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Not Allowed

"You aren't supposed to be here."

The man started. "What? Who said that?" His eyes lowered to the littleboy standing not ten feet away. "What are you doing here?"

The child continued to stare at him, unblinking.

"You aren't supposed to be here," he repeated, taking a step forward. "It's not allowed."

He chuckled and lowered his guard.

"I don't think you know what you're talking about, kid. There's no sign saying I can't-"

"You are not supposed to be here."

The force in the child's voice made the man look up again.

"Listen, kid, get out of my way!"

The man stepped forward, holding his left hand out slightly in front of him, guard once more up. The child supposed that he was trying to intimidate him. If he hadn't been dead, than maybe he would have felt scorn, but – hey, that's how things are.

"I've already told you," he said, voice clear as a bell, though maybe slightly husky, as though there was dust in his throat (there probably was.) "Flesh-living beings are not supposed to enter this building. This place is not for people like you."

The man's eyes widened in horror for a moment, but then his shook his head, chuckling a little. "I think that maybe all this dust has gotten to your head. Run home to your mommy now, okay?" He turned back around, proceeding to gather silverware from the various cabinets in the room.

"You're stealing those things."

It was not a question, merely an observation.

"Aren't you smart? Yeah, that's right." He brandished a gun carelessly, dim light reflecting off of the shiny metal. "And I'm not really into killing kids, so just leave already."

"I can't let you steal from this building – it's my task. I will give you one last chance – leave now or you'll be sorry."

When the child didn't make any move to enforce her comments, the man rolled his eyes and continued to toss silverware into a small brown knapsack.

The ghost sighed. "Don't think I didn't try to warn you."

There was a bright flash of white light,

The man's screams echoed through the night, and then all was silent and the building was once again dark and lifeless.

(Tokyo, Japan - Thirty Years Later.)

Kaoru stared up silently at the old apartment building where her grandfather lived. It was old and decrepit, much as she expected her mother's father to be. The building may have once been white or a pale shade of gray, but time had not shown the concrete walls mercy, and instead had allowed them to grow dim and dark from all the storms that had swept through this town. She sighed, tightened her grip around her bag a bit, and then ventured forward.

Of all the places Kamiya Kaoru could have been at that very moment, this was the last one she would have chosen. Then again, Kaoru didn't have any choice, so it's not like it mattered.

The truth was, Kaoru was an orphan - an orphan who had known ahead of time that her parents were to die. And not a very happy one at that. Point in fact, she was miserable. Her parents had died in some insane car crash merely days before and Kaoru was finding it difficult to deal with not only the sudden terror of her parents' deaths but the prospect of moving to a new cityto live with the grandfather that her mother had always referred to as "an old loony that we should've had locked up years ago."

And it was this particular old loony that was now her only immediate family and legal guardian.


In an attempt to make herself feel better, Kaoru stuffed her hand down into her pocket and fingered the tarot cards that rested there. She'd been reading the cards for as long as she could remember. In fact, the tarot cards had been how she knew that her parents were going to die even before it happened. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of thoughts related to the accident. She didn't want to think about that. Not now.

Sighing, Kaoru reached out to push open the front door of the old house...only to have a cold chill sweep through her as soon as her fingers brushed the wood of the door.

She was immediately taken aback. The icy touch that had gone done her spine and proceeded to rush through her blood was gone, but somehow she felt as though its presence lingered.

Before she could do anything, however, the door sprang open of its own accord and a pale hand reached out from the darkness only to grab the front of Kaoru's shirt and pull her inside, her scream of fright and shock echoing in the fading daylight.

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