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The End Or The Beginning?

The one when everything ended and everything started.

Dumbledore was wrong, He was not required to die last.

The tall, black haired wizard was standing over a dead body of Tom Riddle. They were in the Death Chamber, deep under the ruins where the Ministry of Magic once stood.

The wizard was looking at the remains of his worst enemy, the creature that ruined his future and destroyed his life. They were connected in more ways then even Dumbledore had thought. For the wizard, Harry Potter, was the last Horcrux.

Twenty years had past since their first meeting. Harry didn't know anything about any magical proprieties of the number twenty. Riddle, however, had believed in the number seven. And seven it were since his rebirth. Seven long and tiresome years, full of pain and sorrow. Years filled with death and destruction.

But no more death.

No more but one.

Harry took his hand out of his cloak holding a small bag. With the wave of the other hand he enlarged it and one by one took out the items.

The other parts of Voldemort's soul. Harry couldn't risk to leave anything behind. He carefully stepped over Tom Riddle's body, nearing to the veil, that, despite the destruction around, still stood.

As always, he could hear the whispers, calling, smoothing, promising. Harry never wavered. He knew his responsibility, he knew the end.

One by one, he started throwing them through the veil. They had vanished, just like that, without any fight, any sound, like Sirius those many years ago.

I'll be there soon.

After he throw the body of Nagini, they were only two in the dark chamber.

Without a pause, Harry levitated Riddle's body and pushed it through the veil as well. When the body passed the veil, he could feel some parts of Voldemort fighting inside of him, trying to take control, but he would manage, he was fighting him for to many years. They had battled on too many occasions to surrender now.

Some time after Dumbledore's death Voldemort had realized that ordering to kill him wasn't his smartest decision. The year that Dumbledore died, Harry Potter had already been called the Chosen One and once there was no Dumbledore to somehow control him and restrain from taking less drastic decisions, Harry Potter, in a span of two years, brought the war back to Voldemort, not only defending people against the Death Eaters but also attacking as often as he could manage. And unfortunately for Voldemort and to growing concerns and fears of his Death Eaters, Voldemort had to flee from the skirmishes with the young wizard every time for the last three years.

But no more fight.

As attuned to magic as Harry became, he knew that he would have problems maintaining control over the part of Tom Riddle inside him for much longer. It felt stronger than he could remember and Harry was sure that somehow it was aware of the outside world.

Looking around for the last time, and thinking that he finally would meet with his lost friends and family, Harry Potter, the most powerful wizard on earth, stepped through the Veil of Death to meet his next great adventure.


Today wasn't his best day.

First, he had lost ten gallons to Sirius over a stupid bet.

How could he know that that bloody keeper would save ever time. Who could have thought that that Weasley was so good. Okay, true be told, he knew that Ron was good, the boy had had great heart to the sport and with that new chaser, Cung, Cheng, Chang! Yes Chang, they had managed to score repeatedly and succeeded in keeping the other seeker distracted for long enough to win. Argh! He should have known.

And now they called him and his squad back to the ministry because of some disturbance in the dungeons of the Department of Mysteries. Couldn't the Unspeakables manage their own mess.

"Move your ass, Padfoot! We've been summoned." James Potter barked at his friend.

"Ohh, someone is grumpy. Did ickle Prongsie loose some money? Was it ten gallons maybe? Pay!" taunted Sirius Black.

"Later." James responded and vanished with a silent pop.

"Hey!" Sirius vanished after his friend a moment later.


Lily watched with somewhat sad eyes as a young man, levitating some plants, was heading in their direction.

"Hi Mrs. Potter." The young man said and smiled at her.

"Hello Neville." Lily smiled at the young and handsome wizard.

"Mum, I planted some of these near the back of the garden, please don't water them, I will stop by to check on them, okay?"

"Sure honey. Would you like to stay for lunch?" Alice Longbottom asked.

"Sorry, I can't. I promised Hannah I meet her at lunch today. Bye mum. Bye Mrs. Potter."

And he vanished inside the house and after a moment they heard the sound of someone apparating out.

Lily sighed sadly.

"Neville is such a nice young man." She said to Alice.

"Yes he is." Alice looked at her friend. "I am sure Harry is in a happy place, watching over you."

"I don't know. Sometimes I just feel that he is struggling somewhere, fighting for his life."

They had this conversation many times. Harry Potter died twenty years ago, killed by Tom Riddle. He would be exactly Neville's age, only a day younger. They had so many plans for both of them. Unfortunately Harry Potter never befriended Neville Longbottom.

"Did Rose got her O.W.L's?" It was always a good subject to lighten the mood.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? She did yesterday." Lily replied, brought back to the reality.

She smiled at Alice knowingly but kept talking about her sixteen years old daughter.

"She's got eleven. And eight O's, can you believe it? We are so proud." Lily smiled remembering her child.

"James and I decided to take her on holidays abroad, but she chose to have new broom, can you imagine. I think I never saw James more proud." she laughed lightly. Her state of melancholia left for now.

"Broomstick over a holiday?" Alice snorted in surprise.

She knew Rose to be very curious and intelligent girl, always happy to learn. But on the other hand she wasn't James' daughter for nothing, playing chaser since her second year, she was a big Quidditch fan like her father and uncle were.

"You know her, she's…" Lily stopped when she felt her mirror vibrating. After taking it out she answered the call from her husband.

What she saw in the mirror frightened her, James' face was white, covered in dirt and some blood, he definitely had been fighting just a minute earlier.

"Lily, come to Hogwarts immediately, to the Hospital Wing." Someone said something to him and he looked over his shoulder for a moment.

"I'm alright." He said and looked behind him again. When he faced her he was even paler than before. "Take Rose as well, I think. Please hurry."



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