, unconcsious.

The young woman, dressed all in black,chuckled slightly and motioned to her companion-- a violet-haired and violet-eyed girl of the same age-- to join her. The two silently walked into a museum room, approaching a large glass box with a sparkling green gem inside. The violet woman took out a small pocket mirror from her belt and placed it into the air above the case, deflecting any invisible lasers that might have guarded it.

The red-haired woman took the gem out of its case with fluid ease. As her friend placed the case back in and removed the mirror, the redhead reached into her pocket. She withdrew a single white rose. As the violet woman started to leave, the other one put the rose next to the case. She gazed at it, laughed softly-- a beautiful, musical laugh-- and dashed after her violet-haired cohort.


Kori Anders placed the gem onto a small tablet coated with black velvet and watched in satisfaction as the tablet sunk into the floor, disappearing from sight. She turned to the violet-haired woman, her partner in crime, Rachel Roth. "Well?" she asked, her strange, exotic accent floating in the room. "What do you think? It does go beautifully with my eyes, does it not?" And yes, that was true-- for the twenty-year-old's sparkling emerald eyes rivaled the shine of the gem she had stolen.

Rachel smiled wryly, twisting her purple hair into a ponytail with a black scrunchie. "Sure, Kori. Sure." She flopped on the white couch, surveying the room for the remote control and turning on the TV.

Kori grinned and hopped next to her friend, watching as a lovestruck woman watched in a heartbreak as her lover courted another. "Why does she not just... what is your American saying? 'go for it'?" Kori questioned, her naievete once again playing a full part on her personality.

Rachel sighed. "It's not that easy for a girl to just march up and tell a guy she loves him," she said with a slight roll of her violet eyes, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl next to them and stuffing it into her mouth.

"Why ever not?" Kori asked. "I could do it."

Her companion chuckled. That was something. Rachel never laughed. "No, you couldn't, Kori."

"Of course I could!" Kori's haughty indignance was rather humorous. "I have faced numerous spies and assassins, heroes and the like, and have defeated them all! I am sure I could tell a man I loved him."

Rachel sighed. "Whatever, Kori. We'll see." Was it Kori's imagination, or was there veiled humor in Rachel's statement?


"It's happened again!"

A fist slammed down on the metal table, coffee spilling out of a mug that had been shaken by the fist. A maid hurried to clean it up, and the man sighed. "I can't believe it."

"Can't believe what?"

A thin, muscular man stepped into the room. At twenty-one, Richard Grayson wassimply drop-dead gorgeous. His black locks were spiked abnormally with vast amounts of hair gel, and his skin was still glowing from his summer tan. He was very muscular, but not overly buff. His ever-present sunglasses on his nose and a leather jacket flung carelessly over his shoulder, Dick strolled casually into the room. Oh, yes-- along with being supreme lifeguard material, Richard 'Dick' Grayson was also one of Mr. Alfonzo's top spies.

"Yeah, and dude, what's happened again?"

Garfield Logan, a slightly smaller spy, and Dick's ever-faithful partner, stepped out from behind his friend. Garfield Logan, or 'Gar', as he was affectionately called, wasn't exactly Richard's kind of cute-- he was just... cute. Little-boyish and a prankster for life, Gar had dyed his hair green the moment he left home. Gar was a strict vegetarian with olive skin and a love for tofu. His deep, mossy green eyes sparkled with a boyish mischief as he hitched up his loose khaki pants and tugged at his red shirt.

The man, Mr. Alfonzo, looked up. "Oh, hello, boys. Sit down, please." He pressed a button on his silver desk, and a couch popped up out of the ground, right under Gar and Dick, causing them to sit immediately. "Now, guys, I have a mission for you. This will be..." He paused. "Difficult. Very difficult."

"Lay it on us, man. We can take anything!" Gar said, grinning proudly as he leaned back on the cushions. Dick grinned and nodded his agreement.

"Well, then," Alfonzo smiled, his balding head gleaming in the light of the room. He pressed another button, and a small clip of video from a museum camera filled a screen behind him.

Two figures dressed in black leapt into the room, one with shocking and beautiful red hair, the other with a pretty violet. The red-haired girl stepped into the light, and Dick stifled a gasp. Bright green eyes stared out into the distance. Beautiful eyes, he thought suddenly, then immediately snapped the thought shut.

Gar, however, was fixated on the violet woman, whose eyes gleamed as the redhead grabbed the gem. The green-eyedgirl left a white rose next to the now-empty case, and dashed away.

"That," Alfonzo declared as the image rewinded and fixed on the image of the redhead as she stared at the gem, "is the girl you two are after. Along with her partner. We have extremely limited information about these two-- they are defnitely master thieves and assassins. However, they do have a bit of an arrogant streak... to make their presence known, the redheaded girl always leaves a white rose. It's like their trademark."

Alfonzo paused, sipping some coffee. "They just stole a priceless gem from the Nightwing museum. It's incomparibly terrible, as this is the record one hundreth heist they've pulled off, along with five murders."

"Not afraid to get their hands dirty, are they?" Dick said with a smirk. "You want us to capture them?"

"Yes," Alfonzo said. "By force, by foul play, by seduction, by whatever. Just get them in our prison hold. These two are extremely dangerous." He cleared his throat. "Now, if you'd adjourn to the other room, Victor will show you all the info we have on those two."

Victor Stone, resident football star and computer nerd, was their hacker. Whatever they needed, they could ask him, and he'd look it up for them in less than five minutes. He was amazing with computers, and equally brawny. A proud African-American, Victor was also what he considered a 'player', having dated numerous girls at the same time and dumping all of them.

Dick and Gar nodded, going into the adjourning room. Victor looked up as they entered, his gray eyes greeting them warmly. "Yo, guys! I heard you needed info on those deadly chicks."

Gar grinned. "Yeah. They sound pretty cool. You know-- for criminals."

Dick rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses. "Anyway... what do we have on them?"

Victor shrugged and held up two thin pieces of paper. "This was all I could get. They're really good-- no one's ever stopped them before."

Gar sat down in a wheeled desk chair and spun. "Well, let's get down to business. What's up with these two babes?"

Vic scanned the sheet with more writing on it. "The purple-haired one is called 'Rae' by her companion, which we're guessing is a nickname for 'Rachel'. She was also once called 'Roth', so we're expecting that's her surname. Someone actually got a really good picture of this Rachel girl." He gave them a slightly blurred photo of a pale girl with shoulder-length violet hair and matching eyes. Her face had a sort of haunting prettiness to it, and Gar was immediately enchanted.

"Cool," the green-haired man mumbled. Dick rolled his eyes again. "And the redhead?"

"There's a lot less known about her. She's a really successful theif. No name to be found at all-- but someone, before getting pounded nearly to an inch of his life, saw her face when he pulled down her ninja mask. He can't remember anything but shocking green eyes and an exotic, foreign face, so she was afterwards known as 'the Green-eyed Beauty' in the underworld."

Dick nodded, taking the two sheets and the picture. "Let's go back to the flat, Gar. We can talk about this there." He waved at Victor. "Thanks, Vic."

"No prob, man. Call me up anytime."

Gar and Dick turned and left the room.


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